MYSTICAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS SOCIETY: Sumo & Smokestack's worldview repair and support service. We discuss the blood n' guts of the dystopic modernist technocracy from a Christian perspective, and equip listeners in stripping away putrid layers of decades-old baloney draped over us all by government, academia, and big-tech. We're doing our part to restore the patrimony of medieval European culture, specifically a coherent and satisfying worldview which seamlessly unites the physical and metaphysical, and encourages the flourishing of the human person. THINGS WE MIGHT COVER: Bigfoot. The Church Fathers. Enlightenment dialectical philosophy and its woes. Ghosts. How to build physics equipment. Phantom limb syndrome. Cloning. City planning. How to grow your own food. And much more! ABOUT THE HOSTS: Sumo is a hermit who lives deep in the black forest building enchanted particle accelerators and composing poetry. Smokestack is a podcast producing clone who lives in a hermetically sealed bunker because he has no immune system.


July 14, 2024 101 mins

The event, real or fake? World War Z, zombies, zombie movies, the Tenth Man Protocol.

Questions about the security at the event, conspiracy candy, incompetence, women secret service officers and D.E.I.

The photo, the collapse of various government institutions, scapegoats, hallmarks of shooting events, media discussion of the event. People died!

It’s not the state, other false flags, Co-Intel Pro, the med...

Mark as Played

Presidential diversity, don’t ask and don’t tell for mentally challenged presidential candidates.

The debates!

Bioethics, government budgets, the United States is still number one, U.S. bureaucracy can’t be topped.

We have made America great again and it’ll be even greater in the future, and sillier.

The transition to faker and gayer and maybe even more fun.

Laughter drives away the devi...

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June 24, 2024 86 mins

Math in the universe, Christian Doppler, calculus, The Doppler Effect.

What if narrative and reality itself has a red shift?

Gobekli Tepe weirdness.

The succession of popes in Catholicism.

Does the number of observers affect the Narrative Doppler Effect?

Dogma increases as population increases.

The Doppler Effect is a shadow of fundamental truths and how reality really works.

Mark as Played

Keep on rocking in the free world. The genius of Antony Blinken and the war in Ukraine.

Why did we have to take out Libya?

How do we start our own political movement?

The Build a Bridge to Hawaii party. Building real bridges to construct metaphorical bridges. Building things instead of adding to the destruction of things.

Racist native Hawaiians.

All relationships are two-ways.

Mark as Played
May 27, 2024 111 mins

Welcome to the new theater podcast, Sumo recites the play “An Iliad.”

Discussing the Iliad, the Odyssey, poetry, and literature.

Sumo thinks he’s like Achilles in many ways.

The masses just can’t seem to handle waking up. Two excellent examples, Terrance Howard on the Joe Rogan Experience and Jonathan Pageau’s meteorite.

You can’t tell people things but maybe you can show them.

The here...

Mark as Played

Boning up on racism, spiritual blackness and how do we fix Africa?

Anti-Semitism. The Bible is now illegal! Everyone panic!

Politics is just professional wrestling, gay hammer fights, everyone remember how laws are made? How politics actually work.

The online Trad community.

Sumo is an intellectual creative on the front lines of several different idea fields (feel free to steal this phrase and pu...

Mark as Played

Complaining about the Internet, Disney is the reason why children’s sports suck, the American scam.

Sumo explains additional dimensions, physics, and String Theory. No one knows what time is.

Dolores Cannon and past life regression, measuring time which doesn’t exist, Star Seeds and Einstein was an idiot.

Adam Apollo is Sumo’s favorite guy on the Internet.

World War 3 continues to almost start bu...

Mark as Played
April 15, 2024 57 mins

Why doesn’t God answer prayers?

The eclipse still doesn’t make sense and there’s way too many statistically impossible things about the moon.

Is the moon a portal to “The Other Side?”

The Cavendish Experiment revisited.

Why things are the way the are and why our audience is enlightened.


Watch Gravity Pull to Metal Balls Together

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April 8, 2024 141 mins

The eclipse is impossible, and no one uses the heliocentric model to predict anything.

Eclipses are predicted using an ancient method called the Saros Cycle.

Don’t be afraid about all the weird stuff happening during the eclipse.

Red heifers, the shoe thing, Sumo’s anti-Semitic tirade.

Earthquakes, as above so below as a cosmic principle, gambling on the eclipse, gambling on gambling, scams withi...

Mark as Played

You only want things because other people want them, scapegoating, the coming pole shift, the Early Life section, giving up your authority and agency.

Vaccination as a religious sacrifice, religious rituals, 2020-2022 was an apocalypse.

René Girard, memetic desire, levels of conspiracy.

Society has to be built on a lie, breaking the illusion.

They always have to tell you. You have to know it’s a ...

Mark as Played
March 4, 2024 119 mins

Big tech companies are not profitable, how it actually works, lots of money from the CIA, NSA and government.

Censorship on the Internet isn’t as bad as you think.

Leftists and Right-Wingers both have persecution complexes.

Gab’s charging money and people are freaking out.

Ads on the Internet don’t pay for anything.

State-enforced homosexuality.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter i...

Mark as Played
February 26, 2024 119 mins

Rebranding the show.

Spiritual swingers, living in unprecedented times and discussing the Owen Cyclops interview from the previous episode.

Leaving the consensus reality, what’s our new operating system? Trying to find all the answers.

Christianity in today’s day and age with the Internet.

Trying on ideas like you’d try on clothes.

Politics, the left is just another orthodoxy, another le...

Mark as Played

About Gary Wayne’s book The Genesis 6 Conspiracy and it’s upcoming sequel.

Two Genesis creation stories and pre-Adamic humans? Was Adam created after Day 7?

Giants, Goliath, King Og, Gilgamesh, how big were they? 

Two different lines of humans and how does that affect us today? The Nachash, a serpentine race, Seraphim are dragons and angels don’t tend to get their hands dirty.

Noah had pure human DNA.

Mark as Played
January 29, 2024 45 mins

This episode is about a week late because Kavi didn’t know Sumo sent this to him.

Right vs Left, switching the poles and charging the battery. The Davos crowd changing sides? Trump getting re-elected.

Everything is based on consent. Don’t get fooled.

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Mark as Played

The importance of cosmology. Defending and respecting Santa Claus.

Crrow777 Interview

The Lunar Wave and Crrow777’s Shoot the Moon documentary.

Technology, AI, filming the sky and seeing strange anomalies, especially in chemtrails.

Crrow777’s Law of High Definition.

Shadows, infinite light, eclipses and sungazing.

Citizenship and identities.



Mark as Played
November 27, 2023 72 mins

The history of Thanksgiving and Squanto.

The Irish riots and why protests don’t work. Protests are fake violence and they’re stupid. The Irish protests are only going to result in the government passing more hate speech laws.

Democracy is mostly fake.

No one ever learns anything. There’s nothing to do and Klaus Schwab was right. Was

Klaus Schwab the original Alex Jones?

Potatoes are the ...

Mark as Played

Recycling is fake, Sumo’s female environmentalist friend and sometimes there is justice in the world.

Washington and Oregon are mostly deserts.

Sumo talks about how crazy submarines are for a while.

This is a “Meta Conspiracy” podcast for a more advanced audience.

Meta Conspiracy axioms: they always have to tell you, reality is consent-based, loosh harvesting or consent farming, how narratives ar...

Mark as Played

You can’t choose your audience and Godward, it’s time to pay for the podcast.

Mother Angelica and why can’t you listeners help us finance a body drawer?

How to hide an empire.

Did you know that the United States used to own the Philippines?

The Pearl Harbor Retcon and the Great American Ethos.

The amazing technology of controlling the world and not knowing about any of it.

Mark as Played
October 16, 2023 77 mins

What’s a little ethnic cleansing among friends?

If the U.S. is ever accused of a war crime they’ll invade the Netherlands.

Sumo has his empty seat ready for Elijah.

Greater Israel, False flags (a tried and true tactic throughout history), sacred sperm, U.S. politicians walking around in foreign military uniforms and Israel did sort of create Hamas.

George Bush was right.

Conservatives ar...

Mark as Played

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