On The Level w/ Fred & Chris...

On The Level w/ Fred & Chris...

Some people think Masonry is on the decline, maybe- maybe not. However, if Fred & Chris have anything to say about it (and they do) Masonry will most assuredly be on the ascendancy, facing the future with all the friendship, morality, and brotherly love the world's oldest fraternity has always been known for.


November 29, 2023 100 mins

What happened to William Morgan, the man who threatened to spill the secrets of Freemasonry, resulting in his mysterious disappearance in 1826? Join us in our jaw-dropping exploration of this perplexing tale with our guest, Chris, who adds an extra layer of intrigue with his personal insights. We dive into the murky waters of the consequences of this event, including the birth of the Anti-Masonic party and its effect on the politic...

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Have you ever pondered the mysteries of Freemasonry, or felt a chill when someone mentions the Chamber of Reflection? We've got you covered in this rich, engaging episode, where we strip away the myths and misconceptions that surround the craft. With the insightful Warshawville Daniel Molina as our special guest, we examine what it means to be a Mason - and trust us, it's more profound than secret handshakes and elab...
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November 8, 2023 72 mins

Join us for our final foray into the Florida Masonic Etiquette book!

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Does the thought of leaving a job you've held for years send chills down your spine? Join us for a candid chat as my co-host, Chris and I share our personal experiences on this unnerving topic. We discuss the ugly side of office politics, the toxicity that often comes with working in a place where your heart isn't into it, and the invaluable lessons we've learned about knowing when to take a step back.


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Strap yourself in and prepare for a thrilling journey that seamlessly interweaves the profound world of Freemasonry with the adrenaline-pumping realm of Ultimate Frisbee. What's the rebel yell got to do with a Master Mason Association meeting, you ask? And just how does a national champion of ultimate frisbee handle the physical demands of such a sport? Listen on as we unravel these mysteries with riveting conversations and in...

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Are you ready to embark on a voyage that bridges the past with the present? Our conversation today offers a rich exploration of Freemasonry, from its ancient roots to its current evolution. We begin our journey with a nostalgic look back at the early days of Star Trek and the 80s-era tech that shaped our childhoods. This trip down memory lane serves as an intriguing springboard into a deeper exploration of the timeless craft of Fre...

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Ever wonder how it feels to lead a non-profit organization or navigate the responsibilities of a chaplain in Freemasonry? Look no further, as we share our insights on these topics, busting myths about Masonry and highlighting the essential role of etiquette in this fraternity. Kicking off the conversation with a mix of Masonry and current affairs, we share our thoughts on the war's distressing impact on innocent civilians and ...

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Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of Masonic etiquette, and how it builds a sense of respect and courtesy within the fraternity? Join us as we decode the official GL 208 Revised 2010 version of the Masonic etiquette booklet, shedding light on the appropriate usage of Masonic tools, and highlighting the exemplary mentoring work of our brother, Wade Botkin. We delve into the core of Masonic principles, emphasizing the need...

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Ever wondered what it's like to be part of one of the world's oldest and most mysterious fraternities? Buckle up and immerse yourself in our journey to unlock the enigma of Freemasonry. We kick off with drawing back the curtains on the Master Mason Association and dive deep into the significance of Freemasonry. We'll take you through a whirlwind of our lively District Fundraiser and share anecdotes from our adventure...

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Are you prepared for a journey through time and tradition as we embark on a voyage into the world of Freemasonry? We, Chris and Fred, will guide you through the labyrinth of ancient customs, values, and sacred rites that make up the fabric of this centuries-old institution. We'll also throw light on our bustling lodge activities, including the high-stakes district competition at Liberty Lodge and the District 23 fundraiser, wh...

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What does it take to be a lodge master juggling countless responsibilities while navigating the intricate world of Freemasonry and its symbolism? We keep things light-hearted with a few chuckles about the pressures of being a Worshipful Master and pay our respects to the ever-amazing Jimmy Kamastro at Sound Lounge.

Our conversations stretch far and wide, deep into the realms of anti-Masonry, the misconceptions about Free M...

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Ready to journey into the heart of Freemasonry? You don't want to miss this deep dive into the craft of masonry, as we explore symbolic rituals and share insights for a healthier life. We kick off with a recap of the Master Mason Association meeting and a reflection on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We also acknowledge the leadership of Paul Beckinhouse, who stepped up to the challenge at the Sarasota Sahib Shrine.

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Ever wondered how Freemasonry has evolved in the age of social media? Join us in this episode as we dive into this intriguing topic with none other than the Most Worshipful Jeffrey Foster. We apologize to him for a previous recording mishap and express our gratitude for his grace and the wealth of wisdom he brings. Our conversation unfolds into unexpected territories, from the power of brotherhood in Masonry to the peculiar journey...

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Ever wondered about the inner workings of Masonry? Buckle up for a deep dive into this fascinating world with our guest, Bill Catsulis. As the current State Chairman of the Masonic Leadership Training Program and a Past District Deputy Grandmaster, Bill is uniquely positioned to guide us through the symbolic and practical aspects of Masonic life. We peel back the layers of Masonic rites and rituals, examining everything from the sy...

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What if the ancient teachings of Aristotle and the Greeks could illuminate a path to liberating ourselves from ignorance? Join us, as we guide you through the labyrinth of the liberal arts and sciences, shedding light on its profound impact on our understanding of language, speech, and rhetoric. From the art of speaking eloquently to the influence of geometry on society, discover how these disciplines have shaped our world and cont...

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When we think of Freemasonry, we might picture symbols shrouded in mystery and intrigue. But what if we told you that these symbols are not meant to hide, but to communicate profound truths that date back to pre-Egyptian times? Join Chris and Fred as we venture into the Fellowcraft Lecture, and explore how Freemasonry unites men of disparate backgrounds, bolstering faith, fraternity, and resilience even in the face of personal trag...

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Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the intriguing world of Masonry with our special guest, R:. W:. Tom Haber, is a third-generation mason with a rich history and invaluable experiences. Born into a family of Masons and raised in Cabul Lodge, Right Worshifold has served at various reputable lodges, climbing the ranks to the 32nd Degree of Masonry. His journey is one of dedication and commitment, offering listeners a rare...

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In This Episode Fred & Chris continue their discussion of the Entered Apprentice (EA) Lecture. In this Episode we discuss the following topics: 

  • The Jewels of the Lodge
  • How Lodges are situated
  • To Whom Lodges are dedicated

Some very illuminating discussions about these topics as Fred & Chris elaborate on the meaning of the jewels, why we situate our Lodges due East and West, and much discussion about the Saints John. Wh...

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In this Episode Fred & Chris interview the author of the Masonic Book "More Light".  As we continue to learn our new Podcasting hardware we took our first call in for this interview and his sound is lower than the hosts, so we apologize for that, but it will not happen again!

Austin R. Shifrin has had a multifaceted past: a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management, a singer in a ska band, a founding me...

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In Season 2 Episode 8 Fred and Chris continue their exploration of the Entered Apprentice Degree Lectures. In addition to the usual rabbit holes that include some personal tragedy for Fred's family, continuity in a Lodge, and learning from our mistakes, we also cover open sections of the Entered Apprentice Degree Lecture including: 

  • Holy Bible, Square, and Compasses
  • Form and dimensions of a Lodge
  • The Support of a Lo...
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