Middle Age Mess

Middle Age Mess

Take 50+ years of life, add thousands of traumatic experiences, sprinkle in a touch of arrogance and what do you get? A Middle Age Mess, where noted author/curmudgeon Dan Indante walks you through everything you need to know to stumble, bumble and fail your way through your Not So Golden Years.


April 2, 2024 25 mins

Marnie Dachis Marmet teaches busy women and teens how to implement sustainable healthy habits into their lifestyle to create a happier and healthier life. Marnie helps people get to the underlying root cause of what is keeping them from having the energy, vitality, health and anti-aging qualities that they want. 

Check out the latest episode of Middle Age Mess where Marnie shows us how it just might be possible not to be a...

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Dame Clarissa Burt is a tornado!!!  She has done everything and, better, talks about everything.  After 20+ years as a runway model in Europe, she came back to the US, produced Miss Universe, started her own production company and, just for fun, I think she ran NASA for a few years in the '90s.  And yes, she's a Dame, so don't screw with her, or me, now that I know her.  Clarissa is a ton of fun with a ton of stories...

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Straight outta Germany, Kim Rahir, is a powerlifter, a journalist, a weightlifting coach and a female badass.  Just a few years ago, though, she was just like you - lazy, out of shape and trying to figure out how to make it through the day.  After dragging herself into the gym one day, her life changed.  Now, she is rousting seniors out of their lazy ways and showing people that, no matter how old you are, lifting a couple hundred ...

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February 20, 2024 39 mins

If you're interested in hearing stories about complete and total badass-ery, tune into Dan Indante's podcast with Atlas Aultman.    Atlas worked with the Special Forces, Special Operations communities while in uniform and the Secret Service and presidential support communities while spending time in the White House during the Obama Administration.  His life plays out like a James Bond movie, except that it's real!

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Hands down, the best podcast I've ever had.  Jannette Anderson is among the coolest people I know, and not just because she's from frigid Canada.  We talked about her jobs in phone sex, the time she sold all her family's possessions at the age of 5 and a bunch of other outrageous life stories.   We didn't talk much about her business but that was only because nothing could top her personal life.  Listen to this ...

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February 6, 2024 24 mins

In a world of "LOSE WEIGHT NOW, ASK ME HOW" BS, Tripp Parks and his company Ascend Performance Training has developed a cutting-edge health/wellness program that utilizes genetic testing, sophisticated body analysis and a whole heap of common sense to create 360 degree lifestyle regimens that will get and keep you healthier than ever.

Listen to Tripp's practical, yet space age, discussion of how you can get ...

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January 30, 2024 40 mins

I can't describe Harvey Wizard or the podcast I just had with him so I'm not going to try.

All I can tell you is that he is the self-proclaimed Most Interesting Man in the World and, for those of you only interested in the USA to the exclusion of the rest of the planet, also the self-proclaimed Most Brutally Honest Man in America. 

And he's running for president in 2024.

And he had two vase...

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Taking a company from $50K to $500K in a year is good for the middle agers, the senior citizens and anybody else who stumbles into your office.  Doing that and publishing books, going on Oprah, having a Ted talk, and practically founding the life coaching industry would probably make you an interesting person to talk to. 

Tune into Middle Age Mess and hear from Laura Berman Fortgang, a pioneer in the coaching world and som...

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OK, we've given you life coaches and motivational speakers and resume building but now we're gonna focus on what really matters - "how does an old codger like me get laid?"

And to figure that out, we had a discussion with Dating Guru, Confidence Therapist and Image Expert Kimmy Seltzer who's teaching people all over the world how to get out of their living rooms and get busy with an actual real lif...

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December 19, 2023 26 mins

Michael Maddox refused to go down the same road the rest of us do when we encounter middle age - no shoulder hair, flat butt or CPAP machine.  Instead, he woke up on his 40th birthday, peered down a potentially ugly 10 years and said, screw this, 50 ain't beating me, I'm Smashing 50.  And that's what he's done.  Tune into Middle Age Mess to hear how

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Checking out of the corporate rat race and into your own gig is always terrifying - especially when the big 5-0 is on the horizon.  Melanie Mitchell Wexler not only figured out the secret sauce to be successful in this transition but she now coaches other would-be entrepreneurs in making the leap themselves.  Tune into Middle Age Mess and listen to how she did it, and how you can do it, too.

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December 5, 2023 48 mins

I don't care how much of a mess you think your life is, spend 47 minutes listening to the words and wisdom of 6'8", Hostage Negotiator, Undercover Drug Detective, Basketball Coach, Cancer Warrior Terry Tucker and you're going to learn how to get through it. 

An 11-year survivor of a rare cancer that has cost him both his legs, Terry brings an unbelievable spirit and positive philosophy of life that will...

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November 28, 2023 37 mins

You want a mess?  Try getting diagnosed with cancer 6 weeks after receiving a clean bill of health, spending 15 months in chemo, going bald and having your eyes change color - now that's a mess.

But after enduring all of the above, fitness consultant/author/race announcer Fitz Koehler dedicated herself to a recovery that saw her run a 5k just one month after her last chemo session, write three books and act as an insp...

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Dan Indante is both middle aged and a mess which, yes, are redundant but also grist for the mill of this podcast, appropriately titled Middle Age Mess. Cruising through his 50's with a bad back and the realization that he's figured nothing out despite five decades of trying, he decided to start interviewing a few people who might teach him a few things about appropriate aging or, more likely, distract him from the carnage...

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