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Never a straight answer

☆☆☆☆☆ Never a straight answer is a weekly podcast about the strange and the random. Weekly news, mysteries and conspiracy theories. Never a straight answer N.A.S.A looks at the wired world of the internet, world history, Funny and interesting facts, science & space plus much more!. Recorded live (No edits) from Manchester, United kingdom. Join hosts Gaz and Taylor. Accompanied by the "odd guest" and enjoy the show!. Find us! Twitter @NASA_NEVER Instagram @neverstraightanswer Email 👽 Support this podcast:


March 27, 2023 110 min

206# Alien transmissions & the Aetherius Society | with special guest Wajid Hassan

website -

The Struggle for World Sanity! -

From Pakistan to England and then settling in America, Wajid has lived an interesting and varied life in many fields of endeavor. From a technical background as a Field Service Engineer, to stand up comedian with over twenty years as a union actor doing voice...

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205# UFO cults | The Stella Maris church

WHEN AT LEAST 100 members of a religious UFO cult go missing in northern Colombia after they went to rendezvous with a Space craft, they believed would save them from "the end of the world," and a coming cataclysm?   Plus this weeks NASA news and headlines from earth space and beyond !!!Join Audible for a free trail and GET A BOOK FREE WITH STORE Our...

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204# How to survive | Worst-case scenarios

A worst-case scenario is a concept in risk management wherein the planner, in planning for potential disasters, considers the most severe possible outcome that can reasonably be projected to occur in a given situation. Conceiving of worst-case scenarios is a common form of strategic planning, specifically scenario planning, to prepare for and minimize contingencies that could result in acc...

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203# UFO invasion | The mysterious Feb 2023 shootdown

A mass sighting of celestial phenomena and reports of UFOS being shot down over parts of the United States and Canada We wanted to find out what the dickens was going on. Could these objects be visitors from another planet of the more likely high tech surveillance equipment from China or Russia? We're going to look in to all the possibility's
Plus this weeks NASA news and h...

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202# UFO files | The 1561 Nuremberg celestial phenomenon

A mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects (UFO) occurred in 1561 above Nuremberg (then a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire). This view is mostly dismissed by skeptics, some referencing Carl Jung's mid-twentieth century writings about the subject while others find t...

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201# Aleister Crowley | The wizarding world of butt Magick

Aleister Crowley (/ˈælɪstər ˈkroʊli/;[1] born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) was an English occultistphilosopherceremonial magicianpoetpainternovelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion of Thelema, i...

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January 22, 2023 87 min

200# Milestone | compendium special

To celebrate we’ve put together a compendium of topics  so, whether you're a new visitor or a repeat offender thank you for joining us because we have a fantastic show lined up.

On this week's show...

We've Topics galore this week, from crypted such as the owl man and the Australian Yowie, Paranormal activity coming out of Wales.  plus, UFO tales from Space and beyond


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199# Mels Hole | Washington's bottomless pit

Mel's Hole is, according to an urban legend, a "bottomless pit" near Ellensburg, Washington. Claims about it were first made on the radio show Coast to Coast AM by a guest calling himself Mel Waters. Later investigation revealed no such person was listed as residing in that area, and no credible evidence has been given that the hole ever exis...

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198# The Budget Christmas Special | Freestyle episode --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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197# Santa Muerte | New wave religion or Cult? On this weeks show... Santa Muerte is also known by a wide variety of other names: the Skinny Lady (la Flaquita),[16] the Bony Lady (la Huesuda),[16] the White Girl (la Niña Blanca),[17] the White Sister (la Hermana Blanca),[13] the Pretty Girl Santa Muerte can be translated into English as either "Saint Death" or "Holy Death", although the professor of Religious studies R. Andrew Ches...
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November 28, 2022 127 min

196# Creation chaos | The cosmic egg

The world egg, cosmic egg or mundane egg is a mythological motif found in the cosmogonies of many cultures that is present in Proto-Indo-European culture[1] and other cultures and civilizations. Typically, the world egg is a beginning of some sort, and the universe or some primordial being comes into existence by "hatching" from the egg, sometimes lain on the primordial waters of the Earth.[2][3...

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195# 'Mad Man' Michael Marcum | Traveling the time vortex

In 1996 and 1997 a man named Mike Marcum appeared on Art Bell’s radio show, Coast to Coast Radio, to talk about his experiments with time travel. It is said that not long after this he disappeared. A few months later someone called in to Art’s show with a story about a man who was found dead on a California beach in the 1930’s, his body mangled within a strange metal ...

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194# In plain sight | with special guests Chris Ruppert & Tyler Transue ( Docside media )  

We're joined by the team behind the new Doc "In plain Sight" 

How far will the government go to obfuscate what they know about UFOs and ETs? Experts, retired CIA, and former counterintelligence officers disclose what they've heard and seen IN PLAIN SIGHT: THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AND UFOS.

Docside media 

It's www.docside...

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October 23, 2022 114 min

193# Vampires | Fangs for the memoires

A Vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence (generally in the form of blood) of the living. In European folklore, vampires are undead creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods  Most people associate vampires with Count Dracula, the legendary, blood-sucking subject of Bram Stoker’s epic...

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October 16, 2022 138 min

192# Cannibalism | The Donner/Reed Party

One this weeks show...

The Donner Party, sometimes called the Donner–Reed Party, was a group of American pioneers who migrated to California in a wagon train from the Midwest. Delayed by a multitude of mishaps, they spent the winter of 1846–1847 snowbound in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Some of the...

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October 3, 2022 115 min

191# Nostradamus 2023 | Rapture anxiety

on this weeks show

Nostradamus made scary predictions for 2023 with reference to a World War Three event. Michel de Nostredame (December 1503 – July 1566), usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer, apothecary, physician, and reputed seer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties (published in 1555), a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events.


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190# Infamous accounts | people who made deals with the Devil

One this weeks show...

The idea of making a deal with the devil has appeared many times in works of popular culture. These pacts with the Devil can be found in many genres, including: books, music, comics, theater, movies, TV shows and games. When it comes to making a contract with the Devil, they all share the same prevailing desire, a mortal wants some...

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189# Superhumans | The one million dollar Paranormal challenge

The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge was an offer by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) to pay out one million U.S. dollars to anyone who could demonstrate a supernatural or paranormal ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria. A version of the challenge was first issued in 1964. Over a thousand people applied to take it, but none were succ...

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188# We're not going to take it | The satanic panic | Including our tribute to Elizabeth 2 RIP --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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187# Belated 4th birthday | freestyle episode

Happy 4th Birthday to us!!! This week we take it easy and enjoy a freestyle show. We have a good chat about the State of the world, The rise in heating prices and what you can do to combat them. I also test Taylors Ufo knowledge and much more. 

Plus this weeks NASA news and headlines from earth space and beyond !!!

Join Audible for a free trail and GET A BOOK FREE WITH https://amzn...

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