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Connie and Sarah discuss: 

  • Importance of collaboration between disciplines
  • The complexity of working in feeding and swallowing
  • Slowing down in this hyperspeed world to address therapy needs
  • Feeding hacks for sensory kids
  • Connie’s path into pediatrics
  • Her advice for students
  • The impact that graduate school had on her outlook as a clinician
  • Students and the lack of pre... Read more

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  • Michelle and Sarah discuss: 

  • When did she notice that there was an issue with diversity and representation within our profession?
  • The 3 V’s: Voice, Visability, and Validation
  • Diversity extends beyond than just a person’s race
  • Diversity includes ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Diversity is not just about validating the practitioner, but it also has a huge impact on our clients Read more

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  • Sarah and Brock discuss: 

  • His favorite things about OT
  • How his podcast Occupied has impacted his own learning: http://www.brockcook.com/category/podcast/
  • Hero vs Anti-hero theory
  • Importance of understanding complex theories and how they apply to understand people better
  • Self-awareness as a therapist
  • The great c... Read more

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  • Sarah and Mona discuss: 

  • How she incorporates llamas into her OT sessions
  • What other animals she has at her practice
  • Why llamas are effective in therapy
  • LlamaFest: http://ctcroanoke.org/news/
  • How animals facilitate verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Introducing clients to animals when they are afraid of them
  • The impo... Read more

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  • Sarah and Danielle discuss:

  • Navigating early intervention assessment as a parent and a therapist
  • A blessing and a curse of being an OT going through this process
  • Roles of being a mom, an OT, getting her doctorate, and now being a therapy mom
  • The importance of having a “village”
  • The defining moment that made her seek out help
  • Developmental trajectories
  • Being the first person ... Read more

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  • November 25, 2019 48 min

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  • Sarah and TJ discuss: 

  • His interest in obstacle course racing
  • 9/13/2003- The day of his accident
  • What his life looked like before
  • The extend of his injuries from the accident and then once in the hospital
  • The perspective of going through inpatient care
  • Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center: http://dhs... Read more

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  • Sarah and Laura discuss: 

  • Her favorite weekend occupation 
  • The lack of lunch breaks as a pediatric OT
  • My secret to hot lunches on the go: https://amzn.to/3212ums
  • Laura’s favorite food 
  • Our sensory quirks
  • How she explains sensory processing to parents
  • Facilitating parents to be validated with their feelings
  • The imp... Read more

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  • Sarah and Jordan discuss: 

  • Today is a big day, why is that?
  • Experiencing back to back fieldworks
  • When did he find out about OT?
  • How the Level 1 Fieldworks were integrating within his program
  • One thing he wished he knew going into his level 2 fieldworks
  • Realization of balancing life with fieldwork
  • Challenges he faced during his rotations
  • Managing self-care
  • Res... Read more

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  • Chantal, EJ, and Sarah discuss:

  • Their feelings now that fieldwork is over
  • The biggest hurdle they faced during fieldwork
  • Coming up with novel, fun, and exciting groups in the mental health setting
  • Where they felt like they grew the most in during the rotation
  • Skills they will continue to work on as the make the transition to being a practitioner
  • Leaning into discomfort and pushing o... Read more

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  • Chantal, EJ, and Sarah discuss:

  • Their current feelings heading into the last 2 weeks of fieldwork
  • Feelings about midterm scoring
  • What going through the midterm looked like
  • Importance of self reflection during fieldwork
  • What their day-to-day looks like in fieldwork
  • The importance of having other students with you on fieldwork
  • Practice supervision for OT and OTA students
  • <... Read more

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    EJ, Chantal, and Sarah discuss:

  • How they feel after completing 3 weeks of fieldwork
  • Shifting from observing to leading their own groups
  • Distinguishing OTs unique value in mental health services
  • What to do when your treatment plan backfires?
  • Therapeutic use of self
  • Learning to read the patients
  • Daily and momentary goals
  • How their days are structured
  • Difference... Read more

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  • EJ, Chantal, and Sarah discuss:

  • Their previous level 2 fieldwork placement
  • Getting experience in many practice areas as an OT student
  • Hardest parts of their first fieldwork placement
  • Challenges with documentation and relating the treatments to the big picture
  • Transitioning from classroom to clinical practice
  • Learning to take chances and not be afraid to make mistakes
  • Prepari... Read more

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  • Bianca, Kat, Celia and Sarah discuss:

  • What their OT lives look like currently
  • Excitement about starting Level II Fieldwork
  • What is an OT pinning ceremony?
  • Being a part of the inaugural doctorate program at West Coast University: https://westcoastuniversity.edu/programs/doctor-occupational-therapy.htm... Read more

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  • Sarah and Laura discuss:

  • Why we need more OTs starting their own practices and businesses
  • Why OTs do not embark on the entrepreneur journey
  • The importance of exposing students to business
  • Taking the chance and leaning into the discomfort of starting something new
  • Writing things down and setting intentions
  • The mindset of being an entrepreneur
  • Donald Miller- Building a Story B... Read more

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  • Sarah and Grant discuss:

  • Occupational transitions
  • Difficulties finding a job as a new graduate
  • Why he became an OT and how it has impacted his life since
  • How he got his start in inpatient rehab and mental health
  • MH4OT on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MH4OT/
  • AOTA’s Mental Health Special Interest Section: Read more

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  • Sarah and Alexis discuss:

  • OT settings within the hospital
  • What is acute care?
  • Planned and unplanned hospital stays
  • Supporting clients in the beginning of their journey
  • Typical length of stay in acute care setting
  • Importance of education within the initial session/ evaluation
  • Similarities of Acute Care and Early Intervention practice areas
  • Getting experience in other ... Read more

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  • Sarah and Erika discuss:

  • Meeting at AOTA 2019 and what they took away from the conference
  • Anxiety and stress of being in OT school
  • Factors of burnout
  • How the symptoms of burnout can become the new norm and go unnoticed
  • The importance of having your values line up with you work’s values
  • How the lack of autonomy can lead to burnout
  • Bullying and burnout
  • Her personal exp... Read more

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  • Sarah discusses

  • Why she started a podcast
  • Advocating for the profession
  • How she got into podcasts
  • The first OT podcasts she found
  • Occupied- http://www.brockcook.com/category/podcast/
  • Seniors Flourish- https://seniorsflourish.com/category/p... Read more

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  • Sarah and Sarah discuss

  • Sarah’s love of OT history memorabilia
  • The Healing Heart: The Story of Ora Ruggles Pioneer in Occupational Therapy
  • What sparked her interest in evidence and research?
  • Changes in evidence and research over the past decade
  • Her personal and professional connection to evidence
  • Evidenced-based practice as a too... Read more

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