Momma's Morning Cup With Quinn Menier

Momma's Morning Cup With Quinn Menier

Are you a busy momma who is looking to get to know herself again? You knew what you wanted to be but LOST sight of this. You are a busy professional by day, but want to also have meaningful breaks and take time out in the evenings just for herself. You want family time, and interpersonal relationships. I will guide you to discover new tools,long-term changes,and tap into what you really want and have a sense of integrity. I WAS ONCE HER. Until.. I used my toolbox. As a professionally trained Life Coach and Board-Certified Case Manager (Behavioral Health), I have the tools, techniques and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. Topics we’ll explore; Challenging Limiting Beliefs Mindset Shifts Overcoming Blocks and fears Navigating Relationship changes Parenting Personal Development Self Exploration/Life Purpose Career Changes Time Management Check out the blog and show notes at www.Quinn Insiders Community Don’t forget to subscribe and review!


May 8, 2023 14 mins

Let's take imperfect action. You want to have the best and most effective outcomes right? I know I do. But it all starts where we invest our time.  What do your time blocks look like? No time blocks? Well dive in and let's chat. I will tell you the three time blocks you need to get yourself organized. In this episode, I dive into the conversation of taking imperfect action in self-care. Taking care of ourselves is the num...

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Hey Friends, Here's to another Monday Mindset episode. On this episode we are diving into thinking abundantly. How we can overcome a mindset of scarcity and struggle to a mindset of abundance. Hear how I changed my thinking when the odds were stacked against me.

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Mindset Monday is a good way to reset your thinking after having a busy weekend or even just chilling around the house for two days. It’s a new week and your mind may start to get overloaded with thoughts of what do I do? What if we grabbed a book instead? Or even tuning into an audiobook? I am giving you the Top 5 books that have helped me change my mindset.

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Mindset Monday episodes are short episodes to get you thinking about your week. This episode is about how we manage our time to decrease the overwhelm. Listen in as I share how we know it's time to audit our weekly plans.

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March 9, 2023 22 mins

Are we failing our kids? I often ask myself this question. This generation is way different than when most of us grew up. I guess I am a geriatric millennial and times have changed. We are our children’s first teachers. If we help our children at home with literacy skills, this helps not only your child, but also the teacher when they go to evaluate your child in literacy.


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February 6, 2023 18 mins

I am taking you behind the scenes of mom life. How systems fail and/or go out the window when your family may not be on board. I chose not to edit to be real and authentic. Motherhood gets messy and you get to hear the real deal. Even while sick. 

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On this episode, I sat down with Kat, aka The Juice Ikon, a small business owner, wife, and busy homeschooling mother of two boys!  Like many people struggling to balance everyday life, career, and responsibilities while maintaining their physical and mental health, she found herself, overwhelmed by chronic pain, depression and anxiety.  After multiple surgeries, ineffective medications and failed medical procedures to improve her ...

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Exploring my emotionally healthy spirituality forced me to unpack some topics and things I haven’t had to or not in this capacity. Yall, I am a huge fan of therapy, especially for my Black and Brown folks, but this is on a different level. I want to talk about how to navigate the emotional wall as an exhausted mom. 

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November 2, 2022 12 mins

How are you pouring into yourself lately? Mental health has been a huge topic lately, as it should be. How many people are now prioritizing their mental health?

In this episode, I want to share how I have been pouring into myself through grief and ways you can put yourself first and fill your cup.

Book mentioned in this episode;
Passion To Purpose by Amy McLaren (Affiliate link a...

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Go behind the scenes and listen in to a conversation and an impromptu coaching session during a monthly Momma's Morning Cup coffee chat.
Before I took some time off, I held the monthly coffee chat inside of Momma’s Morning Cup Facebook Group. During this chat, we talked about boundaries. So good. Although I wish I could give you the inside of the whole chat, to respect the privacy of the attendees and with their permissio...

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I had the pleasure of talking with my mentor and business/career coach Anna Runyan. You will hear more about what I've learned in this episode.Talking with Anna is such a relatable experience.
As you will hear, she balances family and her career and really puts priorities in perspective. By the end of this episode, you will learn how to change your mindset when finding a career you love and/or working from home while bala...

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In this episode, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes peek my life as a busy woman balancing motherhood, a new coaching practice, a new project which I am so excited about, health changes and also my marriage.


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Do you still have dreams, desires and aspirations? I’m sure you answered yes to all of them.

What does Life Purpose mean to you?

Maybe we aren’t asking the right questions or taking the time out to discover our life’s mission and/or our life's work. Maybe you have a higher power that you believe in and you are asking, seeking and knocking on what comes your way.

I am going to have you think about a...

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May 6, 2022 18 mins

The teenage years are the hardest. I find myself questioning my ability as a mother. If I can handle the pressure, the arguments, the responsibilities and the frustrations that come along with this journey. I do know that the teenage years are hardest when you are the one experiencing the body changes, the hormonal imbalances, the adjustments of schooling, the loss of friendships, the wanting to become more independent from your pa...

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Sandy's new book "Mom You're Amazing" is out now! it is a great read! It made me feel seen. Motherhood is hard and not a one size fits all, but this book made it so relatable and also learning from a more experienced mother than I am.

Have you ripped up the chore chart? Have you yelled "I will just do it myself" only to be met with eyes wide open? We have, both Sandy and I share our moments o...

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 [Health] Did you ever stop and ask yourself, “why did I agree to that?”  

 In the newly-released book,SIDELINED: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health, researcher and author Susan Salenger examines the many ways in which women manage and sometimes mismanage their healthcare.  

Salenger describes how women, typically the medical gatekeepers for their families, tend to be extremely conscientious about taking care of themselves...

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[HEALTH] What is scaring me or concerning me? What would happen if I did fail, or if I go after something that I want? What if I don't get the cleaning done in my house as I planned? What’s the worst that could happen?  When was the last time you asked yourself these questions?
This episode is about how we plan so much and have routines which are excellent and extremely important but when was the last time we were emotiona...

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 I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Bingaman about values based budgeting. How finances are intertwined with how we create balance with time and freedom in our lives.
At the end of this episode you will be introduced to how we can take what we value and use it when budgeting our finances and also having balance between work and home.

Tracy talks about delegation to create more time doing the things you love and...

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The conversation I had with Kelli Hayes Smith is very informative not only for female entrepreneurs but also every day moms who work and those who do not. Productivity doesn’t have to be something that is connected to your work life but also homelife as well. As you will hear in our discussion, sometimes we just have to plant our feet on the floor as the first step. Kelli shares her intimate story of how systems became a part of he...

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February 21, 2022 13 mins

I am using my platform and my voice to speak up. I am very vocal in my opinions on my social platforms when it comes to the fight for equity among people of color, particularly Black men and women.
When I wrote this open letter to Black Mothers, I came as a Black Mother myself so I am coming from a place of empathy. I see things the way these mommas see things.
As a mother and a wife, I want my children to have the facts a...

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