Motherhood Restored Podcast

Motherhood Restored Podcast

Overcome destructive anger, burnout, and overwhelm as a Christian wife and mom! Learn how Natalie overcame her destructive anger with the Lord's help and now helps other mamas do the same! Get helpful motherhood tips and information, as well as host helpful guest interviews! Hosted by the angry mama coach, Natalie Hixson, a wife, mama, and Certified professional Christian life coach.


July 9, 2024 60 mins

Today, Natalie has the privilege of hosting health and wellness coach Stephanie Hodges.

Stephanie is passionate about discovering what it means to be wholly well in body, soul, and spirit. With over 20 years of combined experience in fitness, wellness, and ministry, she has a unique perspective on faith-based well-being. As a fitness professional, Stephanie has a Master's in Nutrition and Exercise Science and is an active onlin...

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Hey Mama, do you feel alone and like there is no hope for you? Do you wonder if the Lord even sees you in your trials? Do you question why he even gave you kids at all? Do you wonder how it's possible to honor the Lord when you are full of so much anger and rage?

I’ve been there. I know how heartbreaking and lonely that feels. It’s as if you are the only one struggling with the mom rage and sadness. You continually tell yoursel...

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Today, Natalie shares a few simple steps to help you become more aware of your behaviors. This will help you see success in your growth and boost your confidence as a mom! 

Natalie's hope and prayers are that you will begin to see the Lord's work in your life with these steps! You will see how his abundant love and grace will help you overcome destructive behaviors and restore your motherhood journey!

Natalie invi...

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Today, Natalie has the privilege of hosting Emily McDermott from Simple by Emmy. 

In this episode, Emily McDermott, the founder of Simple by Emmy, shares her transformative journey from overwhelm to balance. She guides us on how to pause, reflect, and manage life from a healthier emotional and spiritual standpoint. 

Emily shares her personal experiences and the practical strategies she developed to overcome overwhelm, providing a roa...

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Today, Natalie is going behind the scenes in her coaching practice. Natalie has had various people reach out and ask about her coaching experience. This is a great episode if you are curious about the history, hows, and whys behind Natalie’s coaching business. You’ll also enjoy it if you are considering working with Natalie as a coachee or if you are considering becoming a life coach yourself.

Natalie answers questions about where s...

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Today, Natalie has the privilege of hosting Bethany Kimsey, host of The Warrior Mama Podcast.

As a mother to 8 children, Bethany Kimsey has seen God radically change her messy motherhood from weary, anxious, and frantic to peaceful, joyful, and triumphant. She helps weary mothers win the battle against worry and fatigue as they understand their identity in Christ and rest in the hope of the Gospel in community with other moms. ...

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Today, Natalie talks about the Fruits of the Spirit.

Can we truly claim to have accepted Christ if we struggle to embody the Fruits of the Spirit-love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control?

If we receive the Spirit as a guarantee of salvation, why is self-control so challenging to achieve?

How do we overcome the “root rot” of our lives and grow good fruit in...

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Today, Natalie answers a listener's question about how to help your kiddo work through their anger.

"When my child is angry, they don't know how to work through their anger (a lot like how I dealt with it), and when I try to help them, it makes them more angry and upset. I try my best to model healthy anger now, without the yelling. If you are in this situation where you have a child that is upset and yellin...

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Today, Natalie has the privilege of hosting Alisa DiLorenzo, A Renowned Figure in the field of marriage counseling and coaching. 

Alisa and her husband, Tony, run a highly acclaimed marriage podcast and have authored numerous best-selling books. As a wife, mother, Believer, and marriage coach, Alisa brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table. 

Natalie and Alisa chat about how to open the door of communication wit...

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Today, Natalie is sharing how you can implement prayer consistently throughout the day. Doing this will help soften your heart toward your kids and husband. It will also keep you in a productive place, as you will be more aware when it comes to SIT and Praying. You’ll even find more joy because the more you commune with the Lord, the more peace you will experience!

You’re not a bad mom if you haven’t made prayer a priority...

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Today’s topic is about recovering well with your family after you’ve used destructive behavior.

We've all been there-that moment when anger gets the best of us and we end up screaming at our kids. But what comes next?

Can you actually recover and move forward after using destructive behaviors on your kids?

YES! You can, and Natalie shares exactly how you can do that today!

She shares the st...

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Today Natalie is sharing about a recent moment she made a mistake with one of her kiddos.

She shared the event in detail of what happened, how she worked through it, how she repented to the Lord, and how she recovered from with her daughter. She also walks through a Trigger Tracker to show how it can help you process these types of events in a healthier way!

Natalie shares how this process helps you repent and m...

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Today's topic is how to work through anger in the heat of the moment.

Natalie shares her favorite tip called SIT & Pray!

Stop, Inhale, Tune In and Pray!

SIT & Pray can help you overcome and work through destructive anger as a Christian mother.

SIT & Pray is a healthy, productive approach to working through mom anger and mom rage in the moment as a Christian mother.

SIT &...

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Today, Natalie invites her husband, Mike, on the podcast to discuss what it was like to be married to an angry wife.

This episode is a tell-all! They don't hold back; they lift the curtain and share how they navigated Natalie's scary, destructive behaviors.

What does Mike remember? How did he cope?

How did he deal with the situation when he was forced to step in to protect the kids from Natalie?...

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Today, Natalie is talking about all things car rides!

Getting out the door and being in the car with kids can be a significant trigger for mamas.

What do we do when our kids are screaming in the car?

What do we do when our kids are fighting in the car?

How do we deal with technology in the car?

Most importantly, how can you, as the mama, stay calm and work through car rides in a healthy and produc...

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Today, Natalie shares how getting into a good routine with the Lord was vital to healing from destructive anger and burnout.

She shares how she overcame her challenge to find consistent time with the Lord, how she stopped questioning whether he was actually listening to her, and how she was finally able to fully surrender to Him and trust Him.

She covers finding time with the L...
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Show Notes:

Today, Natalie invites her oldest daughter, Enya, to discuss what it was like to grow up with an angry mom. What does Enya remember? How does Enya process her own anger today? How does she feel about her and her mom’s relationship?

You are sure to find a lot of hope and encouragement in this candid interview between Natalie and Enya.

Natalie invites you to listen in and stay for this journey.

Please like, sub...

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Destructive Anger vs Normal Anger

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Show Notes:

Today, Natalie explains the difference between normal anger and destructive anger. She provides examples and tools to help you begin working on overcoming destructive anger today.

Bible References:
Be angry, and do not sin. Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still." 
Psalms 4:4 NKJV


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Today is Natalie’s first episode of the Motherhood Restored podcast! She shares how she overcame destructive anger and burnout. She shares the bad, the UGLY, and the GOOD!

Natalie doesn’t hold back on how bad it was for her and her family when she was in the worst of her destructive behaviors.

She didn’t stay stuck! Natalie shares how the Lord lead her on a journey to overcome the guilt, shame and destruction so she could finally lov...

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