Masters of SaaS

Masters of SaaS

Masters of SaaS is produced by Upraw Media, a Paid Media, Analytics and CRO agency, exclusively for SaaS. The host of the show is Todd Chambers. In each episode, we chat with SaaS entrepreneurs and experts in the field about what got them to where they are today. This includes all the doubts, fears and trade-offs you go through to double down on what you're really good at. What you can expect: [1] Relevant topics and valuable advice on everything from designing your platform to increasing customer retention and all that’s in between; [2] No fluff just actionable tactics and tips you can start applying to your own SaaS business right away; [3] No bull**t, real stories of both success and failure to keep you motivated and inspired on your journey; [4] A good time, a splash of good humour, a sprinkling of banter and people who know how to not take themselves too seriously.


July 10, 2023 62 mins

In this week's episode of Masters of SaaS, we talk with Shane Murphy-Reuter, the CMO at Webflow, the leading platform empowering designers to build professional websites visually.

Join Todd as he delves into Shane's journey and explores the key insights he has gained as a CMO of one of the most popular SaaS companies at the moment. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Shane’s biggest lessons from his first 90 days as a CMO - under...
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In this episode, we dive deep into the world of CRO experimentation programs and why they are crucial for SaaS businesses. We have a heart to heart conversation with Andres Glusman, a “behavioral science nerd who loves applying the craft to all things business” and the CEO at Do What Works - a startup helping growth, marketing, and product teams accelerate their conversion rates.

Discover the true definition of strategy and how it p...

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In this episode, we get up close and personal with Andy Raskin, a strategic messaging consultant and founder of Strategic Narrative, a consulting firm that helps SaaS companies shape their stories to achieve strategic success.

Andy's superpower is crafting stories that inspire action, and his work has helped his clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars in investments. He's a New York Times, Inc., and Forbes contributo...

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In this episode, we talk to Joel Klettke, a storytelling powerhouse and the founder of Case Study Buddy, a company that helps businesses craft irresistible case studies to showcase their success stories. With over a decade of experience in copywriting and content strategy, Joel is a master at crafting narratives that captivate and persuade audiences.

Whether he's working with Fortune 500 companies or small startups, Joel's...

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For this episode, we talk to the original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe, the founder of Copyhackers.

Joanna is a rockstar in the world of copywriting and conversion optimisation. Not only is she the brilliant mind behind Copyhackers, a wildly popular copywriting blog, agency, and copy education provider, but she's also the founder of Airstory, an amazing SaaS product that helps people organize their research and writing.<...

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For this episode, we talk to the world's most influential Conversion Rate Optimization expert, Peep Laja. 

Peep is the founder of three successful companies - CXL,  Speero and, more recently, Wynter, a product marketing research platform. 

Like many of you I've learned from Peep over the years, so it was humbling to have the opportunity to chat with him. 

We discuss,

- How to validate i...

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In this episode we discuss with marketing positioning legend April Dunford.

Positioning is foundational to everything we do in sales & marketing.

But what exactly is positioning? 

It’s a widely misunderstood topic 

April says...

“Positioning defines how your product is the best in the world at delivering some value that a well defined set of customers cares about” 

If you’re building a SaaS business this is a must watch! 

We discuss, 


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In this episode, we sit down with best-selling author, podcast host and SaaS legend Nathan Latka.

Why is Nathan the most sued podcaster in SaaS? And why the hell does he lean into it?

In his own words:

"Your CAC to get a hater is cheaper than your CAC to get a lover'.


'It’s cheaper to get more people hating me, but most people aren’t tough enough to deal with hater...

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For this episode, we sit down with Cris Villar. Cris is the Co-Founder and VP of Customer Success at Landbot, a product that transforms your website into a Conversational Experience to increase engagement and conversion rates. 

I was amazed to learn that  Landbot was born out of a product bug...  

... A bug that skyrocketed conversions from 5% to 27%! 

It’s easy to look at successful companies and think t...

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In this episode, we talk to Annie Maguire, a Conversion Copywriter. She’s worked with companies like Samsung, Visa and Loreal, helping them convert leads through customer research and copywriting.

Let’s face it; if your messaging sucks, PPC won’t work! You can spend 100k per month on ads, but if you don’t know how to talk to your customers… You've already lost.

In my opinion, SaaS companies often overlook messaging - or get it w...

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This week we sit down with Guillaume Moubeche of Lemlist, who went viral for refusing $30M. They’ve never taken funding or needed paid advertising. Guillaume tells us why, and how he is on a mission to reinvent what start-up success looks like. 

Lemlist is a sales automation platform that allows B2B companies to automate their sales prospecting on various channels - cold e-mail, social selling, calls… In just three years, ...

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In this episode, Mark Colgan, Co-Founder & CRO of Speak On Podcasts, shares his 10 years experience in outbound sales
 Mark previously ran a team of 100 outbound prospectors, he’s a coach for sales impact academy, startup advisor and mentor and he now runs an agency called speak on podcasts. 
 The conversation is a deep dive into how SaaS companies can approach outbound Sales. 
 We cover, 

  • Havin...
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We speak with Shay Howe, Vice President of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign. 

With 130,000 customers and around 800 employees, ActiveCampaign offers tools like Email marketing, forms,  CRM, landing page, live chat and a bunch more.

They help businesses meaningfully connect & engage with their customers through customer experience automation.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Shay’s upbringing made him a life-time lear...
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In this latest episode I speak Mikael Thuneberg the CEO & Founder of Supermetrics.

Supermetrics picks up all the marketing data you need and brings it to your favorite reporting, analytics, or storage platform — whether that’s a spreadsheet, a data visualization tool, or a marketing data warehouse.

A whopping 10% of global advertising spend is reported through Supermetrics.

  • We cover the or...
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In this episode, Alex Theuma, CEO & Founder of SaaStock, shares his learnings on what you need to consider when planning and running your own online conference or event.

Prior to COVID 19, SaaStock ran the largest in person SaaS events in Europe with their flagship event being held in Dublin each year.  In March 2020 ticket sales dried up & SaaStock’s revenue went to zero. They had to quickly pivot, remobilise and switch to ...

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In this episode, Matthew Barnett, founder and papa bear at Bonjoro,  tells us all about the value of customer support for a business and how it can become a strategic investment that increases customer retention and reduces churn.

We also cover:
- the importance of brand authenticity and how the teams have leaned into their own quirky & human approach
- customer advocacy and how this can be used as a core growth lever. <...

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Question for brand marketers: how do you get found before anyone goes to Google?

Paul Campillo, Director of Brand at Typeform helps us answer the above question and also takes us through the company's 3-step framework to a meaningful brand design.

You'll also get to hear more about:
- why we should stop creating hot dog content (and what that means)
- the importance of passing down wisdom in a g...

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In this episode I speak with Dave Woodward The CEO of ClickFunnels and host of the weekly Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast.

In just 6 years, the company went from 0 to 125K Customers, 350 employees and $150 Million in annual revenue, and what it meant for him.

Did we mention they did it with zero funding?

We also went through a variety of topics, including:
- how to instil a company’s culture from a small team to hu...

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In this episode we're talking to Lorena Morales, VP of marketing at Go Nimbly.

Get ready for a wild ride through the lessons of becoming a marketing leader: from moving to the US as an immigrant student to the often-overlooked importance of self-awareness and its impact on building a happy team.

Other topics we dive into:
- the role of speed and adaptability in marketing
- how to measure branding ( if...

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As a startup CEO, where do you spend most of your time as the company grows? 

Common answer: in meetings; 
Ideal answer: prioritising your customer base more 

Chris Ronzio, CEO and founder of Trainual walks us through the lessons and key decisions that took the company from 0 to 5 Million ARR in just two and a half years.
By our standards, that's pretty impressive.

We also cover:
- how to approac...

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