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Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise

In this shifting world, heading into the Age of Aquarius - the terms of life are changing People don’t want to conform to society They want more meaningful careers and relationships They are less motivated by money and more motivated by internal wisdom More psychic gifts are coming online and even more near death experience conversations are being talked about Plant medicines are making a come back, but how do you partake of them safely? People are becoming more health conscious but where does one turn amidst so many magic pills and quick fixes? How does one really meditate and quiet the mind? How does one go about becoming more in tune and more ”spiritual”? Misty Magdalena Grace and her guests are here to help you improve your health and wealth creation, by going INWARD to ultimately trusting your own innate Wisdom But how do we do that? Tune in to learn! Formerly known as Lois Koffi, now her ceremonial spiritual name is Misty Magdalena Grace (Magdalena for short). She is a plant medicine woman/spiritual teacher & microdosing coach, focused on mental/physical/spiritual health. She specializes in psilocybin, ayahuasca, jurema and psilohuasca. She has been a coach for 23 years, coaching 20,000 plus people in both health and fitness, as well as business/sales. She has seen so so many people focus on the external DOING of goal setting, new year’s resolutions and intention setting and realized that most of our success lies WITHIN. She has had her own awakening journey of working through addictive behaviors, depression/anxiety and struggles as well as many victories and successes. She has lost 12 friends to suicide and many to addiction and has a huge vision/mission to help people safely with sacred plants (noting there is a wrong way and a best way to partake) She has trained with several plant medicine women and shamans through initiations and deep dive healing over 50 times. She is here for YOU to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your health and wealth limitations. She helps guide you with love and compassion with mind/body/spirit fitness as a transformational coach using guided visualization and many other tools in her vast tool belt to get you to live the life you LOVE with superconscious creation with your Higher Self - living YOUR TRUTH.


September 22, 2023 37 mins

With all the ascension symptoms and all the craziness people are feeling internally, we needed to talk about this during suicide awareness month and have a NORMALIZED conversation about what is happening on the planet right now


Have you felt like you were/are going crazy? Maybe your kundalini awakening isn't so peaceful? Maybe you have had suicidal thoughts (like me and my guest today)? This is NORMAL And if you don't have t...

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Today Elaine Lindsay and I discuss suicide awareness, the stigma, some of the causes and our joint mission/vision for prevention on this planet, especially during this time of the Age of Aquarius

If you have had suicidal thoughts or ideation - you are not alone

Elaine and I have been there in our own ways

Since June 2018, Elaine Lindsay's mission:


End the Silence • Stigma and Shame surrounding suicide, ideation and mental health.


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Podcast Interview with Anthony Chene, NDE (near death experience) filmmaker

We talked about DEEP stuff that many don't talk about openly due to fear or societal judgment

Millions of people have had near death experiences and don't always know how to share that, once they've seen the other side

It can also be traumatic when you feel isolated and alone and now possibly seeing/hearing things that others don't believe in or experience


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August 3, 2023 168 mins

Join me as I take a Quantum Leap into my 4th year of podcasting


Celebrating nearly 300 episodes and over 34K downloads and sooooo many lessons


Now with my new spiritual name, Misty Magdalena Grace and a facelift of my show, we head into new dimensions of spirituality, inner child healing, plant medicine consciousness psychedelic conversations, shamanism and so much more!


As we head into the Age of Aquarius, times are changing...

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August 3, 2023 16 mins

Between 0-7 years of age we were considered emotional Beings

Between 7-14 we are becoming mental beings, going to school, developing our brain faster, learning etc

Between 14-21 we are going into puberty and developing physically at a faster rate and becoming "men"/"women" (non binary included)

And much of our full development of our brain isn't complete until age 30

That gives us a TON of time to create mental blocks, become ...

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I am super pumped to be working with an AMAZING source from the jungle and the Shipibo tribe in ayahuasca

The best part?

Is this is a legal microdosing source and can be shipped ANYWHERE in the world to help you go within

It helps with the following:




-self love

-self compassion

-weight loss

-softening into one's heart in ways that can help with your sacred sexuality and divine feminine energies...

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What if you have remembered who you truly are.....from many times and many places, calling your own personal power back?


And that changed your name in a sacred way that resonates more with your Soul?


I have found that to be a pivotal moment/turning point in my own life and now I am coming out FULLY committed to this newly given name (I gave myself :-)

What's in a name? What did our ancestors say about this? What is a sacred n...

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Would you like to win a FREE deep dive plant medicine (heroic dose) ceremony that can heal you? 


Deep dive healing ceremonies are really where I found LASTING shfits and changes for my mind/body and spirit, as well as grief and addiction recovery


I will also give away a 2nd prize of 30 days of microdose coaching



Join me for my 3 year podcast anniversary and relaunch on July 26th and 27th


We will be sharing so much wisdom ...

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TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY FOR MENTAL HEALTH & ADDICTION FREEDOM   Today is a holiday in the US, called the 4th of July   It focuses a lot on independence and freedom   And, yet, while I am grateful for this concept of freedom....I still see a LOT of in-dependence (or codependence) on pharmaceuticals of all kinds, addictions of all kinds in our country   So is this true freedom?   I think not....my heart doesn't understand   ...
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3 Year Podcast Anniversary - save the date!


On July 26th-27th I am going to be celebrating 3 years strong in having my podcast Healthy N Wealthy N Wise out there in the world!

With a LIVE show with powerhouse guests that will blow your mind and open your heart, helping you heal

I am super excited to be RELAUNCHING it in a new category of spirituality


Out with the old and in with the NEW!


Rebirth/regeneration is a beautiful th...

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Setting up sacred space for meditation with microdosing

Why is this so important?

My last episode I spoke about the importance of a sacred spiritual practice or meditation or some kind of daily ritual to utilize with micorodsing and even post deep dive plant medicines

I see so many people not doing this and stunting their growth mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually when using sacred medicines like psilocybin or a...

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Why microdosing without a daily practice is like foreplay without sex!


Now this may come across as offensive when you read that statement


So hear me out


I see sex as a sacred act that is definitely a part of our human basic needs and is very very important (I am not a sex coach!) and I also know there is a lot of trauma and repression around this "gift", which is very very sad to me


We often take it for granted the importan...

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I didn't know that underneath depression and codependent behaviors laid something very very important for me to learn


A very profound teacher


That teacher was anger (aka sacred rage)


I had shut myself down to that emotion for many decades and many lifetimes as a woman


Sacred relationship with plant medicine opened me up to finding that anger and releasing it in a healthy/sacred way that could heal me in ways that profoundl...

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June 15, 2023 18 mins


I never understood this word, until I started studying it

This was after I suffered with alcohol dependency....but then I realized alcohol was NOT was causing my codependency

It was my masculine wound

I shut myself down at a very very young age due to trauma

Always choosing to be the "good girl"

Getting good grades

Following rules galore

Not making waves (most of the time, ok so I am a real rebel at heart lol)


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One of the CORE wounds we have as a society, is the masculine wound

I found this out myself while healing myself - I embodied this HARD CORE.

And this isn’t a “male” wound - rather it is an energy form

Women, men and non-binary humans embody this wound

Many religions and wars and governments are based upon this wound Control/power/greed and domination are the negative energies of this “wound”

The masculine side of the brain is logi...

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Do you have trouble receiving?   I know I did!   And had no idea that that was blocking me from living my best health, my best wealth and trusting my best wisdom within   Part of what I discovered in the past two years, that really shocked me, was my inability to RECEIVE   Receiving is a feminine energy/quality within us   We receive in so many ways   Nourishment of mind/body/spirit   Receiving compliments   Receivin...

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Microdosing & Plant Medicine Won't Fix You

Why am I talking about this?

It's because I see/hear SO many misconceptions out there about what microdosing with sacred plants, as well as macro dosing (aka heroic dosing)will do or won't do for you

Ask not what the plant medicine and microdosing can do for you :-)

It's what you DO and how you BE with the medicine AND what you take action on of that learning, that is the question!


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Inner Child Healing - why is this important?

Today Katlin Aubrey and I share why we are so passionate about inner child healing and why it isn't really optional if you want to live your best health and best wealth in life!


Join us for this sneak preview of our Tuesday, May 23rd masterclass



Check out this blog post:





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I have been talking a LOT lately about the mother wound

And how I started a massive deep dive healing journey with that first wound to not only shed nearly 40 lbs now and keeping it off, changing my relationship with alcohol, healing many wounds that were causing major trauma responses such as people pleasing and NOT living my true nature and purpose


And I believe that the mother wound is ALL of our FIRST wounds we experience


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When we are out of balance, it means our feminine and masculine energies


Many don't believe in the word "balance" and I do!


We have two sides of our brain that say that this is possible


Many of us are stuck in the masculine side, the left side, because as a society we have shut down the feminine energies of love/compassion/grace/forgiveness/patience/receiving/creativity


The mass awakening on the planet is forcing us to wake...

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