Mikey Likes You with Mike Catherwood

Mikey Likes You with Mike Catherwood

Mikey Likes You is the health podcast for the underdog in all of us. Host Mike Catherwood approaches the world of wellness with a wealth of personal experience, celebrity experts, and his trademark nonsensical humor. Listen in for his straightforward talk about the most confusing aspects of our bodies, brains and hearts.


July 13, 2024 48 mins

Inviting my ten-year-old daughter Magnolia to be on the show was a bit of a risk. She felt confident that she would perform well, and she absolutely did. We discussed healthy eating, body image issues, viral stars, addiction, and more. I was very proud of my little girl, and I think you'll enjoy the show.

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Get the be...

Mark as Played

It's been some time since I did a question and answer episode. I really enjoy these episodes because it gives me some objective proof that I am dealing with topics you actually want to hear about. On this episode I talk about World of Warcraft, fat arms, slow metabolisms, eating on vacation, erection issues, general fat loss and much more.

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June 26, 2024 34 mins

De'Wayne is a very talented young man who makes music that's hard to classify. That's often strange but in this case I mean it as a compliment. We discuss life, Little Richard, being sexy, Texas, L.A. and lots of girls. I highly recommend you listen to this conversation and check out his music.

and @yeahdewayne on instagram

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Mark as Played

I accidentally breakdown weird tuning on guitars and the cultural impact of different artists. After that I get right into the most effective and efficient way to lose body fat. I really despise the fitness industry's push to bog people down with unnecessary details, so I give you the small collection of genuinely important ideas.

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June 7, 2024 28 mins

In life, i've only succeeded in two areas. Fitness is one of these areas and that's why I do this show. I don't think people are lazy and I don't think that I am particularly hard working. Please listen or watch this podcast and tell me if you agree with my take.

I'm @mikecatherwood on instagram and the show is @mikeylikesyou1.

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Mark as Played

If youre desperate to change the way you look, it's understandable to makes choices that will speed up the process. Unfortunately, some of these choices can have negative impacts on your health and they're most likely not sustainable. Thats why I devote this episode to discuss how your health should always come first and then aesthetic changes will come as a byproduct.

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Mark as Played

I don't want you to waste time or energy on the thousands of things that don't matter. Mainly because there are about 5 things that really do matter.

I cover, finding a caloric set point to meet your goal, macronutrient breakdowns, an optimal training program, and the rare supplements that might actually be worth your money. Whether you're just getting going or a seasoned vet, this podcast will help. I promise you.

Melin hats are u...

Mark as Played
May 21, 2024 19 mins

It wouldn't be prudent to do a Ladies Podcast if I didn't follow it up with a Men's Pod. Just so you know, both the mens and women's pod are very suitable for all listeners, each simply focuses on issues that are often gender specific. This episode gets into the cardio curse, fat loss and muscle gain, hormones, neck and forearm training and much more.

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Mark as Played
May 18, 2024 21 mins

You women tend to overly focus on certain things and not focus enough on others. That is not meant as an insult, it's just an observation. SO this episode is about correcting the course for all you ladies out there. Nutrition and training is relatively similar between the two sexes, but there are a couple small details that I have seen far too often for me not to strike down. I hope you like this episode and find it informative.


Mark as Played
May 15, 2024 16 mins

In the third and final installment of this question and answer episode, I bring it all together. I dive into the most effective steps for weight loss, drug and alcohol recovery, sweating while training, when you should and shouldn't squat and much more.

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Mark as Played
May 13, 2024 15 mins

Part 2 of my Question and Answer session. I dive into adjusting macronutrients, cutting behavior vs. bulking behavior, becoming a firefighter, improving pull-ups, frequency of number 2, (yes that's what you think) and much more. It's another really enjoyable exercise and I really hope you like it.

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Mark as Played
May 9, 2024 20 mins

I have done question and answer sessions before, but none as good as this. I had to split it up into three parts because I received so many darn good questions. In part one I get into, rock stars with great bodies, fatigue management, adding mass vs losing fat and much more.

Melin hats are amazing and they're perfect for an active lifestyle. Anti Microbial and waterproof. They never offer discounts but right now you can get 30%...

Mark as Played

I've reached a challenging crossroads with this show, and I sincerely ask you, the audience, to help me through it. In each episode, I share a meaningful anecdote about my struggle and some open-ended questions for those who care.

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get the be...

Mark as Played

I start this show by stating that I don't really like putting out content that doesn't, at least somewhat differentiate itself from other content. Even though I would get much more traction doing a show about hot-button fitness topics, it pains me to do it. So, today's show is about matching your motives to your goals. Oftentimes, I have matched my motives to what I thought my goals should be. It never ends well. As I've aged ...

Mark as Played
April 23, 2024 18 mins

I created a new program exclusively available at my patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2666345&fan_landing=true. This Program is called SIMPLY THE BEST PROGRAM. This is a sarcastic name because I created this program in response to all the maniacs claiming that their programming is the best or the only one you need. My motives were to then create a program that might actually included portion of everything you will need....

Mark as Played

I am tired of people searching online for the newest and best training advice or scrolling Instagram and TikTok for the perfect program. In today's episode, I break down the absolute most practical training advice possible to create the best program for yourself. If you are curious about how to make the most of your performance or appearance, this is the episode for you. I break down the difference between volume and intensity and ...

Mark as Played
April 11, 2024 88 mins

Jamie Kilstein is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and a very talented comedic mind. He and I sat down to discuss all things human. We are both at interesting points in our lives, and we discuss how to make our way through with as much self-respect as possible. Please follow Jamie on Instagram @thejamiekilstein and support him in any way possible. He is a very nice fellow.

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Mark as Played
April 5, 2024 83 mins

Listen. I am not an angry guy. Most people that know me on a personal level would support that claim. I do have a threshold, and when it is reached, I tend to lose my cool. Well, in this episode, my threshold was reached and I absolutely lose my cool. I stumbled across a fitness "influencer" who thinks it's ok to mimic and ridicule a developmentally disabled, special needs fellow. I will not take that one lying down....

Mark as Played

I loved doing this episode because it really did come from the heart. I'm angered by the recent response to the episode I did with Judd Lienhard. Judd showed great wisdom and an open mind, yet people flamed him for it. Many people believe the world is binary. There is a right and wrong in their view, and I find that ludicrous. The human experience is incredibly complex and trying to simplify or compartmentalize it, is foolhardy...

Mark as Played

Judd Lienhard is a rare mix of awesome physique and high level performance. I loved talking to Judd because he has a very thoughtful approach to not only fitness but to life. Mixing speed, power and mobility in with hypertrophy is very wise but certainly not easy, so I enjoyed hearing how everyday folk could go about it. Follow Judd on Instagram and check out his programming.

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Mark as Played

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