Monetize Your Mindset - Create Finacial Security Monetize what You Already Know

Monetize Your Mindset - Create Finacial Security Monetize what You Already Know

Bart Merrell from Monetize your mindset shares ideas and talks with entrepreneurs that have multiple streams of income. Discover how you can have multiple streams of income too by turning the things you are already doing into a stream of income whether you like doing those things are not. We ask these three questions: What do you like to do? What do you need to do? What are you already doing? Let's monetize it. The goal here is to create Financial Security by monetizing what you already know!, So that you have the resources to deal with what happens when what happens, happens. When life happens because it will happen. Money isn't everything unless you don't have any... or you don't have enough. There is no reason that you should not have enough.


June 3, 2021 34 min

I had the great opportunity to have a chat with Paul Eckheart. I met him though Toastmasters where he gave a speech about his Nemesis. I loved his story, it gave a perspective that a lot of us find ourselves in, So I had to have him on the podcast. 

He has had good programming jobs but it is not his passion, it is a way to pay the bills. He has now decided to follow through with chasing his dream of being a writer. 

How many of us fi...

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I sat down again with Kelly Kay Walker and we talked about how she had pivoted but not because of Covid but because she thought she could help people do what she has done when it comes to speaking and getting their message out there. 

What she has done in such a short period of time is quite amazing. She is always willing to put herself out there and just see what happens. Some of it works and some of it doesn't and that is ok. 


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This was a fun and very different episode, I got four different opinions from four different age groups. We talk about opportunity, awareness, entrepreneurship and if they thought school was giving them the tools that they might need to be an entrepreneur or even a side hustler. 

Roscoe shared how he is helping prepare his sons to take advantage of a world with so many opportunities all around them it they just are aware and take ac...

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Today we talk about estate plans. What are they and who needs them? 

I almost died a couple of months ago and it really opened my eyes. If I had died nothing was planned. If would probably been tough for my wife to navigate all the different financial issues like getting my life insurance, selling the house and even accessing my business bank accounts. 

So who needs an estate plan? What does it all consist of? 

Robert Fugal answers th...

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I say this quite often but this was one of the most fun, entertaining and valuable podcasts that I am had the pleasure of being involved with. Darren has great advice and he is able to deliver it in an entertaining and unforgettable manner. 

In 2001 Darren outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win the World Championship of Public speaking! He has come a long way!

As he says, he may have been born without a funny bone in hi...

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Oh man, today I sat down with Jenn Gibbs and we talked coaching! There are coaches for everything, in different price ranges.  How do you pick the right one for you? Are they worth what they charge? This is just part of what we discussed.

Jenn is a business and mindset coach. For decades she has been a student of personal development, subconscious mind and business. 

Her first dozen business attempts ended in failure, teaching hard l...

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Man I struck gold when Mark Stoner excepted my invitation to come on the show. For those that don't know who Mark Stoner is he is the author of Blue Collar Gold and the host of the Blue Collar Gold podcast. But that is not where he got his start. 

 Although he’s had his fair share of failures, Mark Stoner is a man known for his successes. He took a one-man chimney sweeping business and turned it into a 30 truck 10 million dollar...

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Today we are talking Body Language. What signals are you giving off that you don't know about? How can this affect your business? Your networking? even your casual conversation and ability to make friends. 

Jeff Baird from Jeff is passionate about the science around influence. He says that it seems that most people with the most influence also seem to be the most likable. 

So Jeff is going to share some tips wi...

Mark as Played
March 17, 2021 38 min

Clint Pulver is amazing. His knowledge and ability are so good. He has what he calls the Undercover Millennial project. He has been doing this for companies for four years and he shares what has learned about management styles that work and don't work in his new book titled "I Love It Here". 

If you are a manager, mentor or leader this is a must listen to episode. Are you using the right leadership/management style to he...

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On this episode we talked with Kaycie Miyasaki, and we talked mortgages and how Covid has affected the rules or the ability to get a mortgage or refinance. Kaycie gives us the answers to questions like what if my home is in for forbearance? What if I am self-employed or own my own business. 

She shared some of her experiences and the lessons that she learned and how those lessons might help others. 

Knowledge is power and Kaycie shar...

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 This was such a FUN interview! Quacee' has an amazing story and Monetized Mindset! I love that he took his side hustle and turned it into his main hustle! He shares what it was like and what it took. 

He shares some info about journaling and achieving goals. He gave some great advice on how to get of the fence and take action. 

We talked about realizing the and creating the proper expectation. 

Great stuff.  

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Dr Mitchell and his partner at Voyage Direct Primary Care are bringing back the Family Doctor. The family doctor that I remember as a kid, we knew him and he knew us. As a kid growing up our doctor was Dr. Baxter. He could be reach almost anytime when he was needed. 

Have a listen and see what you think of this model. I think it is a great idea and they are filling a need that is out there. That is what Monetize Your Mindset is abou...

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Today we had a chat with Lisa Bloomfield from Wasatch CPA. Of course we talked about taxes something we all love.  With the change of the administration and Covid 19 relief packages some things may be changing. 

Should you be an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or a Sole Proprietor? Lisa shares that information with us and shows us why with actual numbers. This was very enlightening to me, I love it when people back up their information with num...

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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation ~ Henry David Thoreau.  How about you are you feeling trapped or are you stuck on survive. In today's episode I had a chat with Chris Miles, he is the Anti-Financial Adviser Adviser. 

He shared how he was able to scale down parts of his business, do more of the things he liked about his business and increase his profits. Best of all he was able to spend more time with family and friends h...

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Another great perspective on goal setting and actually achieving your goals. Warren Wandling is a speaker, leadership coach and communications expert, he teaches and does workshops on goal setting.  

We talk about goal setting but not just setting goals but actually achieving your goals. He shared his 8 steps to you have more success this year.  

I loved the part about vision boarding as a family so listen for that. 


Mark as Played

Alden is only 25 going on 26 and I was amazed at some of the things that he has done and is doing. I had to humble myself - Shut Up and Listen - and learn from a young kid half my age!?

First Alden shared about the difference between a state and a goal. Then we got into SMART goals which many of you have heard of.? Then we got into some really good stuff, Alden shared some of his NLP secrets to help us achieve our goals this year.?


Mark as Played

Episode #77 wow, it feels like I just started yesterday. Today we talked with Christopher Neville. He is a practitioner of the Alexander Technique and we talked about how he tackles his goals and follow through with his goals using the Alexander Technique. 

I was interesting and relevant that he focuses less one goals and more about being in the moment and focusing on the what you can do in the moment and enjoying it. 

Chris shared s...

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In January here on Monetize Your Mindset we will be talking Goals and actually how to achieve your goals this year. We are starting it off with a Bang with Gwen Peterson. She is a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur and a Health Coach. In her years of entrepreneurship and coach she has learned the ins and outs of goal setting and achievement and she continues to mentor, coach and train thousands of people to on how to set and achieve goals.


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It is time to take action. In this episode I talked with Chris Newhart from Gorrilla Mafia Media and Legacy League Productions. I love his fire and attitude. He is willing to put himself out there and go after anything. 

He was able to talk and get a picture with Jackie Chan just because he was willing to jump at the chance and ask. He is persistent yet patient and willing to take action and put in the work. 

Another great thing abou...

Mark as Played

Todd Sylvester is a Life Coach with a focus on the addictions recovery world. when you here his story you with understand why.  His story is quite remarkable, he was in a very bad place, on the verge of suicide and was able to rise up and now has a great life with a great family and has made a career out of helping people that are in the bad place that he was in. 

This is an amazing interview! Not because of me, I sound like I am in...

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