Mind. Body. Sleep.

Mind. Body. Sleep.

Mind. Body. Sleep.™ is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to recover from insomnia using a holistic perspective. In this podcast, we explore the remarkable world of neuroplasticity and dive deep into the inner workings of the mind and nervous system. We’ll discover how these vital aspects of our being influence our sleep patterns and offer groundbreaking insights into the transformational power of the mind-body connection. Completely recovered after 42 years of insomnia, holistic sleep coach Beth Kendall now uses her expertise to help others. Get ready to revolutionize your understanding of sleep, and unravel the mysteries around why we develop insomnia.


April 18, 2024 11 mins

Feeling lost in the maze of hormone information and how it relates to insomnia?

Struggling to figure out what’s
insomnia and what’s disrupted sleep?

Not sure where one ends and the other begins?

This one is tailored for my ladies, but anyone could benefit from a little clarity on the difference between sleep disruption and full-blown insomnia.

Join me as I talk about:

  1. The KEY difference betwee...
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This week I’m talking all about hyperarousal and the Expectation Effect.

Do you ever find yourself thinking things like:

   “I understand all of this logically, so why am I still not sleeping?”

   “I didn’t go to bed until I was sleepy, but then I still didn’t sleep. Why is that?”

   “I normally sleep well on the weekends, but this week I didn’t. What’s going on?”

These are all perfectly...

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Working with Austyn to get beyond insomnia was such a pleasure and now he’s sharing his story to help others.

In this heartfelt interview we dive into:

  • The role of OCD in insomnia
  • How the brain latches on to an intrusive thought
  • The connection between health anxiety and sleep anxiety
  • The loneliness of insomnia

Austyn gives us an honest portrayal of the recovery trajectory and how the concepts of courage, self-compassio...

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This one is all about TRUST, my friends.

Because when it comes to insomnia, trust seems to be the missing ingredient.

I mean...

Could  you even HAVE insomnia if you trusted your own ability to sleep?

I don’t think so.

Let’s talk about the intersection between faith and fear, and how these two orientations occupy two sides of the same coin.

In this episode, we look at:

  1. The pi...
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Do you JOLT awake right on the cusp of sleep and feel a sense of panic?

Does your brain decide to wake you up right after you fall asleep?

Do you feel like you’re unconsciously monitoring everything about your sleep even while you’re falling asleep?

This episode is all about hypnic jerks — what they are, why they happen, and what you can do about it.

Hypnic jerks were a big part of my insomnia ex...

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This episode is a shout-out to all my fellow analytical, detail-oriented, problem-solving, Type A, perfectionistic code-crackers.

I know you're out there!

If you find yourself meticulously scrutinizing every detail of your life looking for clues as to why you have insomnia, this one's for you.

We deep dive into a common behavior I call ‘pattern-seeking.’ This natural facet of our safety system h...

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January 25, 2024 14 mins

Sleep meds were the absolute BANE of my existence.

I loathed taking them but also really needed them, which entangled me in a web of constant worry about the impact they were going to have on my life.

But here's the twist...

That changed pretty quickly once I understood what insomnia was and why it was happening.

In today’s episode, I share the ups and downs of my personal journey and explor...

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Hello, my friends! This one is all about measuring PROGRESS.

When you’re going through insomnia, of course you want sleep more than life itself — that's totally understandable. But let’s be mindful of how we measure progress because one leads to stress, and the other safety.

In this episode, I challenge the conventional measure of progress and introduce a novel perspective:

Progress is better assesse...

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December 28, 2023 19 mins

Finding real help for insomnia can feel daunting.

Mainly because there are TWO different conversations going on in the sleep world:

1. Sleep optimization: This conversation focuses on improving sleep for people who don't have insomnia, typically through lifestyle changes and sleep hygiene practices.

2. Insomnia: This conversation addresses the underlying conditioned fear and anxiety driving chronic ...

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In this episode, I not only spill the beans on my newfound passion for Peloton, but I go deeper into why our brains won’t let us sleep.

Join me to learn:

  • Why insomnia is based in survival
  • How insomnia becomes a fear
  • The role of hyperarousal
  • The difference between real and perceived danger
  • The significance of mindfulness during recovery
  • Why fixing sleep doesn’t work

This deep dive into perceived threat responses offers ho...

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Welcome to this insightful interview with the lovely Lauren Meikle joining us all the way from South Africa. Lauren opens up about her unexpected journey through insomnia.

It all started when she started teaching K-Pop dance classes…

In this powerful conversation, Lauren reveals:

  • How her relationship to sleep started to change
  • Why she had to step back from teaching dance 
  • The resurgence of insomnia and its toll o...
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In today’s episode we explore the powerful concept of INDIFFERENCE. Fostering an attitude of indifference is a transformative way to acknowledge your brains messages without being overly fazed them.

You’re not taking whatever it’s telling you as the unequivocal TRUTH of the situation.

Insomnia is a conditioned pattern of fear. But we can nurture our brains to let go of this fear. By responding from a place of indi...

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Do you ever wake up and wonder if you even slept at all?

Do you feel like your body is sleeping but your brain is awake?

Do you feel like you’re in some kind of weird limbo state; half-asleep and half-awake?

If so, this episode is tailored specifically for you!

One of the most bizarre aspects of my own insomnia experience was the seeming inability I had to sleep deeply. My brain wouldn’t let me c...

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In this compelling episode, I sit down with Richard Wills MD, resident sleep coach for the Mind. Body. Sleep. mentorship program. Throughout this thoughtful interview, he candidly shares the remarkable 40-year journey that has been his struggle with insomnia.

Tune in for a captivating story of how insomnia starts... and how it ends.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll hear:

  • How insomnia started in med school
  • How ...
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October 26, 2023 17 mins

Do you ever feel like insomnia is slowly starting to take over your life?

Are you wondering if you're ever going to be who you were before insomnia?

Is your life getting smaller and smaller but you’re not really sure what to do about it?

This episode is for you.

The insomnia identity can sneak up you…

First, you give up things that you really enjoy like coffee or wine (even though t...

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October 19, 2023 10 mins

Is the association you have with your bed making it difficult to sleep?

Possibly. But I think there’s a bit more to the story.

This episode explores the role of the bed in insomnia and presents a new perspective on how the brain perceives this association.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why the bed theory didn’t make sense to me
  • The true driver behind sleeplessness
  • Why cues don’t equal cause
  • What really made the diffe...
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Have you struggled with feelings of fear or anxiety during insomnia?

This can look like:

  • Panic at night lying in bed
  • Fear around bedtime
  • Low grade feelings of dread or doom
  • Anxiety that comes out of the nowhere
  • Anticipatory anxiety about late nights or trips

How to go about processing these emotions isn’t always clear!

In this episode, I share a 3-step framework for HOW TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS:

  1. Awareness: Reco...
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Hey there new moms, this one is for you!

This insightful conversation is with Talia Cooper, an intuitive eating coach who’s been in the trenches of postpartum sleep disruption. And in her case, insomnia kicked in when her daughter actually started sleeping BETTER!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the wisdom she’s dropping:

  • The a-ha moment she had after infant sleep training
  • How old eating patterns showed up during...
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September 28, 2023 17 mins

This episode is ALL about the unconscious mind.

Sleep at its very core is SIMPLE. There is nothing you need to do or be.

But could we be missing an opportunity to understand insomnia from greater perspective?

Could insomnia itself be a conditioned fear that lives beneath our conscious awareness?

I certainly think so!

In this episode, I share 3 reasons WHY understanding the unconscious m...

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The “sleepy rule” is a popular one. But does it always apply?

In this episode I unpack the pros and cons behind waiting until you’re sleepy to go to bed.

If you find yourself thinking:

“Am I sleepy yet?”
“Is this a good time to go to bed?”
“Is this sleepy or just fatigue?”
“What if I’m not sleepy enough?”

This podcast is for you!

I talk about:

  • Chasing sleep and what that ...
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