Need To Know with Coulthart and Zabel

Need To Know with Coulthart and Zabel

The Need-to-Know podcast deals with the now acknowledged reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP. Its hosts are award-winning broadcasters and investigative journalists Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel. Every episode, they’ll look at what’s happened in the UAP/UFO world. Coulthart and Zabel discuss their current investigations, give each other advice, and seek to answer the big questions: who are they and what do they want? Ross Coulthart’s work has been featured on Australia’s version of “60 Minutes.” And his documentary for Channel Seven Australia covering his UFO findings has been seen by more than ten million viewers. He is the author of In Plain Sight, in which he concludes that, while publicly dismissing the phenomenon for decades, governments have been seriously studying it all along and take it very seriously. Coulthart continues to report on the subject for Australian network television while working on investigations spawned by his book. Bryce Zabel is an award-winning writer who has created or developed five primetime television drama series and worked on a dozen writing staffs. His feature credits include Mortal Kombat and Atlantis. His World War II film, The Last Battle, will shoot in the fall of 2022. Zabel was an original correspondent for CNN, and an award-winning investigative reporter for PBS. Zabel has authored his own UFO book, A.D. After Disclosure. He writes and edits the publication Trail of the Saucers that is read by more than 80,000 readers each month.


May 25, 2023 58 mins
With Ross on assignment, Bryce has found a very worthy fill-in: Chrissy Newton, Founder of VOCAB Communications and Podcaster for The Debrief. A self-described UFO/UAP fanatic since age six, the Toronto native hosts the podcast "Rebelliously Curious with Chrissy Newton." Among the items on the table in this episode: "Confirmation" vs. "Disclosure," an upcoming NASA meeting in which UAP might come up, and the future of of Sean Kirkp...
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A week after the Senate's latest UFO/UAP hearing, Bryce and Ross have calmed down enough to talk about it - especially the lack of any "it." Ross pounces on the video of a sphere, and Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick's comment that his group "has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics.” Bryce is not happy that the one sitting Senator who's been to s...
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April 15, 2023 66 mins
Ross and Bryce spend a lot of time taking down those who have sought to denigrate, deny and ridicule the search for UFO/UAP answers in the past several decades. And they hope it doesn't happen again next week when a sub-committee of the Senate Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on the subject. Both have plenty of questions they'd love to share with the panel chair, New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. And both will 'wait and...
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Ross Coulthart is on assignment in Australia and will return with Bryce for the next Need to Know episode in less than two weeks. In the meantime, we're happy to share this: Bryce's interview with Frederik Dirks of DR, the public radio service of Denmark. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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March 16, 2023 71 mins
After dealing with a house full of illnesses, Bryce is ready to carry on! And there is a lot to unpack, including reports of two members of Congress getting a classified briefing - were they shown pictures? Did two noted UFOlogists get punked by a fake government official? Also: a look back at 1973, when sightings were happening everywhere and the President of the United States allegedly gave a UFO tour to Mr. Saturday Night. Ross ...
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February 16, 2023 65 mins
This is the podcast from our first live YouTube episode - a quick follow-up to the Big Balloon Mystery. Ross and Bryce try to unravel what's known and unknown - and what we can learn from top government officials saying he's "not ruling out anything" regarding the providence of the three objects shot down over the Arctic, the Canadian Rockies and Lake Huron. Ross excoriates the mainstream media for "getting in line." And Bryce says...
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February 10, 2023 62 mins
Is all the talk about Chinese spy balloons just a mis-direct by the Defense Department? Ross makes the case, and why the mainstream media is lapping it up. Ross also has a lot to say about Jacques Vallee’s new book. Bryce links the term "Majestic" to his "Dark Skies" series, and offers praise for two other UAP-related podcasts: "Weaponized" with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, and "Merged" with Ryan Graves. Learn more about your a...
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January 13, 2023 49 mins
Ross and Bryce can't wait another week to pour over the government report on UAP that was due in October, but is now public. Both are underwhelmed by the clearly intentional effort to make it as dull as possible. They also cover the coverage, disagreeing about the tone of a New York Times article. Ross thinks it's a big milestone toward legitimacy. Bryce is outraged by the condescension. As always, it's great stuff. Learn more abou...
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January 6, 2023 68 mins
The National Defense Authorization Act - the bill in which Congress tells the Defense Department what to spend its money on - contains revolutionary language about reporting UAP - and those initials now mean something new! Ross reads directly from the bill about protecting anyone who comes forward to talk about sightings, discoveries and much more. Also, vital talk about the weather, various kinds of football, and the US House of R...
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November 29, 2022 65 mins
Bryce and Ross mark two anniversaries in this episode. It's been one month since the deadline for Congress to release a new UAP report. And we're close to the five-year anniversary of the New York Times article on the $22 million Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Defense Dept. It's regarded as the first truly series piece by a mainstream media organization on UFO research. And as for the Congressional UAP repo...
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November 1, 2022 67 mins
The Director of National Intelligence was supposed to deliver to Congress its first annual unclassified update on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena this past Monday, October 31st. As of this posting on November 1st, the report has not been delivered. But there have been leaks that Ross and Bryce believe are credible. And they've asked two prominent UFOlogists to talk about it. Ryan Robbins is behind the YouTube channel Post Disclosure W...
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October 21, 2022 62 mins
Is it real? Bryce and Ross go in-depth on the importance and veracity of a memo allegedly written by astrophysicist and government consultant Eric Davis after his meeting with Admiral Thomas Wilson in October of 2002. The memo, if it's real, recounts Wilson's attempts to learn about the US Government's UFO research programs, and how he was rebuffed at every turn. Bryce and Ross "Go Broadway," and re-enact a significant part of the ...
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Ross and Bryce are back with a look at recent developments, including the ODNI's short-lived saucer logo, the return of the International UFO Conference (Bryce will be speaking!), the Defense Authorization Act, and the fact that Florida's Senate race will yield a pro-UAP Senator regardless of the outcome. But the bulk of this episode is their conversation with John Chapman. The retired British Army soldier decided he'd seen enough ...
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September 15, 2022 68 mins
It's a packed podcast addressing a long list of developments, especially the recent article by Lue Elizondo entitled "UFOlogy Must Die." They're not going that far, but Ross and Bryce do understand Lue's frustration with UFO Twitter and the out-sized outrage over every tiny scrap of something - or nothing. Also: disappointment at the Navy's refusal to release some videos; will the upcoming Congressionally-mandated regular UAP repor...
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August 25, 2022 81 mins
This is a very different, and special episode. It's the audio from Ross and Bryce's production for Australia's 7NEWS. And includes some eye-opening information straight from the people who know - and who have witnessed UAP. Among those you'll hear from: former US Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves, artist, filmmaker and ufologist Jeremy Corbell, and Prof. Gary Nolan. And Bryce tells the tale of a shadowy guy who showed up at his house ...
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August 15, 2022 66 mins
Ross and Bryce make good on the 'contest' for followers of the show to enjoy a beer with the hosts - albeit virtual. The winners: Kieran Corcoran and Rob Sheridan, two friends from Wicklow, on the east Irish coast just south of Dublin. It was truly a global connection, as Ross joined at 10am Saturday, Kieran and Rob stayed up until 1am on their Saturday, while Bryce and producer Rich Johnson enjoyed their easy happy hour beers at 5...
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August 5, 2022 59 mins
Ross and Bryce are back, explain where they've been, and dive into three deep subjects: First: new language from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that may grant immunity for potential witnesses not only in government but in private aerospace. Also: Is Gary Nolan the new Lue Elizondo? The Stanford professor has been raising his profile in the UAP community, and has granted Ross a wide-ranging and shocking interview (which...
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July 14, 2022 53 mins
Bryce and Ross welcome Dave Beaty to the podcast. He's an investigative filmmaker who's produced "The Nimitz Encounters," a film about UAP encounters around US Navy ships from 2004 to 2019. As Dave writes on Medium: "When I first learned about that curious case of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, CA in Nov of 2004 I was enthralled by the descriptions of a 50-foot-long white capsule-shaped UFO t...
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June 22, 2022 59 mins
Bryce and Ross mark 75 years since 1947, "The Summer of the Saucers." It's considered the beginning of the modern UFO era. They recount a couple of prominent incidents in those early days, and flash forward to today and word that NASA will launch a UAP study - albeit a very quick and barely funded study. Also: are drones the new swap gas? That is, an easy and lazy way for UAP doubters to explain away sightings? Learn more about you...
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June 6, 2022 63 mins
This episode's title comes from the 1948 document produced by Project Sign, which the head of the Air Force ordered destroyed. Also: with more than two weeks to think about it, Ross and Bryce have more to say about the Congressional hearing on UAP -- including results of a couple of listener surveys. They also come up a few questions that lawmakers SHOULD have asked. And Ross explains why any talk about drones being an explanation ...
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