Mom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)

Mom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)

As imperfect moms, some days we are just trying to keep our head above water. We are the ultimate “Mom Treading Water.” Whether you are a SAHM (stay-at-home mom), a mom who works out of the home, or somewhere in between, we all have our challenges, benefits, and experiences. However, what we do share in common is that we are all imperfect moms. As an imperfect mom, wife, and human, I am exposing myself intending to normalize the sisterhood of imperfect moms. None of us are perfect, no matter what image someone attempts to portray. Mom Treading Water encourages being kind to yourself while discovering your imperfections with compassion. As we learn about ourselves, we become better moms and humans. Thank you for joining me on this imperfect journey. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.


September 29, 2022 12 min

SAHM and Working Moms: Treading Water Requires Strength, and Women Are Strong

Undoubtedly, women are strong, making moms strong as a mother.  Treading Water demands strength and stamina.  As a SAHM, I know being a mom is not for the weak.  

We are imperfect and always will be, but we are strong as SAHMs and Working Moms!

Check out our Strong as a Mother merch and much more at 

Please be sure to j...

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As a continuation from last week’s episode, here are ways we live on an average income allowing me to be a SAHM.  The following tips are not just for SAHMs but all moms and anyone looking to make some easy financial adjustments.  

Please note that I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice.  I am sharing our experiences in hopes of helping others.

  • Rakuten: Rakuten is one of my favorites and a  FREE APP!    You sea...
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    September 11, 2022 17 min

    Both moms and dads ask us how we can financially survive on 1 income, allowing me to be a  SAHM.  

    Learn our tips and tricks for fast and easy savings on managing our food and grocery bills.   

    Please note that I am not a financial advisor.  This is not financial advice.  I am sharing our experiences in hopes of helping other moms and dads keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.  

  • Rakuten: Rakuten is one of my favorites...
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    Confidence Within:  Mothers and Daughters Learning From Each Other 

    My 5-year-old daughter, Mickey, shares her voice and claims her rightful space. She is her own person, and her confidence within has changed my life.  

    To try and mold her to be who I think she should be is wrong.  She has a right to be herself.  

    She is not a reflection of me and to treat her as such is projecting my own insecurities onto her.   

    When I feel challenge...

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    Positive Parenting: 5 Things I Would Never Do As a Mom 

    Positive parenting is not always easy.  We partially learn based on our own parental experiences.   With each generation, positive parenting improves.  

    Here are 5 things I would never do as a mom: 

  • Hit my children
  • Allow my children to play around or in water without responsible supervision
  • Obsessively talk about my weight and negative body image
  • Make my kids kiss, hug or touch some...
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    Moms, Say Yes to Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health 

    After reflecting on saying no as a way to set boundaries, I realized the importance of saying yes.  

    As moms, we NEED to say yes to ourselves.  When we say yes to our needs, it is a step in improving our physical, mental, and emotional health.  

    Say yes to your happiness, so we teach our children that we can say yes to ourselves without it being inconsiderate.  

    Challenge yo...

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    Friends, the past year has been beyond anything I expected with Mom Treading Water.   To enjoy the summer with my children and family, I am to publish every other week until early fall.  

    There have been moments my ADHD brain has wanted to do a million things with Mom Treading Water, but I know I need to take a step back, refocus and hone in on my goals.   

    Thank you for all your support and a new episode will be available soon! 


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    All moms know the power of saying no.  

    Whether you are saying no to your children or your children are saying no to you, the word no creates a multitude of positive and negative emotions.  

    There is an opportunity to learn from our children by saying no more often.   

    Saying no is a way to create boundaries and place a priority on ourselves.  

    Challenge yourself to say no to something that is not right for you.  Beyond saying no,  off...

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    Traveling with children can be a fantastic opportunity for the whole family!  

    However, it is understandable how traveling can feel intimidating, especially if your child falls on the autism spectrum or has attention and/or mood disorders.    

    Award-winning author, Dawn M. Barclay, explains how parents can successfully incorporate travel into their families’ lives. 

    Her new book, Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of...

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    ***Please note, that this episode contains explicit language and topics that may not be appropriate for young listeners.***

    In part 2 of the interview with Dr.  Fanike Young, she continues to share her own journey of making decisions from a healed place of trauma.   

    Dr. Fanike Young is a doctor of behavioral health, a clinically trained licensed trauma therapist, and a trauma survivor. Her goal is to help women make life decisions f...

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    ***Please note, that this episode contains explicit language and topics that may not be appropriate for young listeners.***

    If you or someone you love thinks they might have experienced trauma, this is an important episode.  

    Dr. Fanike Young is a doctor of behavioral health, a clinically trained licensed trauma therapist, and a trauma survivor. 

    Her goal is to help women make life decisions from a healed place vs. from a trauma place...

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    My husband, James, is the best husband, dad, and man.   If you have any doubts about good men, be sure to check out Single Moms, Why Is It Hard to Find a Good Man?

    As we celebrate one year of Mom Treading Water, he and I discuss what makes a good dad and a good husband. 

    He is supportive of me as his wife,  mother of his children, and a woman embarking on a new venture.    

    Openly, he reminds me that sometimes the work and dedication ...

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    Working moms and.SAHMs both have a challenging but fulfilling jobs of being moms.  However,  there seems to be this discussion on whether working moms or SAHMs have it tougher?   

    Does it really matter?  As moms, women, and parents, we should be supporting each other.  Sometimes we get into this cycle of trying to see who is more of the martyr or has the most challenging situation.  

    Whether you are a working mom or a SAHM, each has ...

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    My children are school-aged, yet I can still feel like a new mom.   

    Yes, the days of diapers and middle-of-the-night feedings are done, but as our children grow and learn, we grow and learn with them too.    

    Watching our children develop and mature is exciting.  However, with all people being different, one way to work with one child but not be the same as working with another.  

    At that phase of their lives, we are new moms.  


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    Are there good men?  Yes! The easy answer is yes. Moms,  there are good men. 

    How do I know? I am married to a good man and we are fortunate to have many friends who are good men.  These good men share the same characteristics,  including honesty, respect, and prioritizing their families.  

    No matter how you define a good man, no one should ever be in an abusive situation.  If you need support, there is help available 24/7.  


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    Passionate about meditation, Heather Nieves shares the benefit of sharing meditation with our children.   We discuss the physical and mental benefits of meditation we have experienced with our children.   

    As a bonus, she ends the episode with some breathing to ground down.   

    Heather is a podcast host of Let’s Talk Meditation with Heather Nieves, a Women’s Empowerment Coach & Founder of I Love Me Yoga. 

    To learn more about Heathe...

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    Our family had a much-needed vacation, and I am happy to say it was close to perfect.   Even the mommy shamer could not spoil our great time.   

    If this were 2 years ago or even last year, the mommy shamer stating my child was having a “hissy fit” would have consumed my thoughts and overall experience.  

    Although, I do regret trying to justify my child’s “hissy fit” to the mommy shamer.   No matter what, she was going to continue her...

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    SAHM Happiness (Discovering How to Feel Fulfilled) 

    SAHM happiness is absolutely possible and it is not impossible to feel fulfilled.   

    Including myself, I have placed a focus on content of not feeling happy as a SAHM.

    Without a doubt,  those moments I'm not being happy as a SAHM are far fewer.

     Finding SAHM happiness, like everything in life, requires work as well as a change in mindset.

    A Day In The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Mom jou...

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    SAHM and working moms, does your husband refuse to help

    Well, without question, my husband refuses to help at home and with our children.  

    As a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) what might shock you more is that I am in 100% agreement!

    When my husband refuses to help, especially as the breadwinner, he will always have my support.

    No, I have not set the women’s movement back 100 years by fully supporting my husband by refusing to help. Liste...

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    Amanda Tice is an international curve model, author, new mom & body positivity advocate.  

    Amanda is the author of the Amazon bestseller ‘The New Mode Code: Shatter Expectations and Crush It at Motherhood’. In her book, Amanda takes you through her clumsy journey into motherhood and shares how she learned to embrace her new self — stretch marks, rolls, and all. With journal prompts, exercises, and “Tice Advice,” Amanda helps you...

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