Made to Conquer

Made to Conquer

Jesus told us to make every effort to enter through the narrow door. He warned us that many would say to him, "did we not prophesy in your name and we ate and drank with you," but that his response would be, "away from me you evildoers, for I never knew you." (Matthew 7:22-23 and Luke 13:26-27). The ability to know Jesus comes through the incredible gift of the Holy Spirit. In this podcast we'll dig into the Bible to learn what it means to truly know Jesus, be filled with the Holy Spirit and live as the conquers he created us to be. Romans 8:28-39!If you want to be encouraged in your walk with Jesus and see raw and unfiltered faith, join us by tuning in.


March 15, 2023 62 min

Yes things are rapidly devolving, but we have nothing to fear if we have built our house upon the Rock!

-Hebrews 12:1-2
-Philippians 3:7-16
-Matthew 7:24-27
- Isaiah 51:1-16
-Psalm 44

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Mark as Played

The world seems to be growing more evil by the day.  It can be easy to be overwhelmed with the darkness.  Yet we are not without hope and tools to combat the darkness.  In this episode we pause to pray together and petition our King on behalf of our fellow Imagebearers.  

Nehemiah 1
Daniel 9:1-19
Acts 12:1-19 
Psalm 27

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Mark as Played
February 15, 2023 83 min

Yes, demons and the devil are real.  Yes we are in a spiritual battle, but take heart Jesus tells us He has overcome the world.  Join us in this episode as we dig into what God's word has to tell us about spiritual battles.


  • Ephesians 6:10-18
  • Daniel 10:1-14
  • Psalm 91:11
  • Hebrews 1:13-14
  • Jude 6-13
  • 2 Corinthians 11:3-4, 13-15
  • 2 Corinthians 12:6-10
  • John 8:43-44
  • John 10: 1-18
  • 1 Peter 5:8-11
  • 2 Peter 2
  • James 4:7
  • 1 John 4:1-...
Mark as Played
February 1, 2023 58 min

What does it really mean to worship and praise the Lord?  Join us as we dig into praise and worship and how it is a foundational aspect of being a Christian.


  • Matthew 4:8
  • Psalm 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 47, 135, 113

Rich Mullins Songs

  • Here in America
  • Awesome God
  • If I stand
  • Sing Your Praise to the Lord
  • Sometimes by Step
  • Creed
  • We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are
  • Let Mercy Lead
  • Elijah
  • Calling Out Your...
Mark as Played
January 18, 2023 95 min

Who is the Holy Spirit and what role does He play in the life of the believer?  Join us as we delve into how the Holy Spirit is the Gift promised to us by Jesus and the One who keeps us.


  • Zech. 4:6
  • Mark 15:38, Matthew 27:51, Luke 23:45
  • John 14:15-17
  • John 16:7-9
  • Acts 1:4-5
  • John 3:1-21
  • Matthew 9:16-17
  • Deut. 6:30
  • Jeremiah 4:4, 24:7, 31:31-34
  • Ezekiel 11:19, 36:26-27
  • Hebrews 8
  • Matthew 25:1-3
  • 1 Corinthians 6:19
  • Ephesians 1:13-1...
Mark as Played
January 4, 2023 39 min

Yes, God does see all the details of your life and He's using all of them.  There is nothing He doesn't see or care about.  Jehovah El Roi, the God who sees me is the name Hagar calls God when He reaches out to her in compassion.

Genesis 16:4-13
Mark 5:24-34
Psalm 33

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Mark as Played

What does it mean to obey the first commandment?  The foundation of our faith begins and ends with loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.  But what does that really mean?  How do we obey the first commandment?  Join us as we explore this wonderful and deep topic.

Deut. 6:4-5
Matt 27:37
Mark 12:30
Luke 10:27
1 John 4:7-5:4
1 John 4:8
1 Corinthians 13
Jeremiah 17:...

Mark as Played
December 7, 2022 47 min

I got my timing mixed up, so this quick episode we wrap up season 2 with some Biblical encouragement.

Rich Mullins Home:

Link to Unbelievable with John Lennox Apologetics Training Course ($14.99 with limited time discount)

Apologetics Quotes by Ch...

Mark as Played
November 30, 2022 60 min

Every human is an imagebearer - made in the image of The Most High.  In order to combat the war against humanity we need Biblical solutions.

Genesis 1:26
Matthew 22:34-40
Revelation 12:10
Ephesians 6:10-12
Ephesians 2:1-8
1 Peter 3:8-17
1 John 2:7-11
1 Corinthians 13:13
Galatians 5:13
Matthew 5:43-48
Ezekiel 18:20-32
Psalm 116

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Mark as Played
November 16, 2022 52 min

Jesus told us that following Him would cost us everything.  Have you counted the cost?

Luke 9:23-26, 9:57-62
2 Corinthians 13:5
Deuteronomy 20:1-9
James 2:12-26
Psalm 84

Glenn Beck Podcast with Whitney Webb

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Mark as Played
November 2, 2022 71 min

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the chaos of life or the uncertainty ahead?  In a sweet story about two sisters we learn about how Jesus taught us to rest in Him.

Deuteronomy 8:3
Revelation 2:2-5
Luke 10:38-42
2 Corinthians 4
Psalm 71

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Mark as Played
October 19, 2022 80 min

Forgiveness is essential if we are to obey Jesus.  How do we forgive, especially when the offender isn't sorry?


  • Job 1
  • Matthew 18:21-35
  • Romans 3:10-18, 23-24
  • 1 John 1:9
  • Psalm 103:11-12
  • 1 Corinthians 13
  • Psalm 51

Note: I thought I had resolved the audio issues, only to discover I had not.  I should have it fixed by the next episode.

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Tune in...

Mark as Played
October 5, 2022 61 min

In this session we cover a few more questions and answers wrapping up this two part series.

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Mark as Played
September 21, 2022 77 min

Have you ever wondered why so much evil exists?  Or what happens when we die?  In this two part series we cover some questions and answers.

Link to video of Pastor Zach Adams:

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Mark as Played
September 7, 2022 92 min

What is the gospel?  What does it mean to be Born Again?  How can we share the gospel?  We cover all of these questions in this episode.


  • John 3:1-21
  • Romans 10:8-10
  • Romans 4:5
  • Romans 1-8
  • Psalm 16

Chuck Missler Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

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Mark as Played
August 17, 2022 107 min

Have you ever wondered when the events in the book of  Revelation will take place?  Are we living in the tribulation now?  What does the Bible say about future events?  In this episode we go through end time events at a high level so we can understand what happens next.

Daniel 9:24-27
70 periods of 7 years, the first 7 were to rebuild, the second 62 were when messiah would come.  That's 173,880 da...

Mark as Played
August 3, 2022 73 min

Who do you say that He is?  What does He mean to you?  In this episode we talk about what the world says about Jesus and what the Bible says about Jesus.  Now it's up to you to decide who He is to you.

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Mark as Played
July 20, 2022 64 min

Do you have circumstances in your life that seem impossible?  Do you feel like you are in over your head?  Good news, God's got it.  He is WITH YOU.  In this episode we dig into God's word and learn that it was never about what we can or cannot do, but it was always about what He will do through us!

1 Peter 4:10-11
John 16: 7 &13
Genesis 39: 2-4 & 20b-23
Exodus 3:11-12

Mark as Played
July 6, 2022 75 min

Should Christians be involved in politics or should we just stick to the Bible?  What does the Bible have to say about politics?  In this episode we look at current events through a Biblical perspective.

Philippians 3:20
1 Timothy 2:1-4
Philippians 3:17-20
Psalm 2
Psalm 73 

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Mark as Played

Ladies it's happening!  We have a retreat on 9/30 2022, registration closes on 7/20.  Please let us know if you are interested.

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