Non-Rev Lounge

Non-Rev Lounge

Non-Rev Lounge is an airline employee travel and aviation podcast. Monique, Lara and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discusses our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips. Stay in touch with us on Twitter @NonRevLoungePod and


June 18, 2024 44 mins

Hello everyone!! We three get together and talk! Jobs, co-workers, spouses! 

  • Dan the listener sent us a letter!
  • What’s going on at Frontier Airlines?
  • Allegiant Airlines 
  • Who BOUGHT tickets on Frontier?  
  • What’s the difference between buying a ticket at the ticket counter?


Mark as Played
Caden can teach us all a thing or two about flying on a zed fare,  but don't be shocked if you think you are friends!!   Just have him leave you to catch a first class seat!  Hasta La Vista Baby!

  • Getting caught up on our work!
  • What would Lara do? 
  • Diana Ross can do anything she wants!
  • Passengers have to be compliant. Please allow Monique to finish her sentences!
  • Who is a member of The Mile High Club? ☝️
  • Cade...
Mark as Played

This week Marissa joins us to talk about her Non-rev travels including cruises and working the points game. 

  • Phoenix is the Friendliest Airport! Meh!
  • Where the heck is Phoenix’ Sapphire Lounge? Answer me that!!
  • Marissa is Tyler’s Spirit Animal!
  • Marissa is NOT an airline employee 🤔
  • She is a flight attendant groupie 😆
  • The points game!!
  • Hotel points is where it’s at!
  • What’s the Hyatt Globalist Challenge?
  • Tyler brags about Breeze Airways ...
Mark as Played

This week Kelly joined the non rev lounge crew to talk about her trip to Germany and her family trips to Cancun.  Speaking of Cancun Lara talks about her seccond trip to the colothing optional resort this year.  

  • Kelly came to our Dallas meet up!
  • Kelly works in payroll for a major regional airline 
  • Kelly non revs on FOUR major carriers!
  • Germany trip with the siblings 
  • European carriers give non rev seats 24 hrs in advance 🏆
  • Disney’s...
Mark as Played

After 10 years without flight benefits,  Shannon has them back and is excited to  use them! 

  • Podcast weekend 
  • Wyldebyrd Art warehouse tour! 
  • Make a keychain with metal from your own airline!!
  • Follow him on IG: Wildebyrdart 
  • Shannon has 35 yrs of Non Reving experience 
  • Husband is a pilot for Continental Express 
  • Shannon usually travels with her 3 girls
  • Advice: Slow down when traveling with little children!
  • TIP:  TSA  will allow you to ca...
Mark as Played

We had a podcasting weekend in Phoenix and invited some out of town guests and enjoyed the chatting and learning!! Meet Eric and Catherine! We first met them at  Dorkfest last year! They NOT work in aviation!! Catherine has a sexy voice! 

  • Where do the aviation benefits come from ????
  • DCA to SEA
  • Ya gotta be flexible!
  • Inputed income 
  • Eric travels with Drew from The Next Trip Podcast!
  • Dublin for a quick weekend!
  • Book of Kells
  • You can TRAV...
Mark as Played

So lucky to FINALLY podcast with Guillermo from StaffTraveler!  

  • How did StaffTraveler start? 
  • “Just for me and my friends “
  • Each pilot needs a back up plan!
  • Google was their first sponsor 
  • Initially designed for 1000 people then blew up to 17,000!!
  • Isn’t it great being famous??  People mistake you for a  celebrity!
  • StaffTraveler’s new eSIM card is the latest  and greatest!!
  • Never loses its data!! Even of you  only travel international...
Mark as Played

Lucky us! We have a guest! Chris, a pilot for a major carrier non revs everywhere with his 3 children and super organized wife! They have a special needs daughter and he wants people to know that you CAN non rev with preparation and patience. Chris is a fantastic guest!

  • First we talk shop! Lara was on NPR in Los Angeles talking about a Wall Street Journal article on the etiquette of asking people to switch seats.  Lara knows Daw...
Mark as Played

Kelsey is back!! Columbus gate agent Kelsey travels around the world for her birthday! Kelsey is also a rental car guru and gives us some great tips on renting cars with savvy!! Earn those miles🙌!!

  • Lara talks us about her flight attendant annual recurrent training 
  • Kelsey goes to Doha
  • Airport appreciation 
  • Singapore 🇸🇬 
  • Link your frequent flyer account to your rental car account!
  • Kelsey shares her funniest gate agent stories unfor...
Mark as Played
April 16, 2024 40 mins

We three fly (well,  they left behind 1/3 of the podcast on the first flight! 😃) to San Fran! We came to podcast in the phone booth in the lounge. We also wanted to use the Priority Pass restaurant amenities before they go away in July!

  • Would you do Home Exchange?
  • Tyler accuses Lara of being OCD 🙄
  • Bye bye Snowbirds!
  • Passenger bags and Day 2 Syndrome!
  • Lara has a great day with Henry The EP (Executive Platinum)  Henry shows Lara HIS...
Mark as Played
April 9, 2024 49 mins

We have a returning guest Broadway Tina, and her husband Meade join us to talk about some of their recent travels and also tell us all about Home Exchange!

  • Catch up with Tina
  • Upgraded Athens Cruise
  • Buying tickets to see the Eclipse
  • What is Home Swap
  • The three different ways to do a swap
  • Six weeks in NYC
  • Hospitality and ultra-luxury

If interested check out their Home Exchange

Mark as Played

The three of us talk about some of our Spring break Travels. Short and sweet enjoy. 

  • Monique visits the Grand Canyon
  • Southwest Buddy pass ends up in Jail 
  • Hyatt Club and Glass-blowing
  • Lara bids HNL for a warm toilet seat
  • The Chase Sapphire Reserve cuts Resturn access
  • Outtakes (Pilots, tip more than a dollar)

✈StaffTraveler is a great app that can assist your non-rev travels! Use it to find the loads for your non-re...

Mark as Played

This week, we are joined by Monique's son Zack and by Tyler's son Jake, and we talk about travels and some work stories.

  • Check back for show notes 

✈StaffTraveler is a great app that can assist your non-rev travels! Use it to find the loads for your non-rev travel! Use this to sign up:

✈️Don’t  forget your PERX.COM discount!! 

Mark as Played
March 19, 2024 44 mins

We three discuss our jobs at this time of the year!

  • Isn’t it interesting how the people from different cities have their own flavors? 
  • Boeing has their own woes
  • Control tower vs pilots
  • What the heck happened to Catherine, The Duchess of Windsor?
  • Captain retirement flight….does his non revs get priority seats; jumping the list??
  • It pays to know people! 👏
  • Brittany and Connor (Stand By With Me on IG) have BIG NEWS!! ✈️ + 💒
  • How can gate ...
Mark as Played

We are big fans of Andrew and his Aviation Potcast.  Tyler and Lara have been guest on Flying Smarter and now we get to have Andrew on our podcast.  

  • Andrew and his love for Aviation
  • Getting private pilot licene in high school
  • Andrew writes for
  • Visiting every Disney Park
  • Lara starts singing elevator
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Pikachu Dreamliner
  • Current trip
  • Flying Smarter Eplained

Find Flying smarter at www.flyingsma...

Mark as Played

The three of us each share a recent story from work, a trip to OAK, and heading to Idaho Falls for Grandma's funeral.

  • Turblance on PVR flight
  • Pounding on door to jet bridge
  • Plane clothes officers want to see checked bags
  • Delays into SFO
  • Crime in Oakland
  • Attending Network awards is like nonreving
  • Prize
  • Getting home
  • Bereavement and saying good by to grandma

✈StaffTraveler is a great app that can assist your non-rev travels! Use i...

Mark as Played

Tyler and Lara work this year’s The Cranky Network Awards ceremony and dinner! By far the aviation industry’s leading event! Almost every US and Canadian carrier is represented along with executives from Boeing and Airbus!! All the major airlines send their network planning teams to this event for the award ceremony!  Brett Snyder enjoys The Non Rev Lounge and is a big supporter!
Thank you to Brett and The Cranky Concierge for ...

Mark as Played
February 20, 2024 53 mins

We’re celebrating Lara’s birthday! Same day as a great aircraft…Airbus A220!  

  • The podcast group chat termed the LAX meet up #LarAAfest!
  • Lara has been flying with the singing Capt Pete a lot! He’s such a nice man!
  • Naked man in ORD! Did you see the videos?
  • Airports are stressful for a lot of people
  • When did LaGuardia become such a nice airport?
  • Tyler on his great Chase Lounge Tour!
  • Tyler got a facial!! 😝
  • Do you have nightmares about wo...
Mark as Played

Remember when Lara was at a bday party and that guy randomly kissed her and then immediately ran to Lara’s husband to apologize?? This is the girl we were celebrating! 

  • How do you dress like yourself? 
  • How did you get into aviation?
  • Another America West Airlines story!
  • Flight attendant = friends
  • Personalities make the difference🤪
  • Our airline picks wine 🍷 based on what tastes best at 36,000 ft
  • Bridget learns about the areas of our co...
Mark as Played

Brittany the Flight Attendant from overseas joins us as we discuss all things aviation!!

  • Passengers  tooting and drinking 🤮
  • True or False story
  • Taylor Swift flight numbers! What’s that all about and it makes Tyler 😡
  • Phoenix Is The Friendliest Airport??
  • Another airline beats our airline for a non stop to Paris!
  • If you’re interviewing for a flight attendant position, do you cross your legs?
  • It’s tacky for passengers to hear FAs compla...
Mark as Played

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