Ohio Valley Cryptid

Ohio Valley Cryptid

Seemingly randomly uploaded podcast where local cryptid and paranormal "experts" Dan, Mike, and Reese take deep dives into the history of strange goings-on around the Ohio Valley, the United States, and the entire world all while having a laugh or two along the way! Join us on our journey through all things creepy and mysterious as we try to find out what that sound in the woods or that bump in the night really is. Have a story you'd like to tell us? What about a suggestion for the show? You can contact us directly at contact@ohiovalleycryptid.com with anything!


June 6, 2022 64 min

Here we are again. late on uploading and talking about something spooky. This time Mike brings us the story of the Fresno Nightcrawlers. Hope you all enjoy!

AND DONT FORGET, you can contact us with any information, comments, etc at contact@ohiovalleycryptid.com ALSO LEAVE US REVIEWS

We would LOVE to hear any personal stories, corrections, or anything of the like relating to spooky stuff! It also doesn't have to be local at al...

Mark as Played

Hi everyone sorry for the absence. We love you all!

Anyway, we're finishing up the crazy story of Kelly Hopkinsville. Hope you had a great winter...

AND DONT FORGET, you can contact us with any information, comments, etc at contact@ohiovalleycryptid.com

We would LOVE to hear any personal stories, corrections, or anything of the like relating to spooky stuff! It also doesn't have to be local at all. 

Sources: Astonishing Le...

Mark as Played
December 24, 2021 50 min

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Warm up some cider or spike your favorite egg nog, throw the yule log on the fire, deck the halls and sit back and enjoy our holiday episode!

Also, heads up we touch on some child abuse on this one so if you don't want to hear that, then yeah maybe skip this one. XOXO

We talk about some evil incarnations of Jolly St Nick. Thanks for a great year, and we will see you in 2022!



Mark as Played
November 28, 2021 57 min

Woah a 2 parter! Our First! We. Are. Back,

Those pesky men in silver suits or whatever they are were bugging Elmer and Billy Ray and Glennie down in Kentucky. Are the little green men a hoax perpetuated by the 11 inhabitants of a small farmhouse, or did they actually see something that night in August? 

Excuse the sniffling. I tried to cut it out but boy is it a lot, and honestly, this is part of the reason we were gone.


Mark as Played
October 29, 2021 69 min

Happppppyyyyy Halloween!

Mike walks us through some spooky local tales about an old-timey ghost town turned into a state park, including some classic ghost stories that originated there! Join us for a spirit-tacular, haunting episode and listen to the tales of what lurks in Beaver Creek.

Here are some sources I used, but a lot of knowledge also comes from being a local:



Mark as Played
October 16, 2021 58 min

A Dan-centric episode today! We chat about the internet urban legend of Black-Eyed Children, apparently aka BEKs, while also getting very derailed.

Here are some of those sources we used:







Mark as Played
October 1, 2021 65 min

I wish I was a normal kid, but I got a melon as a head instead! Reese walks us through that story about those big head kids sneaking around the woods, stealing cars, and whatever else they do. Pretty weird stuff, and we talk about why this may have started as a legend in the first place.

This one is definitely one of those stories that has some truth behind it, but how much truth? That's for you to decide!

Here's some of the...

Mark as Played
September 17, 2021 61 min

Hello folks! Welcome to our first official episode of Ohio Valley Cryptid! In this one, we talk about the Beast of Grafton, or the Grafton Monster, a little cryptid that bothered a small town in West Virginia. Recently, it's been a bit more well-known because of the video game Fallout 76, but even then how accurate is its portrayal?

Reese's mic is a little goofy sounding in this one, but don't worry, later episodes this ...

Mark as Played

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