Moms for America Podcast

Moms for America Podcast

Special guests will join us each week to share their personal stories and advice on how to build a strong foundation of faith, family and freedom in their home. The mothers of America will inspire each another in thoughtful discussions on shaping the future and teaching the next generation of Patriots. Our Podcast is all about encouraging, educating and inspiring moms. We are here to help each other in our journey as we believe moms are the heartbeat of the home and the hope for America.


July 16, 2024 59 mins

Rebecca Friedrichs is a teacher with a heart for her students. She learned early in her career the unfortunate truth that the teachers' unions do not work for the best interest of students or teachers. Instead of just moving through the system, Rebecca stood up to Goliath. Undaunted by the money and power of the teachers' unions, she took them to court challenging forced unionism. And it went all the way to the Supreme Court! ...

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In his new book "Indoctrinating Our Children to Death: Government Schools’ War on Faith, Family & Freedom – And How to Stop It,” Alex Newman shares the shocking history of government-run schools. Many people do not realize how highly educated Americans were before the introduction of public education. After public schools, it was a different story. As a father of five and homeschool advocate, Alex has a wealth of know...

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July 2, 2024 37 mins

Historian Tim Barton, president of WallBuilders, has incredible insight into the founding of America. As we celebrate Independence Day, Tim shares about the miraculous events you probably have never heard about in the story of our nation coming to be. This week's episode was recorded at the Moms for America Summit in Dallas earlier this year. Whether you're re-listening or hearing for the first time, you will learn s...

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June 25, 2024 36 mins

Old State Saloon owner, Mark Fitzpatrick, has declared June "Heterosexual Awesomeness Month." In the mainstream media and woke corporate America, June has been claimed as "Pride Month," and every year it seems to get more extreme. Fitzpatrick's bar in Eagle, Idaho, has a clever response celebrating men, women, and marriage. The idea caught national media attention, and Mark says business has never been better. 

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June 18, 2024 56 mins

President Donald Trump is on trial. In cases across the country, he is being accused and tried in politically motivated courtroom theater. Moms for America spoke with top attorney John O'Connor about the trials. He has explosive information showing why the most recent trial was guaranteed to result in a guilty verdict. Listen in to understand what the trials mean for America and what the truth is.

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It goes by different names, but Communism is on the rise in the United States. Xi Van Fleet knows because she survived Mao's Cultural Revolution in China and escaped. Xi has noticed the current dangerous trend and is warning Americans about where we are headed. Many people do not want to believe that our nation is in danger, but what she shares will shock you! 

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June 4, 2024 43 mins

Gen Z, now between the ages of 12 and 25, has gotten a lot of press recently, not all of it good. Isabel Brown, conservative author and content creator, has another perspective to share. Speaking regularly on high school and college campuses, Isabel has seen how Gen Z can save Western civilization from radical progressivism. In her new book, "The End of the Alphabet: How Gen Z Can Save America," Isabel shares a compelling and ...

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May 28, 2024 36 mins

We use electricity every day without thinking about it. What would happen if it were gone? David Tice's new documentary "Grid Down, Power Up," explores the vulnerabilities to our electrical grid and what we can do to secure it. David, the producer and director of this shocking film, sat down for an interview with Moms for America to explain what his project has been and what moms can do to change the system and secure our future.

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May 21, 2024 33 mins

Joeylynn Mesaros and her husband are fighting a legal battle after being sued by Biden campaign staffers. Their crime? Flying a Trump flag next to the Biden bus in 2020.  Joeylynn is a proud Texan, a homeschooling mama, and the wife of a plumber. In 2016, President Trump won her support. She could have never imagined what her support would cost her. As the Mesaros's battle for free speech continues, listen ...

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Today we’re talking about an important piece of legislation that we want to see defeated. The EATS Act will impact the rights of individual states, farmers and our food supply. Our lobbyist, Marty Irby, is the President and CEO of Capitol South, a national lobbying and PR firm based in Washington, D.C.  Marty joins us to explain what it’s all about – and how moms can help defeat this bad bill. 

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Monica Kelsey discovered that she was conceived in rape. Her birth mother was the victim of violent assault and surrendered Monica at birth. Now, Monica works tirelessly to protect babies like her, babies who might be abandoned by parents in distress. Safe Haven Baby Boxes allow parents to anonymously surrender a baby. Monica's story is an incredible example of heroic love and overcoming hardship. Through Safe Haven Baby Boxes, the...

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May 7, 2024 49 mins

Jennifer Huch shares her son's miraculous story. When her son, Lion, was still a baby, he was diagnosed with a deadly form of leukemia. Jennifer shares tips for moms caring for a sick child. She also offers encouragement for keeping faith during difficult times. Lion's story is still unfolding, but there is no doubt that God has a special plan for him!

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April 30, 2024 41 mins

A year after his shocking exit from Fox News, Tucker Carlson sat down with Moms for America. In this exclusive interview, one of the most recognizable names in conservative media shares his story. Tucker talks about the importance of family and the hot-button issues that moms care about most. As someone who has had his finger on the pulse of the conservative movement, Tucker has great insight to share. You do not want to miss this!...

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April 23, 2024 33 mins

In her new book, mom and school board member Victoria Manning reveals what goes on in our schools. From corruption and cronyism to discipline problems and delinquent teachers, "Behind the Wall of Government Schools" gives an inside look at one of Virginia's largest school districts. You will be shocked by how our tax dollars are spent. This is a difficult but important book for every parent to read.

Victoria ran for and won a seat o...

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April 16, 2024 34 mins

What if the hours our kids spent on devices could include lessons in morality and biblical values? TruPlay is an online gaming platform that aims to do just that. Founded by Brent Dusing, TruPlay seeks to bring a Christian worldview to the realm of gaming and streaming. Brent founded the company after his successful work with Lightside Games, a Christian gaming studio that reached more than 7 million players worldwide.

In a world of...

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Today's podcast is a recording of a live panel on gender confusion and how moms (and dads!) can protect their kids from harmful messages and manipulation. One of the greatest threats facing young people today is radical gender ideology, and parents cannot ignore this issue. In media, schools, and even health care, children and teens are being pressured to explore their gender identity. Far from helping them, these confusing me...

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Mississippi's Attorney General Lynn Fitch made history when she led the case that overturned Roe v. Wade. This historic Supreme Court decision overturned the unjust ruling that had made elective abortion the law of the land for 40 years. Lynn's work on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization prompted Time Magazine one of the 100 most influential people in the world. And her work has just begun. 

Lynn won a second term as M...

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March is Women's History Month, and we are sharing stories of America's Founding Mothers. Rick Green is back on the Moms for America Podcast, this time to discuss women who were instrumental in the founding of our nation. Their contributions gave us the freedoms we now enjoy so we’re celebrating some strong, courageous, patriotic women in our nation’s history. 

Rick has joined us to discuss other historical topics. He foun...

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March 19, 2024 43 mins

RaeLynn became a sensation on THE VOICE in 2012. Since then, the country singer and songwriter has grown an impressive career as a multi-platinum recording artist and a two-time ACM New Female Vocalist nominee. With all that success, she has never compromised her values. RaeLynn is still a sweet country girl, a wife, and now a mama to daughter, Daisy Rae.

In many of her songs, RaeLynn shares vulnerably ...

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Evan Sayet knows firsthand about the liberal bias in Hollywood. As a former liberal atheist turned conservative, observant Jew, Evan has seen how the industry works. Evan's latest project is exposing the threat of militant atheism in the entertainment industry and culture. This is a threat that reaches us all through mainstream movies and television. Evan explains what it is, where it comes from, and why it is such a thre...

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