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Not Your Father's Movies

Not Your Father's Movies aims to tackle the elusive genre of "Dad Movies."


October 24, 2022 85 mins

Happy Halloween!

Mark as Played

How did we get here? The same way the coin got here!

We start this part going over the 2007 oscars! What won and what we think should have won. Then, we talk deeply about these movies and what on earth we think is going on in them. Last, we bring out ye ol' dad questions and ask whether these are all dad movies/a dad series. 

This was a honest and interesting discussion for all of us. We hope you enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Mike!


Mark as Played

Howdy partners! Come join us along the trail as we keep talkin' 'bout these here 2007 cowboys.

This time we are covering our favorite scenes of al 3 of these movies! The outlaw Jesse immediately starts arguin' 'bout coins and cats. Then, we hunt our likes and dislikes all all three of these movies.  

Things get interestin' here as we try to dive more into No Country for Old Men. Normally, things don't get this deep this fast, but i...

Mark as Played

Hello! And greetings from the very serious birthday boy who picked these incredibly serious 2007 western movies!

We got some big, big movies to cover here, so listen up y’all. We are continuin’ our new episode format. With this episode, we cover some cast and crew for these here three legends. We also got some mighty meaty nostalgia comin’ your way. I reckon you ain’t capable of handlin’ this here nostalgia. 

The followin’ couple w...

Mark as Played

Friends and Neighbors, we return this week to the land of magic and mayhem, the land of large creatures and even larger victories, we return one final time into the mind of the great, the inescapable, the indefatigable Steven Spielberg! 

This is the moment you've been waiting for, the pinnacle, the finale, the whole purpose of this series - are JAWS, JURASSIC PARK, and THE BFG fit to enter the halls of the DAD CANON? The answer may...

Mark as Played

Friends and Neighbors, what's better than a whole new approach and a whole new series? NO IDEA when the episodes are going to drop! That's right, this was definitely on purpose. No it wasn't, we're busy/lazy people and today is the earliest we were able to publish. Sorry.

THIS WEEK, we bring you back to the land of MOVIE MAGIC, the land that was discovered, built, and perfected by the one, the only - Steven Spielberg. That's right,...

Mark as Played

Friends and Neighbors, we come to you bearing glad tidings of great change. Small change. Well, some sort of change. With this next series, we're trying something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT with the formatting - instead of breaking up the episodes by movie, we're breaking them up by conversation. 

Here, for our inaugural series of the new NYFM format, we have: STEVEN SPIELBERG CREATURE FEATURES! The films we are talking about here are Jaws...

Mark as Played
August 24, 2022 96 mins

It is Dan's First Birthday Episode!

In case you thought Dan was a normal, chill dude, be ready for some surprises in this episode. He chose to discuss two very strange, existentialist movies. The 2009 film by Jaco Van Dormael, Mr. Nobody and the 2013 film by Denis Villeneuve, Enemy. These are wild, intense, very adult, and our conversations are just as wild, intense, and somewhat adult.

We dive into what the heck existentialist mea...

Mark as Played
August 15, 2022 83 mins

Here is Vito's Second Annual Birthday Episode!


Last year, Vito wanted to cover choreography, both with musicals and fight choreography. And to cover that, Vito picked The Raid, The Raid: Berendal, and All That Jazz.


This year is totally different.


The discussion this year is computer generated images versus practical effects. Basically, we are using The Thing (1982) and The Thing (2011) to compare and contrast the two differe...

Mark as Played
August 8, 2022 78 mins

NSFW: Crude jokes and language (except one of Mike's F-bombs are bleeped out for some reason. Why? Because I am mediocre.)

This episode is so chrome. Its so shiny.

Actually, it ain't shiny at all. Vito is under the weather, Jesse is sick as well, Dan's library ran out of wifi, and Mike read the word "Imperator" wrong. Its a strange episode and I love it. We have an amazing discussion about this insane action movie that is one of th...

Mark as Played
August 1, 2022 81 mins

The third and perhaps most surprising installment in our CARS series (as in movies WITH cars, not the Cars movies) is Speed Racer!

If you have seen this movie then you will understand when we warn you this episode is fast, exciting, and a little all over the place. We grapple with our opinions - is this art for art's sake? Who was the intended audience for this movie? Was there an intended audience for this movie? And that is just ...

Mark as Played
July 25, 2022 87 mins

Next up for our CAR MOVIES that absolute unequivocal category of dad movies we have the carsiest one of them all, CARS!

If you've seen this movie, you know what it's about. If you haven't (weird) I'll give you three guesses. 

Jesse and Mike were BOTH out this week as they apparently don't have what it takes but fortunately  we are rejoined this week by our very own Mr. Speed himself: Sirr! from Sirr's Furniture and My Movie Fix Pod...

Mark as Played
July 17, 2022 64 mins

Hey Everyone! Here is another episode where we talk about literally everything we have been watching in the month of June.

We each talk about the movies we have been watching with other adults and what we have ben watching with our kids.

Starting next month, this type of episode will be patreon exclusive. So here is a way to check out the episode and see if you like it!

Also, please check out Sirr's Furniture! He produces some amaz...

Mark as Played
July 11, 2022 79 mins

Is there anything more "dad" than a car? Or a bus? Or Freeways?

No there is not. 

We are tackling some of our favorite tire-squealin' movies. The rubber really meets the asphalt in this series! (heh)


Today we are talkin' Speed! The Keanu Reeves classic of not trying to hit everything on the road. We get into some arguments in this one. Namely about freeways. (seriously though, how does NO-ONE know that the freeway isn't finished?...

Mark as Played

The final episode of our Chronological Crowe series has finally arrived! It has been travelling all the way from the far side of the world, survived many naval battles, and maybe even had brain surgery.

We discuss many topics regarding leadership, pride, choosing the lesser of two weevils - we get deep!

We can't believe how amazingly this movie has withstood the test of time.

And finally, a thank you to Russell Crowe for taking us ...

Mark as Played
June 27, 2022 105 mins

Continuing on our journey through time, history, grit, grime, and glory - we have our next incarnation of our Gruff Australian hero... ROBIN HOOD.


Has this movie stood the test of time?


Let's be honest, I think most of us forgot about it until now. BUT NOT DAN! 


Also as we've spoken about in the past our podcast has some trouble with our sense of the space-time continuum and so the future series mentioned at the end of the ep...

Mark as Played

Happy Father's Day!


For our second Father's Day episode, we are covering The Godfather: Part II. You know it, I know it. It is a stone-cold classic. Listen on.


Please check out Sirr's Furniture! He produces some amazing pieces of woodworking and we can personally vouch for the quality of his work. Check out his website at or his Instagram for more pictures of his work.  

Email us at notyourfather...

Mark as Played
June 13, 2022 108 mins

Surprise episode everybody!


In honor of us launching our new Patreon, and in honor of our highest tier member Sirr, we decided to do a watch-along of MORBIUS, the newest Sony entry into the kinda-Spiderman-kinda-not universe! A movie well loved by Sirr that Mike and Vito had not seen, they decided to record a live, synced-up watch-along of the movie. This is an episode best played while you are also watching the movie to hear the...

Mark as Played
June 6, 2022 117 mins

"Are you not entertained?!?"

Russell Crowe is back for what is his most acclaimed movie, Gladiator! Not only critically acclaimed, this movie also has some deep roots in our hosts' nostalgia. We talk about our experiences as teenagers watching this movie for the first time as well as other 'swords and sandals' type movies.

Are we supposed to be entertained by the heads rolling on the screen? Does this make us just as bad as the rom...

Mark as Played
June 2, 2022 64 mins

Here is our first Patreon episode! For those of you who are patrons, thank you. For those of you who aren't, what's stopping you???


For the first several months, we will be offering our Patreon exclusive What's Up episode for free on our main feed. BUT, in the future, you need to be a subscriber at the $5 a month level to get this episode (which will be longer...better....stronger) and our newsletter plus a shoutout on our main f...

Mark as Played

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