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September 16, 2023 145 mins

Mike in the Night E522 , Next Weeks News Today , Call ins , Lets Talk Fixing this Mess

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Mike in the Night! E521, Ricky Spanish Shits on Mike in the Night! Royally screwed by Governments, News, Open Mic

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Mike in the Night E520 - Headline News , Open Mic , Power hungry COVID cultists demand return of MASK mandates so they can order people around

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Mike in the Night E518 - World war Woke Part 2 - Open mic , Headline News
Mike in the night , call in show , adjuvant, antigens, autism, badhealth, badmedicine, Big Pharma, brain damage, brain health, children's health, cholera vaccine, compensation, Dangerous Medicine, DTP vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline, mass poisoning, negligence, pharmaceutical fraud, poisoning, toxic ingredients, vaccine damage, vaccine history, vaccine injur...

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Mike in the Night E517, S.O.S Canada is Sinking FAST ! They Are Murdering US!

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Mike in the Night E516, Pfizer Admits Employees Were Given ‘Special Batch’ of Vaccine, Different To Rest of Population, World Wide Circus!, But where is the Bread ?, Watchers Talk, 1st Appearance,

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Mike in the Night! E515 - Clown World as Governments loose Grip ! , Climate, Mainstream Media, war, Toxic Vaccines, Mass protests , Migrant Invasion
Governments have a history of utilizing deception and disinformation to achieve various objectives, often justified as national security, public interest, or political expediency....

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Mike in the Night E514 – Mental Health Round-Ups: The Next Phase Of The Government’s War, Biden family and associates received more than $17 million in illegal payments from Burisma and other foreign nationals, Google testing journalism AI – NYT

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Mike in the Night! E513, Massive Vaccine side effects kicking in ! , Civil war between truthers, The sound of Freedom, Covid , Climate change, Proxy wars, is a mass Mind Control Operation. Call ins Edwardo,

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Mike in the Night E512, Japan Fukashima disaster ahead, Guillain-Barré syndrome outbreak, the sound of Freedom Movie, Canadians 200$ away from going broke , Major freight issues across north America ,

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Mike in the Night E510,France is still Burning , More censorship ahead, assisted SUICIDE, Flashback: Chemtrails, vaccines and the many diseases they cause, BIDEN CRIME FAMILY and the two-tiered justice system

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France started to burn long before this weeks distraction ! The Global Phenomenon of the Yellow Vest Movement in 2018: A Grassroots Revolution for Socioeconomic Equality

The Yellow Vest movement, also known as the Gilets Jaunes movement, emerged in France in late 2018 and quickly spread worldwide, captivating the attention of millions. The movement, named after the distinctive high-visibility yellow vests worn by protesters, was ...

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Mike in the Night E508, Canada to Ban Natural Medicine, Tons of People getting sick Right now , Macron Losing his Mind, Point of No Return , Conflict in Russia May lead to a Major Hot War !

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Mike in the Night E507, Red Dawn Radio, Explains The changing of Times!, Patriot Parabellum, Exposes Negative Manifestations, Expert Dr confirms COVID Vaccines may have seriously damaged Hearts of 100 Million+ Americans

Guests, Stellio Cantos , Junkyard Dog, Ricky Spanish , Red Dawn Radio, Patriot Parabellum, DEE WHY, Killin Files, Dr. Mysterio US government agencies receive support amid cyberattack on vulnerable softwar...

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Mike in the Night E506 - SUMMER OF CHAOS 2023 , CIVIL UNREST, MORE LOCKDOWNS, ARSON , and disruptions at federal properties

In an effort to amplify their voices and raise awareness about the issue of "global warming," prominent climate activists from Europe are expanding their United States franchise called Declare Emergency. The objective is to extend their influence from Europe to America, seeking to make a signific...

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Mike in the Night E506 - SUMMER OF CHAOS 2023 , CIVIL UNREST,

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Mike in the Night 505, James Roguski Exposes Major WHO Diabolical Plan !





Journals retract more than 300 scientific papers on covid! - Retraction Watch has been diligently monitoring the retractions and withdrawals of scientific papers pertaining to COVID-19 as part of their compreh...

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Dr. Kevin McKernan, a microbiologist, has made a startling discovery regarding the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. He has found "unacceptable levels" of double-stranded DNA plasmids in these vaccines. In an interview with "The Freedom Corner with Peter Sweden," Sasha Latypova, an executive in pharmaceutical and medical device research and

The World Council for Health (WCH), composed of experts, has also confi...

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Facebook Deletes “Jesus Died So You Could Live” Post, Calls It “Hate Speech”

“Global warming” is not global; the northern hemisphere is cooling

The Bilderbergers meet in secret for the 69th time

China’s advanced DF-27 hypersonic missile which can strike parts of US has been in service for several years, source says

What Debt Ceiling? Biden Set to Send Another $375 Million in Weapons to Ukraine

FACT CHECK: Covid was mild and barely ...

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