Move The Ball®

Move The Ball®

Are you ready to think and execute like a pro athlete when it comes to your business and your brand? Join internationally recognized branding consultant, business growth expert, best-selling author, and real estate agent, Jennifer A. Garrett, each week as she helps you get in the room with the pros you idolize and executives you admire to learn from their experiences and apply their advice with her Move the Ball system. Because the key to becoming a millionaire, playing in the Super Bowl, or starting your own business is creating a simple framework you can call your own to move the ball and dominate your game. So get ready - it’s time to suit up, show up, and move the ball.


November 27, 2023 45 mins

In this episode, marketing guru Chris Tuff discusses the importance of authenticity, energy, and standing out in personal branding. Listen in as Jennifer and Chris also emphasize the significance of asking meaningful questions and building authentic relationships. Chris introduces the concept of how not to be an ask-hole, "saving your asks" and the Ask Continuum,  and he also discusses the power of using videos to connect with peop...

Mark as Played

In this episode retired Air Force colonel and fighter pilot Kim “KC” Campbell discusses military career, her transition into civilian life, and her experiences as a female leader. Kim shares the inspiration behind her decision to serve, her experiences at the Air Force Academy, and her role as the director for the Center for Character and Leadership Development. Listen in as Jennifer and Kim also discuss the importance of continuou...

Mark as Played

In this episode former NFL player and current Director of Athletics at Lane College, Derrick Burroughs, discusses how his experiences on the field prepared him for leadership. Listen in as Jennifer and Derrick discuss various topics including the emotional impact of roster cuts, the business side of the NFL, challenges of retiring from football, and the impact of social media on players. Derrick emphasizes the importance of recogni...

Mark as Played

In this episode Jennifer recaps the best advice of season 4 and how you can use it to create a mindset focused on opportunity over challenge. Listen in as Jennifer shares the benefits of staying focused, the value of determination, and how you stay clear on what’s possible.


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How to Network Like a Pro:

Mark as Played

D’Ante Smith discusses his journey from college football to the NFL, including his experiences at East Carolina University and being drafted by the Bengals. Listen in as Jennifer and D’Ante also talk about memorable games, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on college football, and the transition to the professional level. D'Ante also emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement & teamwork, and D'Ante discusses the Beng...

Mark as Played
July 24, 2023 24 mins

In this episode Jennifer shares a chapter from her book, Move the Ball, and discusses the concept of playing the full "60" minutes in football and how it applies to life. Listen in as she explores examples from the Dallas Cowboys and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Jen emphasizes the need to execute the playbook, make plays when it matters most, and play the entire game. She provides questions for listeners to evaluate their goals and adj...

Mark as Played

In this episode Robby Fakhouri, aka Robby Esquire, discusses his journey of building his law firm, the importance of mental health and well-being, and the significance of using social media to connect with others. Listen in as Jennifer and Robbie also touch on the power of consistency and reinvention in achieving success. Robbie shares his experiences with social media marketing and providing valuable content to his audience. 



Mark as Played

On this episode, Coach Rob Mendez and Coach David Moore discuss the lessons they have learned from football and how those lessons can be applied to life. They talk about resilience, continuous learning, and making strategic decisions. Listen in as Rob shares his experiences as the 2019 ESPY Jimmy V Perseverance Award winner and the inspiration behind his book, "Who Says I Can't". On the show, these two also discuss productivity, pe...

Mark as Played
July 13, 2023 44 mins

In this episode Former Fortune 500 senior executive and US Navy Information Warfare Officer John Miles discusses his career journey, the importance of staying true to oneself, and leveraging unique strengths to achieve success. Listen in as Jennifer and John also talk about the challenges they faced in starting their podcasts and the lessons they learned along the way. John shares insights from his upcoming book, "Passion Struck", ...

Mark as Played

In this podcast episode, Rob Thompson and Jennifer discuss the characteristics that make organizations thrive, emphasizing the importance of leadership, camaraderie, and a positive work environment. Listen in as they highlight the success of the Walt Disney Company in creating a culture of service and inclusivity. Rob shares his experiences working with troubled youth and how it led him to a career in youth development programs. Th...

Mark as Played
July 6, 2023 37 mins

In this podcast episode, Jennifer is interviewed by a member of Team Move the Ball, Amanda Lund. Listen in as they discuss the characteristics of a thriving organization, effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, barriers to thriving within an organization, the importance of purpose, career growth and development, time management and productivity, and the role of continuous improvement and professional development...

Mark as Played
July 3, 2023 29 mins

Are you ready to level up your mental toughness? In this episode, Jennifer dives deep into the secrets of staying strong in the face of challenges. But here's the burning question: What does it really mean to be mentally tough? It's not just about having a winning mindset, it's about hyper focusing, handling stress, and being prepared.

 Listen in as Jennifer explores the inspiring story of Muhammad Ali, who pushed through pain to ...

Mark as Played

In this podcast episode, Jennifer shares the most inspiring and motivational stories told by Move the Ball guests over the past four seasons. Listen in as she reflects on lessons about pushing boundaries, continuous improvement, and how successful leaders move the ball every day.

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Jeff Garcia:

Mark as Played
June 26, 2023 36 mins

In this podcast episode, Jennifer shares valuable strategies for motivating and inspiring others. The most valuable lesson from this episode is that it's not our job to fix everyone's problems, but rather to understand and connect with others in order to positively influence and motivate them.


Listen in as Jennifer explores several strategies for motivating others, including connecting people to a purpose, involving them in the...

Mark as Played

In this podcast episode, Jon Schwartz, a sports executive who has worked for Mastercard Worldwide, Bank of America, NASCAR, the NFL, and the Big Ten Conference shares the strategies that helped him progress in his career, including the power of networking, creating a 30/60/90 day plan, and seeking out new challenges. He also talks about his experiences working for different organizations and the importance of mentorship. One of the...

Mark as Played

In this podcast episode, René Rodriguez, author of "Amplify Your Influence," shares his insights on applying behavioral neuroscience to solve challenges in sales and business. Listen in as Jennifer and René discuss the importance of application in learning, the benefits of speaking to grow one's influence, and the value of building and nurturing a network. René also shares tips on hosting events and building a strong brand.



Mark as Played

In this podcast episode, Jennifer discusses the importance of networking and building relationships in business and career success. Listen in as she shares tips on how to network effectively, including identifying networking goals, targeting individuals who can help achieve those goals, and being intentional and deliberate in networking efforts. Jennifer also dispels the myth that networking is only about finding a job and emphasiz...

Mark as Played

In this podcast episode Nate Hybl, former NFL quarterback and founder of Gusto!, discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and building out the Gusto! brand. Listen in as Jennifer and Nate discuss his football journey, how his competitive athlete mentality has helped him be successful in business, and the story behind starting Gusto!. Nate talks about the challenges he faced in the early days of the business, including building a te...

Mark as Played

In this podcast episode, Mike Dempsey, a former professional football player and survivor of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and the Mandalay Bay shooting in 2017 shares his football journey, his experiences with resilience and finding helpers after the traumatic events he went through. Listen in as Jennifer and Mike discuss the importance of mental health awareness, peer support, and resilience in moving forward after traumati...

Mark as Played
June 5, 2023 31 mins

In today's episode Jennifer shares a chapter from her book, Dominate the Game, that discusses the importance of owning your success and staying focused on what you want to achieve. Listen in as she explores how ownership impacts growth, how to take command of what happens next, and how to stay flexible when achieving your goals.


Let's move the ball, make things happen, and dominate our game!

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