Midwest Mindset

Midwest Mindset

The Midwest Mindset is simple: Help others without expecting anything in return. This mindset is what makes our home city of Omaha, Nebraska unique and is also what has defined our own success. We are passionate about helping small business owners because we believe every business deserves affordable and effective marketing. The multitude of search engines and social platforms in the age of the algorithm has made marketing intimidating, frustrating, and overwhelming. In each episode, we will share the tools, techniques, and simple marketing strategies that big marketing agencies don’t want you to know, including the biggest secret of all: you can do this yourself.


July 1, 2024 24 mins

Tired of marketing strategies that drain your budget? Discover the hidden power of micro-influencer marketing with seasoned entrepreneur Tim Rexius. In this episode, we dive into the world of influencer marketing, separating fact from fiction. Tim shares his expertise with platforms like JoinBrands, highlighting the significance of genuine connections and authentic content.

Gain valuable insights on how to...

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The real estate industry is highly competitive and winning client’s trust is crucial for any successful business. So, how do you win the client's trust? Joining us in this episode is Jay Miralles, serial entrepreneur and real estate expert. Jay and Matt explore the common pain points agents face and discuss how to overcome them with simple, effective strategies. 


From the importance of authenticity and s...

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June 17, 2024 38 mins

How do you market to men? It’s not as easy as you think, but who better to have the answers than Jess Goldoni, Marketing Director from Limitless Male Medical, and Tracy Winkler, COO at Two Brothers Creative, who join Matt to discuss the art and science behind marketing to men. From consumer behavior and male psychology to decision-making, health marketing, and the women who really make the decisions, this episode revea...

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Are you lost in the maze of marketing options? With so many social media platforms, website SEO, video content, and more, it becomes overwhelming where to best invest your time and resources. In this episode of Midwest Mindset, Matt is Joined by  Dr. Tonya from Pain West, a pioneering clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Tonya shares her personal struggle with this issue and reveals the practical steps she has taken to simpl...

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Every business is trying to figure out how they can use AI to get the advantage over the competition, but in our attempt to embrace this new trend, are we actually making some critical mistakes that could put our business even further behind? On this episode of Midwest Mindset, we’re joined by Shawn Quintero - ERS COO and CAIO, who is an expert in all things artificial intelligence. Shawn shares with Matt the history o...

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January 15, 2024 30 mins

Does your business need a podcast? Yes! On today's episode of Midwest Mindset, we're joined by podcast expert Kevin Chemidlin from Grow the Show, and he explains why having your own podcast is the number one most effective marketing tool your business could be employing right now. From using the podcast to generate leads, to helping with recruiting, and establishing yourself as the authority in your area, podcasting is an excellent...

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January 8, 2024 21 mins

Are you harnessing the power of video for your business? On this episode of Midwest Mindset, Host Matt Tompkins and the crew discuss the essential elements that can transform an ordinary marketing video into a powerful tool for business growth. Don't miss out on the potential of using every social media channel as a video platform in today's digital age. Learn the critical aspects of creating attention-grabbing marketing videos tha...

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What does it take to build a successful business against all odds? In this episode of the Midwest Mindset, host Matt Tompkins is joined by guest Shane Harrington, the owner of Club Omaha. They discuss the remarkable success story of Shane's business, which generates over $2 million annually through grassroots marketing tactics. However, because he operates in the sex industry, Shane's achievements are often overlooked. Matt and Sha...

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December 25, 2023 17 mins

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Midwest Mindset podcast! In today's episode, we dive into a topic that has intrigued us all at some point in our lives - those infamous drug commercials. You know the ones I'm talking about - those cheesy advertisements where customers are miraculously frolicking in a field after taking that magic medication. They suggest that if you simply take this pill, all of your...

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Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone. Good slogan or a massive fail in advertising? On this episode of Midwest Mindset, we sit down with Klar, Inc. owner and brand marketing guru Chad Dodd who helps break down the reasons why Nebraska’s recent tourism campaigns haven’t exactly pulled in the numbers they may have hoped for, even though more people drive through this state than most others. Whether it’s being too cl...

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Would you rather have a legacy or more likes? On this episode of the Midwest Mindset, we have the privilege of sitting down with youth speaker, author, and entrepreneur Mike Smith, who discusses how his book Legacy vs. Likes is reaching more than just an adolescent audience, which was its initial audience; however, now it’s actually beginning to resonate just as much with businesses and entrepreneurs as marketing strat...

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December 4, 2023 26 mins

What exactly does an entrepreneur do? On this episode of the Midwest Mindset, we dive into what a day in the life of an entrepreneur looks like and what types of mistakes most entrepreneurs make that you can avoid.

Two Brothers Creative provides a simple content marketing system that leverages a podcast + video to deliver affordable and effective marketing to grow your business.

Measure your marketing toda...

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Are you using the right social media platforms? There might be one that you're overlooking, and it could be a big missed opportunity for your business! On this episode of the Midwest Mindset, we dive into the world of LinkedIn and how this social media channel is evolving into a hidden secret for building a business's online brand and audience.

Two Brothers Creative provides a simple content marketing system that lever...

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November 13, 2023 32 mins

So you’ve got a great marketing strategy and the right people to implement it. Success is guaranteed, right? Not necessarily. On this episode of Midwest Mindset, the boys are joined by operations guru and business growth coach, Tracy Winkler, as they discuss reasons why even the best marketing can still fail. From a lackluster operations department to an unmotivated sales team, marketing is just one wing on this plane....

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Is being in love like running a business? In this episode of the Midwest Mindset, we talk about the three stages of any relationship: curiosity, enlightenment, and commitments. Because so many businesses don’t know who their ideal customer is, they try going after everybody, but, just like in dating, that rarely works.

Tune in and find out how to build better relationships with your customers on this week’...

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November 6, 2023 29 mins

Do you ever wonder why so many local commercials seem so awful? In this episode of Midwest Mindset, we will take a deep dive into why local TV ads often fall short. From misguided advice to tone-deaf cultural references, there are several reasons why these ads are so bad. But don't worry: We also provide three tips that will help you make sure your ad does not suck! Tune in to find out how you can make sure your local ...

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What’s the secret to finding success in business? Being a little delusional (or maybe a lot, depending on who you ask). On this episode of Midwest Mindset, Matt explains the need to be delusional if you’re looking to start your own business, how knowing too much at the onset of a new business venture can be more harmful than helpful, and how sometimes a sense of ignorance can help you move forward after major setbacks....

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Let's face it: just because we might be good at one thing, doesn't mean we're good at everything. Too often business owners think because we're experts in what our business specializes in, we're experts in everything else. However, that's rarely the case...especially when it comes to marketing. On this episode of the Midwest Mindset, we dive into the importance of knowing your strengths, the advantage of bringing in experts, and th...

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October 9, 2023 16 mins

As an entrepreneur, failure is inevitable, but what happens when that failure is made public? On today’s episode we dive into PR and the best way to prepare, prevent, and react to public failures and tragedies. Our special guest, Gwenn Aspen founder and CEO of Anequim, shares firsthand experiences of dealing with public failure and coping with employee loss. As Gwenn says, failure is information, and whether or not you...

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October 2, 2023 12 mins

So, how do you make money with your podcast? Well, contrary to popular belief, it's not just about advertising or sponsors. In fact, only a small fraction of podcasts actually qualify for third-party monetization.

So, what's the real key to making your podcast profitable? It goes beyond download numbers or listeners. Join us today as we chat with Eric Johnson, the Podcast Talent Coach and Senior VP of Prog...

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