Mothering From Within

Mothering From Within

Introducing Mothering from Within - the podcast that empowers and supports new mothers on their journey through early motherhood. Join host Kaili Ets, a seasoned pediatric occupational therapist and your holistic baby guru, as she provides credible information, emotional support, and practical solutions for navigating the ups and downs of motherhood. Through solo shows and guest interviews, Mothering from Within will help you gain confidence, trust your instincts, and embrace motherhood on your terms. Get ready to connect, learn, and lead your family with courage and confidence. Stay Connected With Kaili IG: YT:


July 7, 2024 35 mins

Understanding Your Brain Changes During Motherhood

In this episode of 'Mothering from Within,' host Kaili Ets, a pediatric occupational therapist and mom of two, sits down with neuroscientist Rocio Zunini to dive into the fascinating changes in the parental brain during motherhood. 

Rocio, the founder of Newborn Parents, shares her journey into neuroscience and how becoming a mom piqued her interest in the parenta...

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Why Co-Regulation Beats Self-Soothing for Baby's Sleep and Development

In this episode of 'Mothering from Within,' I, Kaili Ets, a pediatric occupational therapist and mom of two, dive deeper into the topic of your baby's nervous system and the concept of self-regulation. 

I chat about the age old debate of 'self-soothing' and why this is a very mis-understood concept in the sleep wor...

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In this episode of 'Mothering from Within,' I explore the critical aspects of nurturing an infant's brain from birth to three years. 

I discuss why understanding the infant brain is essential for parents to respond to their baby's needs effectively. I talk about the baby's brain size at birth, its development in the first few years, and the importance of the caregiver's role in regulating stre...

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In this episode of 'Mothering from Within,' I chat all about babies' tears and crying. 

I talk about understanding crying not just as a means for babies to express immediate needs but as a deeper form of communication, including 'memory crying' linked to pre and perinatal experiences. 

I discuss how responding to crying with empathy and support can foster emotional regulation and resilienc...

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In this episode of 'Mothering from Within,' I explore the intricacies of birth from a baby's perspective, highlighting the challenges and resilience inherent in the journey through the birth canal. 

I chat about how a baby's birth story influences their early functioning, from feeding and sleeping to overall comfort and shed light on the physical processes during birth. 

Then I move on to discu...

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In this episode of 'Mothering From Within,' I explore the unrealistic expectations set by societal infant stories on motherhood and infant care. 

By reflecting on the narratives around sleep, feeding, independence, and the ideal of a 'good baby,' this episode aims to dismantle pressures towards perfection in motherhood. 

I discuss the challenges of aligning with these expectations and encourage...

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In this episode of 'Mothering From Within,' I chat with guest expert Dacia Davison, a New Zealand-based occupational therapist specializing in mental health. 

Dacia shares her personal journey of motherhood, emphasizing the importance of self-regulation and reconnecting with one's identity beyond being a mom. 

We discuss the challenges mothers face, including postnatal depression, and offer strategi...

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This episode is a heart-to-heart and real talk about this whole idea of the "perfect mother." 

More than half of parents feel that they are failing in their first few years of parenthood. And our society has so many "rules" and things they deem right and wrong, so it is hard not to feel like you are failing if you aren't meeting those things. You feel like you are failing when you stress about ever...

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Embracing the Emotional Rollercoaster of New Parenthood

In this episode #3 of 'Mothering From Within', host Kaili Ets, a pediatric occupational therapist and mother of two, dives into the complexities and emotional rollercoasters of early parenthood. 

With guest expert Karen McWilliams, a seasoned birth and postnatal doula with over 20 years of experience, the conversation explores how making mistakes is esse...

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In today's episode #2,  I am excited to talk about 7 core concepts that I like to call the building blocks or foundation of doing motherhood your way. You can think of them as the 7 C's of motherhood.

These building blocks are ultimately what help you move from that state of overwhelm and confusion to feeling confident and as though you’ve got this whole motherhood thing. They're the pillars that can hold us...

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Congratulations on becoming a mama! Whether you have a fresh newborn or an active toddler, know that I’ve been where you are, and I’m here for you.

For this very first episode of Mothering From Within, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about me, so that you can feel like you know me, this voice in your ear while you feed your baby, go for walks while they nap in the stroller or carrier, or when your driving around to all y...

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March 29, 2024 2 mins

Hello and welcome to ‘Mothering From Within’ — the podcast where we dive into the heart of parenting during those magical, yet challenging first few years. If you are a mama who has ever found herself googling "is this normal?" at three in the morning, this podcast is for you.

Sleep deprivation, feeding difficulties, the comparison game, parenting challenges, and the endless advice from others - it can be overwhelming...

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