My Aloof Vagina, A Cheeky Guide to Perimenopause

My Aloof Vagina, A Cheeky Guide to Perimenopause

Unprepared for perimenopause? (Same!) Felt misunderstood or alone during it all? (Yup.) Feel too young for this? (Me, too!) So I'm on a quest with my friends (and my aloof vagina) to understand what other "surprises" to expect AND to get a handle on all this midlife stuff, from sex & relationships to the weird stuff happening to our bodies. (The stuff nobody wants to talk about.) Warning: Like to laugh and sometimes pee your pants when you do? This podcast was designed to serve you. Grab leakage protection & join us for some fun.


June 1, 2023 29 mins

Choosing joy can be a practice. And in this Season 1 Bonus episode, Martha was a guest on the Navigating Joy Together podcast

In this conversation, Martha and pod host Lauren talk about:

  •  ways to cultivate joy in the mundane
  • how Martha knows when she's allowing joy into her life (and when she's NOT!)
  • how starting her podcast helped Martha get back in touch with joy
  • and why perimenopause is NOT for wimps...but a...
Mark as Played

Martha shares the toll unexpected caregiving responsibilities have taken on the show and reveals the plan for going forward.

Bonus episodes are on their way. And Season 2 episodes will begin showing up at the end of the summer.

In the meantime, treats and updates will be shared via email to MAV Sisterhood members. (Free! So sign up today and don't miss a message!)

My Aloof Vagina will remain active o...

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Martha is joined again by Deanna Boyd, Make Up Artist & Photographer, and they discuss the different paths. To HRT or Not to HRT?

What is the outlook and perspective of a woman who has decided to manage all this “naturally” - without HRT and or even herbal HRT alternatives?

How might someone end up on the HRT path in her early 50s?

Which lifestyle change might you feel compelled to make during perime...

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Martha is joined by her friend Deanna Boyd, a longtime make-up artist and photographer who, through her work & her brand, encourages women to embrace their unique look.

Find Deanna:
Unfiltered and Evolving Beauty

In this conversation recorded before the podcast even launched, they compare notes on aging and discuss: 

  • What exactly IS clitoral atrophy?
  • What happens to ALL ou...
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Dr. Wendy Chorny is back after  What Happens to Our Vaginas As They Age & What Does Estrogen Have To Do With It? 

  • What do Pavlov’s dogs and your coffee-break and post-commute habits have in common?
  • How can understanding pelvic-floor dysfunction help you slow things down?
  • Do you know the difference between urinary urgency and stress urinary incontinence? And why does it matter? 
  • How can you identify early signs it may worsen soo...
Mark as Played

Martha talks with the informative & entertaining Dr. Wendy Chorny about the aging vagina, what that means, why it happens & how you can sustain the hydration &  health of those delicate tissues, and:

  • What do the Lion King (and existential dread) have to do with your perimenopause experience?
  • And what’s really important about being 35 & why might you want to text your young friends after you listen to this?


Mark as Played

In this episode, Martha is joined by her friend Certified Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle.  

They explore important health issues:

  • Why is it particularly essential to reassess your partner in midlife? 
  • What menstrual change could indicate uterine cancer and is a reason to get in with your doctor?
  • How can you return to a satisfying sex life after a total hysterectomy?
  • AND what Pro-tip does Ducky have for making colonoscopy prep less ago...
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In this Bonus Episode from the Galentine's Day Livestream - the day before Valentine's - or V-day - for VAGINA which was the official launch day of My Aloof Vagina - Martha is joined by Tara, a kink coach she's known for almost 20 years, to celebrate the long-awaited launch of this way overdue podcast.

Tara, a favorite guest from episode 2, returned to talk about the ways our desires and experiences change a...

Mark as Played

Martha & Sally talk about the collection of changes that made Sally realize she was in perimenopause, even as her doctors continued to claim that her hormones “looked fine” and they didn’t “think” she was in it yet. 

  • Is part of “the change” external and more connected to the messages we’re getting about being “too old” or “past our prime”? (Things that aren’t really reflected in those snapshots of a hormone blood serum draw....
Mark as Played

Martha is joined by her friend Kristen  who shares  a back-to-back series of alarming symptoms she had.

  • What does it look when you go to even your GOOD doctor with hard-to-document symptoms when they know you have struggled with anxiety in the past?
  • What about when you advocate for yourself, they run tests and the tests show nothing? Or the tests show SOMETHING but your doctor doesn’t seem spurred to action?
  • And SHOULD you avoid c...
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Martha's friend "Jen" joins her to talk about things she's learned about sex with men as they age.  “Jen” blew Martha's mind last fall with her insights about sex with guys after they're 50.

That led to this recorded conversation revisiting the revelations and exploring what may be driving the changes we’re noticing in our sexual encounters in the over-50 dating world.

What’s the deal...

Mark as Played

In this NSFM* ladies-only episode, Martha's friend returns to talk about midlife issues that are top of mind.

This shorter episode contains just one side of the conversation about flooding periods during perimenopause, IUDs and IUD removal, and how progesterone is often the first HRT intervention suggested and the first "needed" (by those who choose to go that route)

What are some doctors using to manage peri...

Mark as Played

Warning: NSFM*   What it’s like to wait for “the menopause symptoms” to show up & then have your “big sign” be your period shifting a little at 55 and just *poof* ending in a span of less than 3 months?

Oh. AND mood swings? JUST crazy mood swings! 

And what ABOUT those periods? What drastic intervention are some doctors offering as a “solution” to heavy periods in our 40s or early 50s?

It’s upsetting, but it’s something...

Mark as Played

Martha visits her friend Dr. K who's moved to Arizona and found the desert energy has led to an influx of interested men in her life.

This Part 1 episode from their conversation touches on dating in your 50s, learning to trust your instincts, and provides a sneak peek into how massage "Happy Endings" work.

This felt like inner-sanctum dude intel and Martha and Dr. K report back breathlessly (and s...

Mark as Played

Martha recalls a harrowing incident with a dangerously full bladder in the cockpit of a tiny plane mid flight.

And she and her friends drive themselves to distraction about their over-50 bladder habits & the "easy-peasy" procedure that helped their friend KK with her stress incontinence.

Imaginations run wild with the idea that you could go in for a full tune up!
Get Bulkamid injections, some B...

Mark as Played

Martha talks to her friend Tara, with whom she was a "sex-toy lady" about 20 years ago. They discuss how many of "the ladies" evolved into sex educators and some, like Tara, went on to work more seriously as sexologists later.

Tara spills some tea about the life of a dominatrix, fetish parties, and how sex changes as we age. And, with her help, Martha has an epiphany about her journey with (and worries ...

Mark as Played
January 5, 2023 4 mins

Martha explains why she is talking PUBLICLY  (!!) about perimenopause symptoms and a "malfunctioning" vagina.

"A midlife hookup surprised me! Nobody warned me to expect THAT at this age. The first thing I did when my vagina let me down was start talking to my friends about it. And, just as important, LAUGHING about it.
My lackadaisical labia and clitoris was my 'Canary in the Coal Mine,' ...

Mark as Played

Martha & a longtime friend got silly talking about:

  • Botox alternatives
  • and clitoral atrophy (C.A.) Brace yourself!

Sight gags in expanded YouTube version on the MAVPod channel.

Note: Editing was tough due to having to remove my guest 🤦🏼‍♀️, mic issues & excessive laughter.

C.A. info:
NIH Study of treatments
ABC Australia on "Use it or Lose it" hysteria
Healthline  C.A.'s...

Mark as Played

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