Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana

Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana

In the midst of today's challenging business environment, where companies strive to maintain open doors, retain their workforce, ensure vendors are fairly compensated, and keep revenue streams flowing, the importance of sharing messages of hope takes center stage. Introducing the "Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana (MYB)" podcast—a space where authentic stories from global entrepreneurs & innovators are shared before they fully blossom, while they scale, and as they navigate challenges with unwavering determination. Launched in April 2020 during the seismic impact of the coronavirus, MYB podcast spotlights the indomitable spirit of small business proprietors and innovative startups navigating uncharted waters. Amid the pandemic's onslaught, these entrepreneurs showcased remarkable resilience, making tough choices like transitioning to digital operations, streamlining workforces, and forging ingenious revenue streams. Despite the challenges, their commitment to innovate remained steadfast. The "Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana" podcast serves as a sanctuary—a safe haven for the worldwide small business community to exchange invaluable operational insights. Here, strategies for navigating pandemic and recession related turbulence are recounted, establishing a foundation for enduring triumph beyond immediate influence. Leading these insightful discussions is Jodi-Tatiana Charles, a respected figure with a comprehensive three-decade background in international market strategies and research. Her unwavering dedication to small business sustainability is anchored in her upbringing as a first-generation Haitian American. With a distinguished career spanning media, government, and the private sector, she is highly revered within the entrepreneurial eco-system. As the podcast's host, she effortlessly gains her guests' trust, facilitating the sharing of their inspiring stories. Note: Amidst numerous opportunities for small businesses, uncovering accessible pathways to essential information can prove time-consuming and challenging through independent research. The MYB podcast functions as a readily available, practical resource—a streamlined hub presenting a comprehensive collection of success stories, offering invaluable insights for those in search of inspiration and guidance within a variety of industries. Join us in these captivating discussions. Let's collaboratively nurture a supportive small business community and leverage the chance to learn from tales of achievement. Follow our episodes on your favorite podcast channel, view us on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/MindingYourBusinesswithJodiTatiana, and together, let's champion our small business and startup communities.


April 6, 2023 114 mins

The Collier Connection (TCC), is designing a portfolio of solutions that disrupt the ways that Black professionals seek information, access, and belonging in cities. https://www.collierconnection.com/ 

Boston While Black is a membership network for Black professionals, entrepreneurs, & graduate students - native or new to Boston - who are seeking a thriving & connected community. https://bostonwhileblack.com/ 


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Atlas Urban Farms designs and manufactures modular vertical farming systems that bring the whole food supply chain into restaurants. We work with independent chefs to help them save money on ingredients, deliver a fresher product to their guests, and reduce the environmental impact of our food system. https://www.atlasurbanfarms.com/

#verticalfarming #hydroponics #foodwaste #greenthumb #urbanfarming #gyo #homegrown #freshfood #farmt...

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New Leaf Redesign: A boutique staging and interior design company. https://newleafredesign.com/

Staging: We’re experts in strategic staging that grabs buyers by maximizing space, highlighting features and creating an inviting environment they want to live in.

Interior Design: We help folks who have design dilemmas get "unstuck". From design boards to full scale room design, custom upholstery, and window treatments (and ever...

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§  In the United States, there are over 400, 000 innocent children and youth placed in the foster care system through no fault of their own. 

§  Over 26,000 foster youth age out of the foster care system when they turn 18 or 21 years old every year. Foster youth are handed a trash bag, a list of homeless shelters, and sent into the world with little to no support.

Foster Nation’s mission is to prepare, support and empower foster yout...

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TQM’s purpose: To help people make financial decisions that are connected to their values so they can cultivate prosperity and live their legacies by seeing how the decisions they make today will impact their current life and in their future.

TQM’s mission: To empower people to have rich, fulfilling lives by providing customized investment guidance based on their unique and dynamic comprehensive financial plan, which we design with ...

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(This interview is in French/English) 

“Kinky hair through times: Sublimation, rejection, and rehabilitation”, is the title of an exhibition produced by Produced by Aurore’s students in hairdressing techniques at Raymond Néris Le Marin professional high school, as their final exam Masterpiece project.

You can discover about twenty styling heads, accessorized and with wigs, retracing the history of this hair and its styling in histori...

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The Run Rx provides concierge performance physical therapy and personal training services for runners and the modern athlete. Whether you are recovering from injury or simply looking for an extra edge to enhance your performance, our experts help you do what you love to do, better. www.run.therxmovement.com 

#physicaltherapist #physicaltherapy #movementismedicine #pregnantrunner #bostonphysicaltherapy #runningphysicaltherapy #injury...

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We are a group of wheelchair users and skaters who go out together as a group enjoying the sensory rush of speed and collaboration in accessible sport.

“Our main goal and focus has always been and always will be making sure that all of the young people with a wide variety of different disabilities who come out with us, experience something unique and enjoyable.” 

#disability #wheelchair #stockfootage #accessibility #disabilityawarene...

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Founded in 2016, IKONE Caraïbes is a business development and marketing consulting firm that mainly specializes in helping SMEs to create sustainable growth, through successful expansion into regional and international markets with effective marketing strategies. Our goal is to provide a pragmatic approach and drive business efficiency. We bring your ideas to life. www.ikonecaraibes.com 

#marketing #communication #consulting #Guadel...

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at human. we help companies handle their people and people handle their jobs, against a backdrop of permanent change. We praise the philosophy of warm businesses and welcome vulnerability and flawness in the workplace. We design frameworks combining over 15 years of expertise of two women: a medical doctor and a psychologist, using empathic language, with the underlined goal of personal transformation. It isn't always easy:  w...

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Our solar powered Smoking kiln aims to phase out the use of other multiple energy sources in powering Smoking kilns for processing of our protein food. This is ensure sustainability, and preserve our ecosystem which is being depleted exponentially through the emission of harmful gases. Economically, it cuts direct cost by over 65% as processing companies can now leverage on renewable energy and shun the high cost of electricity, AG...

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Anna Foster consults and advises people and organizational leaders on overall business strategy, in the areas of Business Development & Strategy, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Empowerment of Women, Entrepreneurship, and Networking.



#businessconsultant #strategist #advisor #workshops #humanconnection #diversity #connectors #womensconference #womenempowerment #equity...

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An innovative concept that brings real added value to the combination of whole food nutrition and the vegan restaurant market in Guadeloupe. 

Notre concept allie la cuisine gourmet et les principes de la naturopathie. Bientôt, un restaurant végan proposant une cuisine authentique dans un cadre idyllique Un institut d’accompagnement et d'éducation au bien-être nutritionnel.

 #vegan #cuisineguadeloupe #vegetarien #nutrition #bienê...

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Grit + Med is a medical apparel company that provides stylish + modern scrubs and accessories for healthcare + wellness professionals. https://gritandmed.com 

As healthcare and wellness professionals, we are constantly on the move for several hours of the day. Therefore, we need scrubs that provide us with comfort, style and functionality. Our quality scrubs and accessories are created with breathable fabric that ensure you look you...

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Gripwise and Lipowise – Smart solutions for the assessment of body composition and muscle strength.  Performing assessment and monitoring of frailty and sarcopenia to actively promote healthy ageing! Get a Grip, Be Wise! 

https://www.lipowise.com and https://www.gripwisetech.com

#anthropometry #skinfold #medicaldevice #health #nutrition #bodycomposition #portugal #determined #standout #strategy #entrepreneurs #smallbusiness #business...

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Lindsay is a career coach for analytically minded people. She works with senior leaders who have invested 10+ years in one company and are undecided about whether it's time to make a change. She takes them through a highly structured process to end their waffling so they can be DECIDED and move forward with their life. www.alifeofoptions.com

#analyticallyminded #careercoach #career #coach #confident #communicating #jobsearching...

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We provide robust and effective technology to tackle the challenges of fuel theft and revenue losses for fuel stations. FuelIntellisense, never lose a drop. https://fuelintellisense.com/ 

Fuel IntelliSense is an automated fuel management system which automates inventory management and enables authorization for fuel dispensing, in order to curb the problem of fuel theft/unauthorized usage, also helping filling station owners track th...

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Founded in 2020, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I Want To Mow Your Lawn™ provides 100% free lawn-mowing to people over 65, military veterans, disabled, and under-resourced individuals / families — with green initiatives in mind. For I Want To Mow Your Lawn™ founder, Brian Schwartz, laid off from a digital-advertising job, it was something to do, some way to help, at a time when everything in the world seemed upside down....

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Elcornel is an eco-concious start-up, located in Jos, Plateau State, focused on growing organic and quality food using sustainable techniques that protects the environment and bridge the hunger gap. https://elcornel-farms.business.site/ 

Elcornel Farm is dedicated to the use of high quality, modern and efficient food technology to meet demand for organic and quality food.

#farms #ecoconcious #organic #qualityfood #agriculture #sustai...

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We help you find skilled rappers to perform at your virtual events and create custom videos that amplify your message. https://www.eventrap.com/ 

Baba Brinkman is a rap artist and science communicator, best known for his “Rap Guide” series of science-themed plays and albums.

***Called “Astonishing and brilliant” by the New York Times

***Scotsman Fringe First Award winner for Exceptional New Play Writing

***2x Drama Desk Award Nominee, ...

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