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June 30, 2024 59 mins

The school bookfair is no longer a safe place for children thanks to Scholastic Books.

Remember the excitement of picking out new books as a child? Those cherished memories have been marred thanks to the changes and concerns surrounding these fairs today.

Join us as we discuss how Scholastic's overt indoctrination through LGBT-themed books conflicts with traditional views of marriage, sex, and gender, along with a critique of their ...

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Key Topics

- Verses from Galatians chapter 6

- Opposition to Pride Month

- Stance that it's not aligned with the God of the Bible

- Concern for individuals, citing self-harm and depression

-Distinguishing Homosexuality from Other Sins**

- Argument that homosexuality is openly celebrated and harmful

- Biblical support for this viewpoint

- Criticism of Pride Month for promoting unnatural desires

- Highlighting impa...

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Today's episode (108) dives into a very important yet sensitive topic—Pride Month.

In this episode, we'll be exploring pride, love and identity through the lens of God’s perspective, unpacking the often controversial phrase "love is love," and discussing the true essence of sacrificial love as defined by the Bible.

We'll revisit the symbolism of the rainbow, originally God's covenant with Noah, and address its current association wi...

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Welcome to a very special Mother’s Day episode of “One Little Candle.”

In today’s episode (107), we’re exploring the heartfelt journey of mothers whose children might be wandering from or have rejected the path to God. It’s a tender spot many moms silently agonize over, and often, a burden of responsibility and guilt that weighs heavily on their hearts.

We’ll delve into the poignant story o...

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The riveting finale of the Book of Esther, chapters 8 through 10, tell us of the momentous events that see the Jews shift from peril to victory, culminating in the establishment of the Purim festival, still celebrated to this day,  of their miraculous deliverance that ensures the safety and prosperity of the Jews. 

With God’s promises to restore and safegu...

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The dramatic saga intensifies in chapters 4 to 7 of the Book of Esther.

Tune in as we explore a night of royal restlessness that shifts the fate of Mordecai, witness Haman’s fall from arrogance to humiliation, and marvel at Esther’s bravery as she orchestrates a banquet that turns into Haman’s downfall – all under the watchful, though unseen, hand of Providence.

As we recount Esther’s peril and Haman’s...

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In this episode (105), we begin an intriguing study of the first 3 chapters of the book of Esther.

We’ll explore profound themes of justice, God’s underlying sovereignty, and how even in seemingly chaotic times, there’s Divine purpose at work. We also look at how we can draw parallels to today’s challenges, urging trust and hope in the face of adversity.

From Esther’s courage, Mordecai’s wisdom, ...

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Join us as we delve into the heart of the purpose of church with Andrew Rappaport and members of the Christian Podcast Community.  We’ll discuss moving beyond the walls and steeples to the call of gathering, equipping and taking the gospel out into the world while confronting sobering truths about modern perceptions of the church and concerns about our priorities in ministering both to believers and ...

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In today’s episode (104) , we’ll take a look at how in a world of both comfort and discomfort, we find hope in knowing that God is unchanging and faithful. As we approach Good Friday and Easter, we reflect on the immense sacrifice and the ultimate victory of Jesus. Through the darkest moments, we are reminded that God can turn bitter into sweet and that Sunday is coming. The message of redemption and grace c...

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Today’s powerful episode (103), is the second part of our heart-to-heart interview with Laura Perry. In this episode, we continue the deeply moving story of Laura’s transformative journey from living as a transgender man back to embracing her God-given feminine identity.
Today, Laura opens up about her profound conversations with God, her struggle with her past identity, and her powerful testimony detailed in her must-r...

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Today’s episode (102) is a profound tale of transformation featuring Laura Perry, who, joined by her husband, Perry Smalts,  shares her intense journey from grappling with gender identity and spiritual darkness to a place of healing and faith.

Laura shares her struggle and quest for identity, her  battle with demonic oppression, as well as her eye-opening return to the church she once rejected and deemed intolerant and the ac...

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In today’s episode (101) of One Little Candle, we’ll explore the controversial “He Gets Us” campaign, an ambitious endeavor with a staggering $100 million funding aimed at rebranding Jesus for today’s younger generations. 

As we wade through the narratives and outreach efforts of this movement—from its use of secular media strategie...

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In this pivotal 100th episode,  host, Rebecca Berschwinger, brings to a close the enlightening series refuting the popular yet misleading book “Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.”

Standing firm in the truth of the Scriptures, she dissects the author’s vision of utopia—a world where religious boundaries blur into a unified theory which outright ignore ...

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In this episode (99), host, Rebecca Berschwinger tackles chapters 8 and 9 of Rainn Wilson's book, where she dismantles the proposed principles of Soul Boom, the Religion, using God's Word. Topics include: - The authors rejection of the doctrine of hell and eternal punishment  -Soul Boom's creation of moral guidelines without God   -Patriarchy and leadership roles and the idea that all interpretations of holy writings are valid a...
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In this episode (98), Rebecca delves deep into Chapter 7,  challenging the core teachings of various religions and emphasizing  the uniqueness of Christianity. The episode raises thought-provoking discussions on the foundations of faith,  a higher power, moral compass, and the power of love across different spiritual traditions, answering the question, "Can the "commonalities" of differing religions bring unity and peace?" https:...
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Is spirituality the new religion?  Join host, Rebecca Berschwinger, as she  delves deep into the book "Soul Boom, Why We Need A Spiritual Revolution" by Rainn Wilson, and challenges  the concept of a new-age approach to spirituality and its implications.  Wilson presents an alternative to traditional religion rooted in Baha'i beliefs, Buddhism, and Native American spirituality. But is this the answer to a deeper connection with the...
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Episode 96. Many, including those within the Christian community, are becoming increasingly weary as the death toll in Gaza rises,  resulting in increasing calls for a ceasefire. In this episode,  Rebecca responds to one such call from within the Christian community and shares her thoughts on the subject of a ceasefire. Discussion Points Contrast between living in certain parts of the world and daily reality of missile strikes...
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One Little Candle  Episode 94 In today's episode, titled "Israel. From Exodus to Triumph: Unveiling Miracles, Conflict, and Divine Intervention in the Promised Land," we will be providing you with the amazing story of the incredible journey of the nation of Israel through Amir Tsarfati's teaching, "The Miracle Called Israel." From biblical times to modern-day events,  miraculous moments have shaped this remarkable nation.  Join u...
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Special Edition Episode. The latest updates on the war in Israel; a personal and biblical perspective and how you can fight alongside Israel from where you're at. TIME STAMPED OVERVIEW 00:00:01] Special edition podcast addressing war in Israel [00:03:01] Our spiritual connection with Israel. [00:07:38] Imagining the horror. [00:08:10] Brave couple hides twins, shoots terrorists, dies. [00:16:01] Facebook took down video, comments,...
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In this episode(93), we finish up addressing the fallacies in chapter 4, The Notorious G.O.D. Including: *Exploring the complex nature of God and the various ways people perceive and worship Him. * Challenging unbiblical notions of God * Exploring the role of hypocrisy within religious communities. * The powerful impact of trials and suffering * The enduring friendship of Jesus * The importance of living as a positive example i...
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