Moving through Midlife | Movement Snacks for Midlife Moms, Fitness over 40, Lose the Midsection, and Parenting Teens

Moving through Midlife | Movement Snacks for Midlife Moms, Fitness over 40, Lose the Midsection, and Parenting Teens

**The go to show for midlife moms who don't have a lot of time. Helping you create habit stacks and movement snacks into your everyday life to help you move through midlife with more grace and less aches and pains.** If you have recently looked at yourself in the mirror and didn't recognize the person looking back at you, this podcast is for you. If you are overwhelmed, feeling burnt out, and moving through perimenopause or menopause this podcast is for you. If you feel as if you need to slow down and move with a bit more grace due to minor aches and pains this podcast is for you. In this podcast we will discuss ways we can show up better for ourselves and our children without the burn out. We will focus on overall health through habit stacking to help increase energy, provide movement snacks to help you move more throughout the day while also moving your body more, and learn from professionals on moving through midlife with ease and grace. Hi, I'm Courtney a business owner and mom of 3 who was rushing through life with my head down busy doing the day-to-day tasks and building my business. I was so caught up in the doing that I was no longer being. I remember taking a moment to look at myself in the mirror one day as I was getting ready and instead of multi-tasking, I actually SAW myself and was so surprised to see the woman looking back at me. Time had changed me, I was so busy during that time that I didn't see who I was becoming. I was a midlife mom with grey hair, wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin and I made a decision that day to stop rushing through life, honor my body and who I had become and accept the aging process. I began to practice leaning into a softer way of living. Slow down and simplify to feel better, become more confident, and enjoy where I am now with my family. If you are struggling with midlife this podcast is for you. We will discuss: -habit stacking ideas to help you get movement in throughout your day -accept the woman you are now and regain confidence -find ways to move your body better through movement snacks -learn how breathing and posture affect your overall health -tips to help lose the midsection weight gain -interviews with professionals in midlife health and wellness -along with some parenting tips sprinkled in throughout Grab your tennis shoes, pop in your ear buds, and join me for a leisurely walk while we discuss Moving through Midlife.


April 8, 2024 46 mins

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Tseng of Plant Nourished.  Anna is a plant-based Registered Dietitian with a Master's degree in Public Health Nutrition. She’s also the Founder of PlantNourished, a Podcast Host and an award-winning published recipe creator. Through private coaching and online courses, she helps busy people with health challenges move easily to plant-based eating for optimal health. Anna empowers ...

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This week you can test your balance with this movement snack.

Each month I like to focus on a movement to help us get stronger or increase mobility.  This month I want you to focus on your balance.  

Try these balance exercises to see how well you do.  
-First are you able to balance on one leg for 30 seconds?
-Are you able to get the glute to fire on?
-How does your visual system affect your balance?<...

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Are you having a midlife crisis?

Today I am discussing what exactly a midlife crisis is defined as, how you may feel about a midlife crisis, and ways to think about it differently.  How this time in midlife can be thought of as more of an awakening, when it tends to happen in our life, and tips on how to handle it.

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Today I am speaking with Alicia Berberich about the negative chatter in our head. She is passionate about helping women unleash their true potential to become who they are meant to become. She works with women to release the shackles that bind them to their old ways of thinking so they can achieve their goals, using motivation, mindset, and manifesting skills to provide the resources her clients need to move forward with confidence...

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March 4, 2024 12 mins
Each month I like to share a movement snack for you to focus on and this month it is going to be about walking.  Walking can help to control cortisol, keep blood sugar stable, and is one of the best exercises for tight hips.

When you head out for a walk work through different speeds, try different paths and distances, and don't be afraid of the weather as it will bring a different element to your walk.  

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Today is Part 3 of our Why is My Body Changing Series and today I am talking about Mindset.

I discuss:
-Statistics for the midlife changing body
-Body Positivity and the younger generation
-How we need to take a moment to look in the mirror and really see ourselves
-Determine how you want to feel
-Identify what will help you to feel that way from within not anything on the outside
-and then start pr...

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Today we are discussing Part 2 of why is my body changing and what can I do about it in midlife.  Part 1 we discussed the exercise portion and now I will be discussing the things you can do to help support your body with nutrition. 

I discuss:
-Statistics for midlife belly fat increases 
-Are you eating enough food, calorie restriction, how to support your body with food in midlife
-Supporting your gut in midli...

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One of the questions I get asked the most is why is my body changing in midlife and what can I do about it.

I discuss:
-what most women will do when they start gaining weight.  With higher intensity workouts and calorie restriction.
-Understanding hormones in perimenopause
-Insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance in midlife
-Muscle loss in midlife
-Midsection weight gain in midlife
-Cortisol and ...

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This is a great stretch to help you lengthen through your side especially if you notice tension or tightness in your mid to lower back.  When doing this, notice if one side is tighter than the other.  If so, pay attention to how you sit throughout the day and notice if you tend to sink into that side more. 

I mention both:
Episode 12.2: Align in your Car
Ep 122: Discover the Power of Breathing Techniques

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As the world of adolescent skincare often goes unnoticed, today we crack the code on self-care for teen boys. My enlightening chat with Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness, a pediatric dermatologist and co-founder of Stryke Club, reveals the untold hurdles teen boys face as they navigate the stormy seas of skincare. We're busting myths left and right—from charcoal's real impact on acne to the proper way to wield a razor. It's abo...

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Discover the little-known secret to transforming your midlife experience with something as simple as 'movement snacks'—daily exercises that promise to rejuvenate both body and mind. As your movement guru, I, Courtney, will share the power of stacking these small, healthy habits to boost your energy and make every day more fulfilling. Together, we'll explore the journey of self-care and how it leads to a more serene a...

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January 15, 2024 14 mins

Ever feel like your get-up-and-go got up and went without you? You're not alone in your midlife motivational drought, but I'm here to share a secret: it's action that sparks motivation, not the other way around. Join me, Courtney, as we tackle the daunting peaks of our ambitions by scaling them down into manageable foothills. It's goal refinement time, and we're zooming in on a single aspiration, giving it ...

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Have you ever chuckled at the simplicity of a habit that could change your life? Join me, Courtney, and the exceptional Michelle, a health and wellness coach illuminating the path through midlife. Together, we unwrap the secrets of 'laughable habits'—those small yet mighty steps that dissolve the overwhelm plaguing many women in their 40s and 50s. Michelle's quarter-century of wisdom shines a light on setting achieva...

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Are you genuinely ready to redefine your relationship with your body and your understanding of weight loss? Settle in, because that's what we're about to do. I'm Courtney, your guide, personal trainer, and movement specialist. We're going to start by asking the hard question - why do you want to lose weight? Your answer to this question will be the bedrock of your weight loss journey. Let's walk this path t...

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What if you could sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed, free from jaw pain and tension? In this riveting conversation with myofunctional therapist Jessica, we promise to take you through a journey of discovery - from understanding the importance of looking at the body systems, not just the symptoms, to navigating through midlife in a way more graceful manner than before. Jessica's personal journey with her daughter, who...

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Ever wished your kitchen was as efficient as a professional chef's? Ever wondered why your meals don't turn out as flavorful? In this episode of Moving Through Midlife, we fill you in on the magic of healthy cooking and the essential tools you need in your kitchen. You'll discover why a good knife is worth your investment and how a rice cooker is a true game-changer in meal prepping. We also share tips on using cast ...

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Are you feeling those niggling aches and pains more often as you journey through midlife? Brace yourself for some relief! In this enlightening episode, we’ll share five life-changing tips to keep discomfort at bay. Discover the potent role fascia plays in our bodies, and the simple tactics to keep it healthy. Learn just how much power small movements can hold - from adjusting your sitting position to the unconscious tapping of your...

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Have you ever looked into your closet and felt overwhelmed by the choices or even underwhelmed by the lack of them? If you've ever felt uncertain about your personal style, particularly as you navigate midlife, you're not alone. Join me and personal style coach, Ashli Anna Hurley, as we demystify the world of capsule wardrobes and discuss dressing for midlife. Gain insight into Ashli's journey from working with Mary ...

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Ready to unlock the secret to a stronger and healthier core at midlife? Join me, Courtney, your personal trainer and movement specialist, as we venture into the transformative world of core strengthening exercises. In this riveting episode, we breathe new life into your fitness routine, exploring three vital breathing techniques - 30-60 breathing, back breathing, and 90-90 breathing. Discover the role these methods play in exercise...

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Do you ever feel that your lower belly pooch is becoming more noticeable as you age, especially postpartum or during perimenopause? Ever wonder how your posture and breathing are deeply connected to it? You'll be surprised to discover the significant link between posture, breathing, and abdominal strength, and how mastering these can help you minimize that 'low belly pooch'. I, Courtney, a personal trainer and moveme...

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