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No Offense, And

Welcome to No Offense, And — a loving and nourishing space created to fuel conversations around personal and collective liberation. Join Denver-based, Aquarius Suns, Manifesting Generators, works-in-progress, and practical strangers Kelly and Kendle on their journeys towards their higher selves as they have conversations with incredible guests and each other around self-love and how we can rise up together to rebuild our world in the Age of Aquarius. We aim to empower, encourage, expand, and elevate you with each episode as we dive deep into vulnerable, intentional, and heart-based conversations. We are committed to leaving our world better than we found it and promise to listen, to change, to take responsibility for our actions, words, and privileges, and to learn from our mistakes. We know when we collectively fight against toxic conditioning, by consciously choosing to love and build each other up, the world will become a more accepting, nourishing and loving space that will serve everyone so take no offense, and please listen up. New episodes Mondays and Wednesdays! Listen anywhere you get your podcasts and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Subscribe to No Offense, And let’s get to some self-loving! Follow us on: tiktok: @nooffenseand instagram: @nooffenseand_podcast Kelly @kelly.haze and Kendle @amustardshower Email: Send us your feedback Subscribe to our email list We acknowledge we are operating on the occupied land of the Ute, Arapahoe, and Cheyenne peoples colonized as Denver - we pay our respects to those past, present, and future. We also acknowledge this statement is not enough and are committed to giving a portion of our proceeds to the people whose land we occupy and are in the process of getting a true land reverence. Introduction music: Abstract Design by ComaStudio Outro Music: Mesmerizing by Gvidon Trailer Music: Summer Hip-Hop Groove Support the show


October 25, 2022 66 mins


It's the season finale baby!!!! 

As we have said many times, if you're going to be about it, be about it! So we are giving ourselves permission to take a break and to pivot by making this a seasonal podcast. This decision wasn't easy. It wasn't in the plan, and it's definitely not in alignment with capitalism hence why we are doing it! 

We discuss how we got to this point from...

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Per Mrs. Adrienne - pour yourself a glass of wine and strap in for a rollercoaster full of wisdom!!!

Adrienne Martin-Fullwood is a director, producer, actor, mother, funeral director, mentor, advocate, business owner, and overall bright shinning star. She is the Executive Partner and Producer of 5280 Artist Co-op Entertainment Group, has been in the entertainment business for over 35 years and performed in over...

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I am energy. You are energy. We are energy.

The words we use, experiences we have, people we engage with, dreams we dream are all instances in which our energy can be absorbed or given to something else and times we can absorb energies that are not ours. This simple mediation guides us in returning our energy to ourselves and the energies we no longer wish to hold with love. It is an excellent exercise to incor...

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PSA: Kendle gags a lot in this episode !!

And then we got high... take a ride with us this week as we decompress from the stress of launching the podcast! We speak to what we are learning about ourselves through the lens of children, Saturn Return, change, releasing ourselves from boxes, social media, and meditating. 

We also talk about:

  • What playing hard looks like
  • Body shaming males face
  • Letting the...
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Do you feel stressed? Do you wake-up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep? You are not alone and we’ve got your back with this powerful tool!!!

Box breathing is a 4-part breath sequence which lowers stress and calms the mind and the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It is called “box” breathing due to the fact that this method is done by counting to four four times cr...

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If anyone hasn't told you lately, look back at it!!

In this solo episode, Kelly is living life on her honeymoon/anniversary and reflecting on the changes in her mental, spiritual, and physical state from a year ago at this same resort. She takes us through the tools, perspectives, and mindset shifts she has been tapping into to help move out of depression. Talk about metamorphosis!!!

She also tal...

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Raise a body part if you’re living with fear!! **all bodies suddenly levitate**

On this lovely Monday, Kelly talks about the fears that have been activated through the process of buying a house during this tumultuous time of inflation. We discuss scarcity mindset, how Kelly is using aspects of her Human Design chart to help her relax into this decision and why naming our fear and creating a loving relationship with it ca...

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Activation warning: involuntary sterilization and medical testing, suicidal ideation, and toxic relationships with abuse are mentioned in this episode. 

Birth Control's primary purpose is not to prevent pregnancy, it's to make the rich richer.

Kelly and Kenny dissect their relationships and journeys with birth control. We discuss what we wish we knew back then and what Kelly learned from the documentar...

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Using our breath to calm our minds and bring us into the present moment!?  Count us in!!

Claudia is back and is bringing wisdom, tips, and guidance to this self-love Monday! We discuss how foundational breath is, the benefits of nostril breathing and then Claudia lovingly guides us through a series of 3 different breathing techniques: Three-Part breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and 4-7-8. 

We also ...

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Are we the same ship or a new ship? Claudia Nanino is the epitome of how we are both

Claudia is a mother, master breathwork facilitator, crystal curator, and an explorer of non-ordinary states of consciousness. She was born in Colorado to immigrant parents and in 2016, returned to Denver after a devastating divorce. To help with the blame she held for the divorce and the struggles she had with addictive behaviors, she sought out n...

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Do you know why? Kelly sure had to discover hers!

After last week's episode, we felt called to share the exact exercise Kelly used to dive deep towards the root of her reasons for wanting to have money and start this podcast. Kelly explains the backstory of finding this prompt, how to utilize it, and takes us through each level of her whys.


Asking the 7 Whys To Get To Your T...

Mark as Played

Three cheers if you’re working through that detrimental scarcity mindset !!!

In this solo episode, Kelly tells us about her magic candle - the tarot card it held and the messages of this card. She dives deep into the assignment the tarot card gave her - discovering her why! As she dives in, she takes us through her upbringing around money and the scarcity mindset she is trying to overcome. 

She also talks about: 

  • The meanings be...
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Are the farts us or the couch!?

From realizing we have been lacking in gratitude to recognizing when we are projecting our wounds outward, the updates are deep and raw. We share the insights gained from therapy, trips (physical and metaphysical alike), and talking with our spirit guides and inner children.

We also talk about: 

  • Making phone folders affirmations 
  • Quality Time
  • Parts Work (a therapeutic approach)
  • Sitting in th...
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Are you in need of some grounding and re-centering!? You are not alone!!!

On this self-love Monday, Kendle takes us through two sequences of layering the meditation 'Peace Begins With Me' with intentional breathing and touch. These versatile techniques are excellent for any moment when you could use a little extra something out in public, in the office, or when you are wanting to be intentional with t...

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Activation warning: the following topics are mentioned and/or discussed: abortion, racism, white supremacy, non-consensual sterilization, and religious persecution.  

Did you know when we speak about Roe v. Wade we aren’t actually speaking about abortion? 

In this episode, we learn about the backstory of Roe v. Wade and how its roots, like everything else, can be found in white supremacy. We process, we grieve, we generate...

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Activation warning: this episode is largely focused on the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

It’s about time the government was saged don’t ya think!?

In this bonus episode, we speak about the peaks and oh so obvious pit of our week as we catch-up on what is happening in each other’s lives and self-love journeys. As the events of this week were jarring to say the least, we take deep breaths, dive into foster care statistics, guidelines ...

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Don’t have titties!? No Worries!! Please join us in giving love to each part of our bodies!!! 

In this episode, Kelly tells us about how she began speaking to her womb in hopes of easing the anxiety about having crippling period pains on the day of her wedding. She brings us through the intention and energy she sent to her womb space and how grateful she felt when her period began. And then Kendle guides us through giving love to ...

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Activation warning: the following topics are mentioned and/or discussed: sexual and physical abuse, pedophiles, addiction, suicide, and sex trafficking. 

 Are you ready for your world to be rocked? Elizabeth Marie is just the person to do it 

Elizabeth Marie is the owner and creator of Cosmic Tea. She is a multi-clair seer and reader. She has dedicated herself to her purpose of being a diverse psychic in Denver. She chann...

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What is more stressful, the planning of your wedding or your family? Can you feel the anxiety towards the big day, when all members in the family are divorced, blended, and haven't ever been in the same room together? Add being the glue that keeps the broken pieces together, the anxiety was palpable. 

In this episode, we learn how old versions of Kelly would have retreated and crumbled but she challenged he...

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Activation warning: this episode dives deep into an abortion story.

Did you know you can have your period while pregnant? We sure didn’t. Do you think abortion is self-love? We sure do!! 

In this episode, Kendle courageously takes us through her experience of having an abortion. She speaks about what she learned can happen from being pregnant, why she didn’t tell the person who’s sperm it is, the lessons she took from the...

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