Men Made for More Podcast

Men Made for More Podcast

This podcast is designed for the men out there that feel destined for big things in their life, but they’re lacking the right strategies, resources, or community to help them take action on making their dreams a reality. This podcast brings together like minded men looking to level up their life, their leadership, and their legacy in marriage and in business. Connect with Dr. Dave by texting him at (760) 477-4361 or following him on Instagram @DrDavePac -


October 21, 2021 26 mins

I record this final episode (for this season) with a heavy heart but also full of so much joy and thankfulness for what this podcast and community has been at Men Made For More.  I share why I had to make one of the toughest decisions in our ‘pruning’ season in order to go all in on the areas that matter most.When you get your priorities right and humble yourself before God, I believe all things will fall into place. I can’t wait t...

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If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you probably struggle at times with keeping a singular focus of what’s most important. A divided focus and ‘shiny object syndrome’ is often one of the biggest things that derails business owners from reaching the level they want in life and in business. Learn how to fight that as you keep the main thing the main thing.

For those interested in joining the Men Made For More Mastermind sta...

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October 7, 2021 14 mins

While most men listening in are high achievers and go getters - sometimes that can get you in trouble when it comes to setting goals. If you ever get anxious around goal setting, or find that you always set big goals only to fall short - then it’s time to refresh your mindset and look at your goal setting in a different light. Learn how to play both the short and the long game on the way to becoming the best version of you that you...

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September 30, 2021 16 mins

While most men get stuck in the weeds when it comes to trying to make their vision a reality, you have to first know where you are today before you start planning out the course. Do you know where your current life and business vital signs are right now today? Once you get a pulse on where you’re at, you can determine how much capacity you have to fuel the flame of your vision.

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September 23, 2021 20 mins

If you think rest is for the weak, that rest is the opposite of productivity, or if the only way to reach your level is through working harder - then it’s time to implement some focused rest. Many men  choose to be reactive - resting when they feel exhausted, worn down, or burnt out. But to be the best leader, business owner, and man you can be - you need to be proactive with implementing your rest in a focused way.


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September 16, 2021 11 mins

Too often men wear how much they’re doing as a badge of honor, when in reality it’s all about the results we’re getting. And the results we’re getting often comes down to doing the right things well instead of simply doing more. And in order to do this, it’s going to require you to say no to the many things holding you back from excellence - and focusing on the few things that bring real results. Learn how to implement the 80/20 ru...

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September 9, 2021 17 mins

When any area of your life is out of order, you might be blocking your blessings and reaching your highest level. Take inventory of where there is a lack of structure, a lack of order, and a lack of organization in key areas of your life.I’ve only got a few more spots for 1-on-1 coaching for those men out there looking to lead their homes and businesses to new levels.

Text me ‘coaching’ to (760) 477-4361 to learn more and...

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September 2, 2021 8 mins

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. - Proverbs 16:9 (NIV).

In this special, raw, stripped down version I take some time to reflect on how good God is as we welcome in our newest gift into this world - little Elise Belle Paczkowski.

As I take a few minutes to encourage you guys in whatever you might be going through - I welcome any encouragement and advice for all my pare...

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As men, any resistance around strong relationships with other men can limit our ability to reach our highest potential - whether that’s spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, or in business. Learn the importance of having a strong, local community around you in your life for experiencing growth, and the types of relationships you need to make sure you’re fostering to increase your fulfillment as you become the man you’re c...

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August 19, 2021 21 mins

We all know the importance of a healthy diet when it comes to training our body and reaching our physical goals. But how often are you paying attention to what you’re feeding your mind? Most men neglect the importance of what thoughts and inputs they’re letting into their mind on a regular basis. This failure to address this key area can lead to a decrease in confidence, performance, and affect everything from your relationships to...

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August 12, 2021 12 mins

Do you struggle with trying to perfect everything before launching into a new business, fitness endeavor, or any other lifestyle change? If you’re continuing to get stuck and finding yourself procrastinating due to perfection, it’s time to take the most important step - letting it rip and figuring the rest out as you go.

Learn how to set up your morning routine to help you win the day. Text me ‘mastermorning’ to (760) 477-4361 to le...

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Want to know one of the ways to charge more and quickly stand out in your profession? Niching down might be a great place to start. Many will say there are ‘riches in the niches’, but it’s about so much more than just making money or being able to charge more. Although it can be scary for people to niche down at the fear of losing customers they can help - learn why the opposite is true and how you can both build a profitable busin...

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July 29, 2021 17 mins

Do you have an ultimate vision for your life? How about an ultimate vision for the rest of the year? If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up getting somewhere that might not be the place you want to be. If you want to design your ultimate life, learn why the top performers have big visions and break that down into smaller visions. This is the GPS for where you’re heading - do you know the end result you’re working towar...

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We had some of the best speakers, coaches, and experts come on to speak at the MMFM Virtual Business Summit - and did they ever overdeliver. Even as someone who has heard them all speak several times, I couldn’t keep up with taking notes and learning something new. In today’s episode, I summarize my takeaways from each of the 9 speakers. It definitely does not do it justice (go watch the replays to get the full effect!), but it wil...

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Learn 3 common limiting beliefs and mindset pitfalls that keep people from reaching their highest potential and why action is so important. 

For a deep dive on all these areas and more, make sure to join us for the Men Made For More Virtual Business Summit on July 19-21 for 3 days of transformational information from leading business experts to help you start, grow, and scale your business.

Check out all the details at

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Learn the 5 keys to launching, growing, and scaling your business in the second half of 2021. For a deep dive on all these areas and more, make sure to join us for the Men Made For More Virtual Business Summit on July 19-21 for 3 days of transformational information from leading business experts to help you start, grow, and scale your business.

Check out all the details at and r...

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Do you have values written down that you live by and make decisions off of? Many people write up core values just to ‘check the box’ - because it’s something we’re supposed to do. But how do you go about creating transformational core values that truly lead and guide your family or businesses vision and mission? I brought on my beautiful wife Lindsey to talk all about that today. If you’re looking for more clarity, better decision ...

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Why do some leaders fear failure and other leaders embrace it? What keeps so many business owners stuck while others more quickly pivot? How do you build a team and a culture that aligns with your company values? Listen to the lessons learned from someone who took a company from $600,000 of debt to a 6x INC Fortune 5000 fastest growing company. If you’re feeling stuck - it’s time to get out of your own way and learn a new way of le...

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If you’ve ever struggled with avoiding yo-yo dieting, overeating, binge eating, and the guilt, shame, and lack of confidence that follows - this episode is for you. The physical consequences of overeating are one thing - weight gain, lack of energy, and other diseases secondary to inflammation. But there’s a bigger thing to letting food conquer you over conquering your food cravings - it will interfere with your relationships, prod...

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Intermittent fasting and time restricted eating have been ‘trendy’ recently for both mental and physical benefits. Some of those benefits include weight loss, improved cognitive performance and productivity, improved hormone regulation, and many other benefits. And while fasting has picked up popularity recently, it’s one of the longest practices that have been around - and often not by design. Learn the ins and outs of fasting/tim...

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