Making Data Better

Making Data Better

Making Data Better is a podcast about data quality and the impact it has on how we protect, manage, and use the digital data critical to our lives. Through conversation and examination, George Peabody and Stephen Wilson look at data's role in risk management, at use cases like identification, lending, age verification, healthcare, and more personal concerns. Privacy and data ownership are topics, as are our data failures.


February 26, 2024 14 mins

In this quick take, Steve and George discuss the idea of a single digital ID through a review of the proposed bill currently in front of Australian legislators. We being by comparing that approach to two very different models: India's Aadhaar program and the "shadow IDs" as employed by commercial data providers. 

We are excited by the steps Australia is taking to secure the online activity of its citizens. T...

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Australia's online security community - government, banking, and providers - has made a major, deliberate move. Over the last year, the term "digital identity" has been replaced by "digital ID" in government and industry publications and press releases.

Steve and George unravel this deliberate linguistic shift from the amorphous 'digital identity' to the more concrete and pragmatic &apos...

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Data provides the basis for how we make decisions. An enemy of security these days, from our point of view, is plain text. We need better than that. We need device-assisted support for proving where data comes from and how it's been handled. We need systems that keep data (and code) from being altered without cause, that give us the ability to trace the change history of data. 

Confidential computing is a new compute...

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Credential sharing is complex and exciting. Take a listen to our guest, Dan Stemp from JNCTN, in this installment of Making Data Better. We discuss JNCTN's credential sharing platform and its major use cases. 

Discover how managing digital identities supports the work of critical industries, from power generation to healthcare. We unpack the intricate relationships between those who rely on credentials, the individual...

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Ever wondered about government's role in online identification and how it could expand to help our digital economy function better and safer? Or how government data quality directly impacts risk assessment?

In this episode of Making Data Better, we tackle where US and Australian governments stand on protecting our digital IDs and personal credentials.

Join us as Jeremy Grant, Managing Director of Technology...

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In October 2008 Heartland Payment Systems discovered it had been breached. Albert Gonzalez and several other individuals hacked their way through an external company website using SQL injection — an attack that too often still works — to the core of Heartland’s systems. They were able to copy credit and debit card numbers and other data used in payment authorization.

At the time, that data enabled those who bought it to cr...

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Self-sovereign identity, digital wallets, risk management, federated identity, and a recap of the Identiverse 2023 conference are among the topics discussed in this episode of Making Data Better. George and Steve complete their landscape view of data quality and security.

Identiverse 2023 reflected those topics, indicating a shift toward digital wallets, passkeys, and verifiable credentials as essential components of a res...

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Online trust? Digital identification? Wallets? Privacy? Data quality? If these topics resonate, join Lockstep's George Peabody and Steve Wilson in this, the first episode of Making Data Better, a podcast about data quality and the impact it has on how we protect, manage, and use the digital data critical to our lives.

We focus on making data better because data quality has everything to do with making good decisions. ...

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May 25, 2023 2 mins

Making Data Better is a podcast about data quality and the impact it has on how we protect, manage and use the digital data critical to our lives. Take a listen to this intro. We're launching the first episodes in June 2023.

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