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Movie Bonerz

If you’re like us, you love all kinds of movies: from Dad-core Action to Chick Flicks, from Hard Sci-Fi to Fantasy, from the most brutal Horror to Comedies, and everything in between. If you’re like us, what you hate are the snobby critics, another generic podcast doing the same thing as everyone else, and the garbage progressive culture that surrounds the movies we love. Connect with us and share your thoughts! If you're caught up on episodes, and want to help us make the show better, consider signing up for the Movie Bonerz Fan Club to get much more:


July 7, 2024 151 mins

For the first time ever, we have a special guest host join us! We know Liz is a great movie fact researcher and loves conspiracy theories, so she was really the only choice for this topic. Fan theories are so exciting because they're another way to share our communal love of these movies, and explore new ways to enjoy them. The three of us take turns sharing and analyzing the most plausible and most divisive fan theories the in...

Mark as Played

This episode we're celebrating all the great movies that critics just don't appreciate. There are TONS of fan favorites that have a "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We decide to pick the best of the so-called worst to point out how flawed the system is. After listening, we'll be asking you to vote and select a winner, so find us on Instagram and let us know!

We also give you more details on the BIG ANNOUNCE...

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June 9, 2024 132 mins

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY TO US! June 13th marks the anniversary of our first ever episode, where we boldly chose to make our Top 10: Action/Adventure lists. Now we're a little bit older, and a little bit wiser, so we decide to redo that topic for a few reasons: 1. the sound quality of that first episode sucked donkey dongs, 2. including adventure films really limited our action entries, and 3. we left off some movies we really should...

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We are really excited about this upcoming feature film, and it was so fun getting to talk to the writer, director, editor, and overall creator: CJ Goodwyn. We talk about what goes into researching and writing a compelling mystery featuring the world's greatest detective. We also discuss balancing characters fans know and love with bringing in new, original villains. It was a very cool conversation, and you have the opportunity...

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May 26, 2024 145 mins

This topic has been on the list since the beginning, but we can't believe it took so long to get around to. There are SO many great movies made around the world, but they are almost never shown in American theaters, so they really rely on word-of-mouth to get noticed in the states. Well we're happy to be those mouths! Here are our favorite movies from a foreign country which (mostly) are also in a foreign language. We also ...

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We were offered a fantastic opportunity to sit down with Jonathan Salemi, and pick his brain about writing, directing, and producing his film The Last Deal (out now). We talk about why he wanted to write this story, based on a real person and real events, as California ended its prohibition on marijuana. He enlightens us about what it takes to make such a great looking movie, filmed entirely without permits, in the middle of Los An...

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May 12, 2024 166 mins

Possibly the best remake ever attempted, we break down why the Apes trilogy works so well. One of us grew up loving the original movies, and the other didn't, but we both are so profoundly moved by the new series. We get deep into the decisions made by the filmmakers, and the powerful visuals and messages throughout Caesar's arc. We're definitely looking forward Kingdom, and are hopeful that it continues this incredible...

Mark as Played

Since Justice League, the discussions of Director's Cuts have been at an all-time high. Even though it's been a thing since the 60's, and continues to affect movies that were initially released in the late 1920's. But as we wait for Zack Snyder's apparently definitive "Rebel Moon" versions, let's look back at some examples where a new edit to a film made it measurably better, and when they made a m...

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April 14, 2024 131 mins

We told you last October in our episode about the movies John Carpenter wrote, directed, and scored that THE FOG (1980) was a delight and unexpectedly good. Because the movie takes place on April 21st, and is about the centennial founding of Antonio Bay, we decided every April 21st should be celebrated as a global holiday: FOG DAY! So get your pirate garb and fog machines ready, because we're celebrating the 144th anniversary i...

Mark as Played
March 31, 2024 154 mins

When people complain there's no originality left in Hollywood, this is the kind of movie they should be seeking out and supporting. Fantastic performances from actors you don't know the names of. Amazing that it is both almost entirely improvised, and a brilliant, mind-blowing story as well! Do yourself a favor and watch "Coherence" (2013), then come join us because we know you'll have a lot of questions.

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March 17, 2024 192 mins

The Inaugural Movie Bonerz Awards highlights the best (and some of the worst) that last year had to offer. From stunts to practical effects, from the writing to the music, from the best hero to the worst villain, and from the most over-the-top sex scene to... whatever can follow that. We were fortunate enough to be joined by a ton of very hilarious guest presenters for each of our categories. Since this was recorded in our first-ev...

Mark as Played

Sure we aren't David Lynch fans, and yes it's mostly based on Mulholland Drive, but because Lynch himself hated the production and result the 1984 Dune adaptation, perhaps that means we'll like it? We test that theory by both watching it for the first time, and trying to decode how much of this insane story will be in the new Dune: Part Two. We spoil the whole thing, but if you've seen Villeneuve's versions, I r...

Mark as Played
February 18, 2024 139 mins

In this episode we both bring perfectly complimentary beers to the episode, Dustin finally picks a movie draft team name, and we get into a topic that is both very popular and very taboo: public nakedness! There have been a lot of bad examples of pointless nudity in film, but what are some of the best uses of it? We discuss both in depth, as well as a fairly comprehensive history of naked people in moving pictures and also art thro...

Mark as Played
February 4, 2024 168 mins

One of our first episodes ever was insanely hilarious but the quality was pretty awful. We revisit the topic of our favorite romantic movies ever, bring up the greatest blooper in the history of the show, and I think deliver an episode that's even better than the original. So grab a pint of ice cream and some happy tissues, and enjoy our favorite love stories ever. As with all these "redux" episodes, you can still fi...

Mark as Played
January 21, 2024 147 mins

This episode we find out what Brazil from 1985 is really about, and how the visuals and story are both a beautiful dream and a horrific nightmare. We get deep into spoilers, so make sure you check this movie out first. We liked it a lot! It is a great mix of fun and bleak which makes this black comedy so poignant. We go on a few anti-authoritarian (and anti-internet) rants, reflect on society and human nature through the ages, and ...

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January 7, 2024 159 mins

We recap the results of 2023, with the best and worst performing movies before crowning a champion for last year. We also draft what we think will be the best movies of 2024 for the next season, and talk about the ones that should be terrible along the way. Join us for a very fun time looking forward to what should be a year of some really good movies!

Jake tries to catch up on 2023 movies, giving spoiler-free first impression...

Mark as Played
December 24, 2023 148 mins

Your favorite childhood films are likely a weird amalgam of old movies your parents showed you, new movies from your generation, and random crap you rented one time with your best friend, that you don't remember the name of, but will never forget at least one scene. This episode is about all of that as we both share our top ten movies we watched over and over when we were young. It's so nostalgic and fun, we thought it was ...

Mark as Played

As kids, we LOVED Ernest and would rent every movie we could get our hands on.  It’s probably been over two decades since we’ve watched one, but we still remember the key moments (and not much else).  Even though we worry we might be as annoyed as our mothers were back in the 90s, we are enticed by the shot of nostalgia and decided to rewatch Jim Varney’s entire Ernest filmography for this episode!

Dustin gives spoiler-free fi...

Mark as Played
November 28, 2023 184 mins

In our third episode ever recorded, we had technical difficulties and made some really silly decisions about our top ten comedies. So we're taking the opportunity now to present our proper favorites once and for all! I hope you like funny movies because these are definitely the funniest films ever made. I also hope you like repeating the lines and giggling and obscure references because there's a lot of that as well. If you...

Mark as Played
November 12, 2023 154 mins

"Requiem for a Dream" is not just about junkies and hard drug use. In fact, we relate to these four stories for a million different reasons, but we all have that vulnerability inside of us. We dig into one of Dustin's favorite movies ever that Jake's never seen before. Be sure to watch "Requiem for a Dream" before we spoil the whole film! We also remind you to drink water, admit our own vices, and pick...

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