Love Notes From a Soul Coach

Love Notes From a Soul Coach

A podcast from Soul Coach and author Mary Welch that picks up where most conversations about healing leave off or fall short. What does it actually mean to "heal"? How are we meant to "let go" of the stuff that feels super-glued to our hearts and psyches? What's the real reason we sabotage ourselves? What does it take to transcend the wounds of childhood and honestly, authentically love and accept ourselves? If you like hanging out in the deep, existential end of the pool: this is your show! A change in perspective can change your life. And this podcast was designed to do just that. We can share the journey together. It's less lonely that way. Learn more about Mary's work: Follow along on IG: @marywelchofficial


July 9, 2024 9 mins
One of the reasons we struggle in our relationships is because we settle for broad strokes and foggy understandings of what we're actually feeling or needing from one another. Precise language changes everything. It empowers us. It arms us with the tools to heal what's not working and affirm new ways forward. Join us for a deep chat and a fresh perspective on some common pain points in our most important relationships - includi...
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Ram Dass taught: when you fall from the path, that's still the path. There's tremendous wisdom and truth in this - which is lost on us too often - because we're tangled up in our own Egos, judging our lives/choices as good or bad, right or wrong. When we feel good, we're on our path. When we feel bad, we're off it. But what if ALL of our experiences, good and bad, are part of our path? What if it's impossible to fall off it? If e...
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What we avoid inside our relationships, we avoid within ourselves. And yet, growing up unseen or misunderstood can make the intimacy of adult relationships complicated for us. On today's Love Notes podcast, we're taking a deeper dive into this topic, sharing reflections and insights and leaving room for your own personal wisdom to surface, as always. Hope you'll join the conversation! Find more support for your healing journey a...
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June 11, 2024 8 mins
One of the most prominent ways the wounded Divine Masculine shows up in our lives is through a lack of structure. Structure is, energetically speaking, a very masculine quality - it counterbalances the soft, receptiveness of the Divine Feminine. Each of us has both - the masc and the femme - as humans. But many of us struggle to get the balance right. Or to realize these energies are out of balance within us in the first place. ...
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May 28, 2024 6 mins
We have more choices to exercise, moment to moment, than we often consciously realize. But as we become more aware of this truth, we also become more empowered inside our own lives. On today's Love Notes episode we're taking a closer look at the power of choosing wisely and also the subtle difference between seeking to solve our perceived problems vs seeking to witness them. I hope you'll join us! You can find more support for you...
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May 21, 2024 8 mins
We are here to evolve. To continuously learn, integrate, change. Fear will always be a part of this process because it requires us to let go of one trapeze bar in order to reach for the next one. When we try to manage our fears through hyper-vigilance or by limiting the risks we're willing to take in our lives, we wind up betraying our destiny. Surrendering to the fear means respecting it, acknowledging it and then releasing oursel...
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May 7, 2024 7 mins
When we're able to recognize cynicism as heartbreak, we can engage with our pain and begin the mourning process in earnest. We can open our hearts instead of hardening them. This is the only way out of our suffering. On today's Love Notes podcast, we're taking a closer look at how to heal the shutdown parts of us and why courage plays such an important part in the process. I hope you'll join us! Find me at: for more t...
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April 23, 2024 8 mins
On today's Love Notes podcast episode we're answering a listener's question: How to know when it's time to start dating again after a break up? Of course the only one who can answer this question is the person asking it. Everyone's timing and path of healing is individual to them. But there are many important points for consideration and we're digging into them! Please join the conversation and find me at for more he...
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April 16, 2024 9 mins
Codependency is actually not about the other person. It's about YOU. It's about your tolerance, your history, your standards for your life, your wounds - and also, your capacity to heal them. Please join this deeper dive into a topic widely misunderstood and share your feedback with me - I'd love to hear from you! At: Thanks for listening <3 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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April 9, 2024 7 mins
Sharing reflection on the experience of my first earthquake in New York and how it feels when something that's "not supposed to happen" happens. Hope you'll join me for the special Love Notes episode and find me at for more tools + support for your spiritual journey <3 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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April 2, 2024 8 mins
One negative thought is painful enough. But a whole string of them can be immobilizing. The good news is: positive thoughts stack up too, and create tipping points in powerful directions in our lives. Thoughts, like energy, can create momentum in our lives. The more we understand how this works, the more empowered we feel. We're talking about all of this and much more on today's show. Hope you'll join the conversation! Find more ...
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March 26, 2024 8 mins
Growing up with neglect can make it difficult to know what our own needs are, as adults, and how to communicate them to others. Through self awareness and self love, we come to understand the difference between having needs vs being "needy" and we learn to demonstrate the kind of integrity and respect for ourselves in our daily lives that informs others around us about our standard for ourselves. There is deep, meaningful healing ...
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March 12, 2024 8 mins
We tend to focus on what we want for our lives without investigating if we have the capacity to receive it. Grace is the prerequisite to receptivity. It primes the pump and makes all things possible. Please join the conversation today as we dig in deeper to this very important theme in every spiritual journey. Find more resources and support at: Thank you for listening! <3 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit po...
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March 5, 2024 9 mins
Sometimes our feelings are mysterious; not connected to any obvious source. But we're still tasked with the challenge of skillfully processing them. An especially tricky one is ANGER. Awareness of our feelings matters. So does the decision of HOW to relate to the feelings as they arise (and pass away). Overtime, this experience profoundly shapes our sense of self. We're taking a creative approach to this topic - I hope you'll tu...
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February 27, 2024 10 mins
What matters most to you, in your life? Have you ever taken the time to consciously ask + answer this question? The answer holds the blueprint for your best life. When we live according to what matters most to us, it's easy to prioritize what we give our time to and also to let go of what is not in alignment. I hope you'll join the conversation today and find something meaningful to incorporate into your own journey. Discover more...
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February 20, 2024 9 mins
I had a wild experience the other day. I suddenly felt like myself again. Which made me realize that I hadn't been feeling like myself. Maybe for quite some time. The contrast sparked the epiphany. Moments like these are miracles and we can use them as springboards toward deeper self understanding, forgiveness and love. Please join me for this very special Nove notes episode! And find my latest free offerings at: <3 ...
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February 13, 2024 9 mins
We heal loneliness through CONNECTION, not by finding someone to love us. There are key traits happily single people have in common and they are worth highlighting because there's a lot to learn about the benefits of prizing our relationship with ourselves above all else in our lives. I hope you'll tune in and enjoy this Love Notes episode today! Wanna learn more and join the deeper convo? Come find me on IG @marywelchofficial : )...
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February 6, 2024 14 mins
This is an exceptionally powerful episode of the Love Notes show today. We're talking about optimizing our lives through contemplating the reflections of those who are on the verge of letting their's go. We're digging in to Dr. Joe Whittington's list: 5 Wishes of the Dying. You won't want to miss this one. Learn more about my work at: and find FREE resources to support your healing journey <3 Learn more about your ad ...
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January 30, 2024 13 mins
On today's Love Notes episode, we're talking about how to get the balance right between holding ourselves accountable and letting ourselves hang loose to let the magic in. We need both as humans, not just one or the other. We're also diving deep into an Ask Me Anything question that will speak to the hearts of many! So join us - and don't forget to check out for the latest free offering, to support your healing journ...
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January 9, 2024 10 mins
Happy New Year everyone! Today, in honor of the Love Notes podcast's one year anniversary, we're reflecting on what it means to test drive a vision. Because before we can actualize a dream, we have to make sure it fits.  Tests deepen our faith and force us to reconcile the difference between our intellectual philosophies vs reality. And new years are auspicious times to marinate with all of this. To pause, look back and consider wh...
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