One Broken Mom

One Broken Mom

Ameé is not Mother of The Year. Nor is she is a parenting expert with degrees in child psychology. Ameé, in fact, failed at being a mother. <p>Her path to parenthood started with genuine intention and optimism. But unable to understand and manage her inner battles, her marriage ended and she left her husband of ten years as the custodial parent of their two small children. <p>For nearly seven years, Ameé was the "Weekend Mom" until circumstances changed and a wiser, willing Ameé was reunited with her kids and became a full-time single parent. At this point, she knew failure was no longer an option. <p>Today, shouldered by the deeper understanding of childhood experiences and their influence on brain development, Ameé seeks to continue to help herself heal & understand her former limitations as a parent. <p>Amee is now an advocate for other parents who are struggling with their own childhood neglect, abuse and other traumatic experiences. But, by sharing her personal story, she ho... Show More

Ameé brings back on to the show Karine Bell. Karine is a healing mother as well as a somatic experience therapist who hosts a podcast called “Bold as Love.” Karine’s work is aimed directly as mothers who are undertaking the task of healing childhood traumas in themselves so that they can become the powerful parent they have always wanted to be. 

In this episode, Ameé and Karine talk about the cultural influences over the last century and how the parenting advice our parents and grandparents was developed. Because by looking at what the leading pop child psychologists of the early 20th century, we can start to see some of the flawed and dangerous thinking that became the ‘norm’ for many mothers that resulted in unintentional childhood traumas in our families. 

Topics in the Episode Include:

  • The introduction of Child Psychology and the leading ideas from Luther Emmett Holt and John Watson
  • How The Great Depression and World War II affected our grandparents and parents
  • Dr. Spock and his guidance to mothers in 1946 to trust their instincts
  • What to do when our “instincts” are mixed with trauma
  • The flaws with crowd-sourcing for parenting advice on social media today


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