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Welcome to Opt Out, where I sit down with passionate people to learn why privacy matters to them, the tools and techniques they’ve found and leveraged, and where we encourage and inspire others towards personal privacy and data-sovereignty.


February 26, 2023 95 min

Heard of SimpleX chat and curious what it's all about? This episode, we're sitting down with Evgeny, the founder of SimpleX Chat to talk about SimpleX, privacy, data sovereignty, and the future of computing.

More about Evgeny:

  • Evgeny's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/evgeny-poberezkin/
  • More about SimpleX:

  • Website: https://simplex.chat/
  • Chat protocol: https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat/blob/stable/docs...
  • Mark as Played

    This episode, we're sitting down with Eric Sirion and Matt Odell to chat about FediMints, a fascinating and unusual new proposal that seeks to ease onboarding and privacy on Bitcoin with important trade-offs.

    More about Eric Sirion and Matt Odell:

  • Eric Sirion's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/eric-sirion/
  • Matt Odell's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/odell/
  • More about FediMints:

  • Website -- https://...
  • Mark as Played
    July 2, 2022 102 min

    Welcome to the first ever live Q&A on Opt Out! We covered a ton of topics ranging from personal privacy, self-hosting, Bitcoin, Monero, privacy-preserving donations, future plans for the podcast, and much more.

    Thank you to all those who joined live, and please let me know if you have any questions or want to dive more deeply into any of the topics we touched on here!

    Mentioned resources:

  • https://sethforprivacy.com/posts/how-moner...
  • Mark as Played

    Looking to explore alternatives to Signal and heard of Session, but not sure what sets it apart? This episode, we're sitting down with Kee Jefferys, CTO of Session, to chat about their Session messenger and it's approaches to chat, encryption, and network privacy.

    More about Kee Jefferys:

  • Kee's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/kee-jefferys/
  • More about Session:

  • Website -- https://getsession.org/
  • Twitter -- https:...
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    March 27, 2022 38 min

    Have you been struggling to find ways to get a usable and long-lasting phone number without giving up your ID or privacy? This episode, we're sitting down with Silent.Link to chat about their phone number service via eSIMs.

    More about Silent.Link:

  • Website -- https://silent.link/
  • Twitter -- https://twitter.com/silentlink1
  • Matrix -- matrix://@support:silent.link
  • Email -- support@silent.link
  • Opt Out's Sponsors:

  • Cake Wallet, a...
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    This episode, we're taking a break from the normal structure of Opt Out to focus on a conference I'll be attending and speaking at in April, Monerotopia, and learn more about it from the creator, Douglas Tuman.

    More about Douglas Tuman:

  • Douglas' guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/douglas-tuman/
  • More about Monerotopia:

  • April 7th, 2022 – Miami Beach, FL
  • Website -- https://monerotopia.com/
  • Buy a ticket ASAP -- https:/...
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    Looking for a privacy-preserving and light-weight search tool that you can self-host? This episode, we’re sitting down with Ben Busby to chat about his project, Whoogle search.

    More about Ben Busby:

  • Ben’s guest profile – https://optoutpod.com/guests/ben-busby/
  • More about Whoogle:

  • Github – https://github.com/benbusby/whoogle-search
  • Installing Whoogle – https://github.com/benbusby/whoogle-search#install
  • My Whoogle instance – https://search...
  • Mark as Played

    Looking for a solution to get off of Google or Apple's walled ecosystem and take back control of your data? This episode, we're sitting down with Jos Poortvliet to chat about Nextcloud and the many solutions it has to offer.

    More about Jos Poortvliet:

  • Jos' guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/jos-poortvliet/
  • More about Nextcloud:

  • Site - https://nextcloud.com/
  • Getting started - https://nextcloud.com/yourdata/
  • Self-hos...
  • Mark as Played

    Have you heard about i2p but aren't sure where it fits into your network privacy toolkit? This episode, we're sitting down with Sadie and IDK from i2p to chat about i2p's approach to privacy, it's use-cases, and how it compares to similar tools like the Tor network.

    More about idk and Sadie:

  • idk's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/idk/
  • Sadie's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/sadie-masc...
  • Mark as Played

    Looking for the right tool for password management, but wanting something that's open-source and encrypted by default? This episode, we're sitting down with Ryan Luibrand to chat about Bitwarden and their password manager tool.

    More about Ryan Luibrand:

  • Ryan's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/ryan-luibrand/
  • More about Bitwarden:

  • Website -- https://bitwarden.com/
  • Roadmap -- https://community.bitwarden.com/t/bitwa...
  • Mark as Played

    Have you been considering a more privacy-preserving search engine but not sure where to start? This episode, we're sitting down with Kelly from Startpage to chat about the Startpage search engine, how it works, it's limitations, and more.

    More about Kelly Finnerty:

  • Kelly's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/kelly-finnerty/
  • More about Startpage Search:

  • Website -- https://www.startpage.com/
  • About Startpage -- https:...
  • Mark as Played

    Heard about application firewalls and tools like Little Snitch on Mac, but not sure where to start? This episode, we're sitting down with David and Daniel from Safing to chat about their project, Portmaster.

    More about David Gunnarsson and Daniel Hovie:

  • David's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/david-gunnarsson/
  • Daniel's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/daniel-hovie/
  • More about Safing.io and Portmas...

    Mark as Played

    Wanting to get a better grasp of what the Tor network can do for your privacy, and what it can't do? This episode, we're sitting down with Isabela to chat about the Tor network.

    More about Isabela Bagueros:

  • Isabela's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/isabela-bagueros/
  • More about Tor:

  • Website -- https://www.torproject.org/
  • Tor Browser -- https://www.torproject.org/download/
  • Community hub -- https://community.torpro...
  • Mark as Played

    This episode, we're taking a break from the normal structure of Opt Out to focus on a conference I'll be attending and speaking at in April, Bear Arms N' Bitcoin, and learn more about it from the creator, Ragnar.

    More about Ragnar Lifthasir:

  • Ragnar's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/ragnar-lifthrasir
  • More about Bear Arms N' Bitcoin:

  • Website -- https://gunsnbitcoin.com/
  • Early-bird ticket -- https://gunsnb...
  • Mark as Played

    Wondering what's coming in the network anonymity and privacy space, or what alternatives are out there for Tor? This episode, we're sitting down with Harry Halpin to chat about the upcoming Nym network.

    More about Harry Halpin:

  • Harry's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/harry-halpin/
  • More about the Nym Network:

  • Site -- https://nymtech.net/
  • Getting involved -- https://nymtech.net/get-involved/
  • Comparisons to VPNs, T...
  • Mark as Played

    Wondering how you can secure and spend your Bitcoin without trusting a centralized wallet or software? This episode, we're sitting down with Zach to chat about FOUNDATION devices and the Passport wallet.

    More about Zach Herbert:

  • Zach's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/zach-herbert/
  • More about FOUNDATION devices:

  • Site -- https://foundationdevices.com/
  • The Passport Bitcoin wallet -- https://foundationdevices.com/passp...
  • Mark as Played
    January 16, 2022 85 min

    Wondering how you can manage to use Bitcoin privately? This episode, we're sitting down with Samourai Wallet to chat about their incredible FOSS Bitcoin wallet that enables private usage of Bitcoin.

    More about Samourai:

  • Samourai's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/samourai-wallet/
  • More about Samourai Wallet:

  • The site -- https://samouraiwallet.com/
  • The code -- https://code.samourai.io/explore/groups
  • Simple guide to mix...
  • Mark as Played

    Wondering how to take back control of the data captured by data brokers before you started taking privacy more seriously? This episode, we're sitting down with Rob Shavell, co-founder of DeleteMe to chat about cleaning up the data about you that's been scooped up by data brokers across the internet.

    Note: There were a few small 1-2s segments where Rob's audio cuts out, but shouldn't be too disruptive to the listening...

    Mark as Played
    January 2, 2022 42 min

    Heard about email aliasing but not sure where to start? This episode, we're sitting down with Son from SimpleLogin to chat about email aliasing.

    More about Son:

  • Son's guest profile -- https://optoutpod.com/guests/son/
  • More about SimpleLogin:

  • Website -- https://simplelogin.io/
  • Github -- https://github.com/simple-login/app
  • Documentation -- https://simplelogin.io/docs/
  • Techlore review -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMWfsOVrDk...
  • Mark as Played

    Wondering why someone decides to do privacy education and research full-time? This episode, we're sitting down with Sun Knudsen to chat about his education and research on privacy, funding in the privacy and FOSS spaces, and a little bit of macOS vs Linux.

    More about Sun Knudsen:

  • Sun Knudsen's guest profile -- https://www.optoutpod.com/guests/sun-knudsen/
  • Sun Knudsen's recommended tools to Opt Out:

  • Tails, a portable operati...
  • Mark as Played

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