Memorize What Matters

Memorize What Matters

A podcast for those who love Scripture memory, who want to memorize what matters! Join Josh Summers on his journey to memorize the New Testament of the Bible word for word, exploring various Bible memory methods and techniques along the way. If you have a desire to memorize Scripture, you'll find plenty of encouragement, inspiration and helpful tips from the expert guests who share their stories.


July 19, 2024 3 mins
Did you know that even the author of Hebrews forgot where to find a passage of Scripture he had previously memorized? In this short episode, Josh encourages us to take a step back and consider why we put so much pressure on ourselves to memorize the exact chapter and verse number for every verse that we memorize.

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The smash Broadway hit Hamilton offers some interesting insights into our pursuit of legacy and what they might mean for us as we memorize Scripture. Listen as Josh unpacks his experience viewing Hamilton in NYC this month and what we can take away from it.

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If you're ...
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It's possible! Listen in as we walk through each chapter of John to connect a visual that you can use to remember the outline of all 21 chapters. By the end, you should be able to walk through Jesus' entire ministry in the gospel. If you'd like to download the visuals for this, you can find it here:

This mini-training is based on a live video with Dr. Larry Dinkins on the Bible Memory Goal...
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Most Christians don't read their Bible anymore and it's shocking how many lack basic knowledge of Scripture. Is this a product of our society or our churches? And what can be done about this? Brad East, associate professor of theology at Abilene Christian University, explains the critical idea of "Biblical literacy in a post-literate age" and the challenges of reaching a generation that is not reading as much as before.

We explore t...
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What is the longest book of the Bible? What about the shortest? It's a trivial question, but the answer is hidden behind some fascinating Biblical history. Take a few minutes to learn more about your Bible, the translations and what this means for you.

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At the age of 15, Jennifer Rothschild was diagnosed with a rare disease that left her blind. She has since become a respected author and speaker who has memorized large portions of Scripture. Listen as she reveals her unique scripture memorization techniques, utilizing visualization and structured mental "ladders" to enhance recall. She provides practical advice for effective memorization and explores how her deep love for the Word...
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We all feel slow and bad at memorizing the Bible, but sometimes our desire for "efficiency" actually works against us. In this episode, Josh provides an encouragement to embrace the inefficiencies of Scripture memorization, with four lessons you can take away.

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In addition to being a busy attorney, Lise Anderson has spent the last 15 years committing the entire gospel of Luke to memory. The story of how she got started and why she uses techniques like sign language to help her in the process will definitely inspire you in your own Bible memory journey!

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2 years. 40+ interviews. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world listening. Today we're celebrating the 100th episode of the Memorize What Matters podcast! Join us as we look back at the ideas that have encouraged and inspired us over the past 99 episodes.

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In less than 6 months, Dr. Larry Dinkins memorized an outline of the meaning or story of every chapter in the Bible using a combination of various memory techniques. Here's how he did it and what you can do to start memorizing your own Biblical outline.

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We all have trouble memorizing numbers...but what if that could change? What if you could easily memorize any number in the Bible or in life? Join our live training to learn how to apply The Major System to memorize all the books of the Bible in order:

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Adam Wright has toured the world with his band Act of Congress, but he's most at home when he's worshipping on Sunday with his church in Alabama, USA. Here's how he combined his love of Scripture with his professional skills to produce Scripture music that is heard by millions around the globe.

Learn more about Adam and The Corner Room:

- The Corner Room website:
- Spotify Link:
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I've never felt more vulnerable than when I did a live stream of me memorizing 1 Peter this past week, but in the process of doing it, there were a few key lessons that should be an encouragement to anybody that hears.

Watch the full live stream here:

You can also go back and watch the original Jude live stream:

Check out these resources:
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Some people are skilled at remembering movies or shows they've watched - the characters, the quotes, the plot. In this episode, Zach Schwab explains his creative method for using movies as a kind of mind palace. This is a technique I've never seen used anywhere else, so be sure to take notes!

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What are some practical ways to structure a group of people who want to memorize the Bible? Or how do you encourage teenagers and kids to memorize together? Listen as Josh from Bible Memory Goal and Dakota Lynch from Scripture Memory Fellowship answer these live questions from the replay of a livestream.

Watch the full replay of the livestream with Dakota:

Here are links to the resources me...
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When it comes to Bible memory, some people feel pressure to memorize entire chapters or books of the Bible. In this episode of the Memorize What Matters podcast, musician and worship leader Leah Carolan explains how she freed herself from the unnecessary guilt of her "simple" method of Scripture memory.

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Learn a few methods and techniques to place Bible verses and passages on a mind palace that you've created! Both Josh Summers and Ronald Johnson share their experience, tips and things to avoid when using a memory palace for Scripture memorization.

Watch the full replay of the livestream with Ronald:

Want to learn more about using a mind palace? Check out these resources:
  • Psalm 46 Mind P...
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The mind palace is one of the most powerful memory tools you can use, yet it feels so confusing to those who have never used it! In this episode, you'll learn how to make your very first memory palace to hold a list of items, based on a livestream with Ronald Johnson.

Watch the full replay of the livestream with Ronald:

Want to learn more about using a mind palace? Check out these resources...
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Your brain is a muscle and these fun little exercises are a creative way to exercise it throughout the week. Studies prove that this can improve cognitive function and we're going to translate what they've learned into a Christian worldview.

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Here's the list of brain exercises to try:
  1. Meet somebody new at church (find 4 details to remember)
  2. Trade TV time for game time
  3. Vis...
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Dr. Andy Davis has memorized over 44 books of the Bible and recently finished Ezekiel. He says it was one of the HARDEST books he's ever memorized and explains why he did it and what he learned from the experience.

Learn more about Dr. Andy Davis:
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