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Marketing Mindset

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September 21, 2023 17 mins

Q4 can be an overwhelming experience for business owners and marketing teams. 

The stakes are incredibly high with the holiday season, peak gifting, and a rise in consumer activity. 

So today, I’ll walk you through a structured roadmap for effectively managing your marketing strategies during this critical period. 

From leveraging and building an audience in preparation for Black Friday, to optimising ad ...

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Is the explosion of AI affecting what content we see as real versus what’s been simply generated by a bot? 

The marketing and business game is changing wildly, and AI tools are at the forefront - especially when ChatGPT burst onto the scene. But there’s more beneath the surface. More tools and software are turning even ChatGPT on its head.

What else is being faked and generated by a bot? 

Is today’s podca...

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Today's podcast is a topic that sounds confusing right from the get-go - but when you dive in and explore how search engines, like Google, are adapting and changing in the future, you’ll soon start to realise that small changes to your marketing strategy now could set you up nicely for the AI-driven future of search engine marketing.

Today we’ll chat about the small steps you should take to ensure you’re setting your ...

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Christina Salvo started a divorce and mediation service with humble beginnings in 2020, and has since helped thousands of couples across Australia with their divorce or separations. 

And I’ve been alongside Christina for the ride - so last week we sat down together in her Melbourne home and discussed what’s made the business such a success, from focusing on her service offering, a clear focus on her audience, strong work e...

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Today, we’ll take you step by step through Done By Nine’s exact CRM process of how we both market to, onboard and service new and existing clients using a CRM.

By the end of this episode, you'll get an understanding and a look behind the scenes of how we automate tasks, keep track of our key marketing campaigns and social media and ensure our CRM helps us stay on track towards hitting our marketing goals and overall b...

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You’ve spent time, resources and budget into creating new content, to then only use that content once, not see results and move on to the next shiny object.

It’s a content recipe for disaster.

Today we'll share how we’ve built a clearer roadmap with our content distribution strategy so that it doesn’t feel disjointed and cluttered, plus allows us to create evergreen content that remains relevant and allows us...

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‘Threads’ has suddenly jumped on the scene (even quicker than Meta was anticipating), but is this simply another case of shiny object syndrome?

Because it’s popular, does that mean your business suddenly pivots your strategy and jumps on the bandwagon? 

In today's podcast, we’ll look at how to determine what platforms your business should focus its marketing efforts on, along with a look into the positives an...

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Are you confident about your understanding of data privacy and how it influences your business's marketing strategy? 

It’s important you understand. The world of marketing data is ever-evolving, and with ongoing changes concerning online privacy, b you might be left scratching your head on what that means for your business and your strategy.

Today’s podcast'll take you through the labyrinth of online pri...

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Netflix, Starbucks, Amazon, and Airbnb have thrived during economic downturns, history tells us that downturns are not just about survival but can also be growth opportunities in certain areas of your strategy. 

On today's podcast, we’ll learn from these companies and what history tells us about how to adapt our strategies alongside changing consumer behaviours.

We’ll look at becoming customer-centric, a...

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You've been busy building a sandcastle at the beach. You've put in your heart and soul, along with countless hours of work into the sand castle only for one day to see the tide changes unexpectedly, washing away all that you've built. 

That's exactly what could happen to your brand if you rely solely on a single-channel marketing strategy. What if your favoured platform pulls a policy U-turn tomorrow, t...

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Facebook has updated their ‘Five Ad Performance Pillars’ and have given updated advice on leveraging the platform's machine learning and automation to optimize your ad performance.

From the latest trends in creative to the most influential audience targeting tactics, in today’s podcast, we’ll look at Facebook’s ‘Five performance pillars’ along with actionable advice on what’s working in our ad campaigns right now.


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Right now, understanding your competitor's strategies is more important than it has ever been. Today, we delve into the crucial elements of understanding your market positioning and influence through a competitor analysis. 

We’ll explore some vital concepts, and I’ll offer a comprehensive insight into how we conduct a practical competitor analysis for your business or organisation.

Links and resources:

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As we all evolve, businesses need to refresh their image, keep up with trends, and ensure they continue to resonate with their audience. 

But refreshing and rebranding your business isn't just a switch you flip overnight; it's a journey, a transformation that comes with challenges.

On today's podcast, we'll pull back the curtain on our brand refresh process at Done By Nine, from the why to the ...

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Fresh off the recent Google I/O conference, the marketing world is buzzing with the feature announcements of BARD, Google's latest AI innovation. 
Today we’ll unravel the implications of AI's capabilities in search marketing and explain in simple terms how business owners and marketing teams can strategically navigate this AI-driven SEO revolution from what we know right now.

Here are the key questions ...

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May 18, 2023 23 mins

Google Analytics 4 - we’ve known about it for years. And since April 2022, Google warned us that 'Universal Analytics' was sunsetting in July 2023 - yes, THIS July. 

However, it's being reported that 19 million websites haven’t yet made the switch. 

This makes me think that a lot of marketers and business owners still don’t know how to use GA4, how it differs from its predecessor and why they need t...

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Today we’ll take a sneak peek into your competitor's marketing playbook, discussing why knowing your competitors and market in detail is a core part of any marketing strategy.

Plus, to gain an inside look at your competitors,  we’ll chat about one of the best ways of researching your competitor's best-performing content and ad campaigns.

Links and resources:

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At Done By Nine we’ve just hit the 3 year mark, so on today's podcast I wanted to share the top marketing tactics that, when aligned with my strategy, proved the most useful in marketing a marketing company!

I’ll give you an understanding of what’s worked well for us and how you can implement similar marketing tactics to complement into your marketing strategy and help you in building your organisation.


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Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness - these ingredients make up a local SEO (and marketing) Buffet and will supercharge your SEO efforts if you can nail them.

In today’s podcast, we’ll feast on practical tips, examples, and our own insights into what E-E-A-T is and how it collerates to better rankings for your SEO strategy (and how to use E-E-A-T across all your marketing).

Links and...

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The quality of your Google Ad campaigns could be losing you money. 

A study by WordStream found that the average small and medium-sized business in the U.S. wastes about 25% of their Google Ads budget on underperforming campaigns

In today’s podcast,  we’ll look into the three factors used to calculate a campaign's Quality Score in Google Ads and how they impact overall campaign and account success.


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Why are some businesses are able to convert their website visitors into loyal customers with ease, while you feel your website and content is struggling to make a sale? 

Today we’re going to take a look at that secret sauce to turn curious prospects into raving fans, and it all starts with understanding your marketing funnel, and how it relates back to your marketing strategy.

We'll take a dive deep into the ...

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