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OneLeg Up

The official podcast of OneLeg where we pull back the curtain on marketing and discuss how you can deliver the very best customer experience and achieve zero marketing waste.


April 20, 2022 36 mins

The OneLeg Tech Team don't just sit around thinking about technology platforms and bits, bytes and Squid Game. No, they are a critical asset helping clients think through all of the details of their sales and marketing programs.

In this episode, the Tech Team discuss marketing campaign analytics and what you should be looking for, and how you can, and should, measure virtually every aspect of your sales and marketing ...

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There is a lot to try and figure out when you start a new business...especially in the home improvement sector. It can be hard, exhilarating, overwhelming and exciting--all in the same minute. 

We pulled together a group of our clients, all of who's home improvement companies are less than three years old, to discuss the trials and tribulations of starting and running a business in the home improvement space.

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On this episode of OneLeg Up, Vic interviews the CEO of OneLeg’s first client, Scott Reid. During this 30-min episode, Scott talks about his journey to grow the Dormeo business in North America from virtually zero in sales to on a pace to be a $40MM company in just a handful of years. We also cover Scott’s learnings for tech stack implementation and how the focus should always be on the customer.

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Did you know that if you have Lead Perfection, you don’t actually need a dialer to follow up on your leads?

That’s right, our tech team reveals a little secret about Lead Perfection not a lot of people know or utilize when they discuss the ins and outs of the dial control center. From set-up all the way through reporting, you’ll find that our Tech Alchemists have you covered.

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March 14, 2022 33 mins

On this episode of OneLegUp the team discusses serious vs curious buyers, strategies to win over curious buyers to serious buyers and why the home improvement industry is doing itself a disservice by not having a multi-pronged approach to building relationships with potential customers.

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On this very special edition of OneLeg Up, the OLU hosts find themselves together, in Dallas, during an ice storm. What better time to do a podcast?!

In this episode we go deep into content and explore the reasons why certain content works, and why certain content gets no love. We also take on the objections clients have to generating new content and why they are likely doing not only their customers a disservice, but also their bus...

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On this episode of OneLeg Up, Ed Davis sits down with Praj Gadtaula of Business Brainz (and BBN International) about the importance of research as part of your sales and marketing efforts, and why term "regionalization" is becoming extinct. 

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On this episode OneLeg Up: Tech Squawk, the OneLeg tech team is diving further into the Lead Perfection platform and specifically discussing how users can better utilize sub-tables (pre-sale and post-sale), which is a area that can be customized to your business: such as referral information (pre-sale) or lead scoring; and post-sale finance info.

 In the second half of the podcast, the team explores the various ways in which you can...

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Vic, Steven, and KC tackle the harsh truth when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of your business on this rendition of Tech Squawk. We cover how to link your post-sale documents into Lead Perfection as well as how to take a deeper look into your call center agent’s activities. Find out how efficient and effective you are while using  your CRM and managing your team.

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On this episode of OneLeg Up we speak to Sean Conners, CEO of Contractor Appointments, which is a business turning the historical lead aggregator business on its head.

For those of you who are familiar about the personality and culture of OneLeg know that we are constantly looking to disrupt the industry’s thinking and ways it goes about things, and we think Sean and Contractor Appointments are doing just that.

Most of our listeners ...

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Join Vic, Steven, and KC as they discuss the core tool for managing KPIs: CRM Reporting. If you are merely running reports, you are missing out! Learn about report customization to measure goals vs. actuals as well as ways to keep your reports accurately reflecting company numbers.

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The debate around quality vs quantity penetrates every facet of sales and marketing, from social media content and posts to sales leads. The inherent problem is that often owners don’t have the patience or resources to commit to marketing programs that allow for both. So, agencies are tasked with producing “stuff” that will “get their name out there” in-front of potential customer instead of having a plan to use an omni-channel app...

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BONUS EPISODE: Our podcast about Lead Perfection and Five9 covered so much ground in the first two episodes, we were surprised to find that we actually needed a third episode. On this episode of the OneLeg Up podcast, Chief Mastermind, Vic Sun, is joined by two of OneLeg’s Tech Alchemists: Steven White and KC Urias to discuss all things Lead Perfection and Five9 and uncover some of the tips and tricks in utilizing both platforms th...

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Our podcast about Lead Perfection and Five9 covered so much ground we had to do it in two parts. On this episode of the OneLeg Up podcast, Chief Mastermind, Vic Sun, is joined by two of OneLeg’s Tech Alchemists: Steven White and KC Urias to discuss all things tech. They specifically get into the weeds of Lead Perfection and Five9.

 Grab something to drink and hold on as three techheads try to keep the banter light and easy...

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October 1, 2021 18 mins

Reviews, no matter the business you are in, are important currency when building your brand and reinforcing a purchasing decision. Reviews, and their management, affects all sorts of companies and industries.

On this episode of OneLeg Up, the team discusses the increasingly important customer reviews, how to get positive, five-star reviews, and how to manage customer experiences to mitigate the potential of a poor review.

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September 28, 2021 29 mins

On this episode of the OneLeg Up podcast, Chief Mastermind, Vic Sun, is joined by two of OneLeg’s Tech Alchemists: Steven White and KC Urias to discuss all things tech. They specifically get into the weeds of Lead Perfection and Five9.

Grab something to drink and hold on as three techheads try to keep the banter light and easy to follow by us mere mortals.

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We recently took part in a virtual debate with Dominic Caminata of Grosso University about whether the One Call Close was dead. As a practitioner of the One Call Close, Dominic, of course, is pro-One Call Close. We took the opposing position and had a lively discussion, which was attended by more than 100 people.

So, in this episode of OneLeg Up we recap the debate and have an honest conversation about what we learned, which element...

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August 18, 2021 23 mins

Is the One Call Close a necessary evil or does it need to be retired as a sales strategy? The OneLeg team discusses the merits of the One Call Close and the reasons why you should consider building relationships rather than burning customers.

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In this episode of OneLeg Up we talk all things video production with our partner, Jeff Gadigan of AminoCat Entertainment.

We specifically cover how entrepreneurs should approach and incorporate video assets into their marketing plans, how a strong story can have more impact on sales than a cool feature set, and how do you make a video memorable.

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May 19, 2021 27 mins

In this episode, the OneLeg team discuss rehash programs, why they are critical to a successful home improvement business and what are the key considerations a company needs to make when thinking about implementing a rehash program.

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