Our Inner Wisdom

Our Inner Wisdom

We are in a time of great transformation and it is important to know how to ride the energetic tide. Did you know YOU are an important part of the shift? We all bring our own special light to the world and we can be powerhouses of positive change. Join energy healer and intuitive counselor Charli Lundholm as she draws on her thirty plus years of experience in the healing field to help you feel more calm, balanced and empowered. There will be channeled messages, interviews, and tips and tools to help you on your journey, all in a down-to-earth fashion, complete with a bit of lightness and humor.


March 14, 2024 13 mins

We love our pets. That’s a given. But sometimes we need a reminder that our pets are conscious beings with their own thoughts, emotions, fears, patterns, histories, and all of this effects how they interact with us. So what can we do when we are having a difficult relationship with them, especially rescue dogs or cats? Well I found out. I asked for help and got some great insights, which helped turn things around. 

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A lot of us are experiencing a shaking up of old stuff that we need to release and heal. And guilt seems to be  in the spotlight. Guilt can stop us in our tracks, restrict our energy and keep us in a loop of beating ourselves up. Let’s show guilt the exit door and start choosing something different, something better, for our lives.

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We know that our world in is a state of transition, a shift. And that shift is starting to accelerate. Things are getting shaken up. There has been more violence and suffering. And it affects everyone. I asked my guides what we can do about it. And I got a great message from a bunch of new guides who are here to help us at this time. We are part of this shift and we CAN make a difference. We are more powerful than we know. And the ...

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September 11, 2023 21 mins

I recently had an experience that threw me face first into fear. Once I came up for air, I found some ways to calm it down and shift it to a different energy. Fear energy is flying all around us, whether it’s in our personal lives, or from national or global events. How do we keep from getting pulled away from our center and wellbeing? We’ll chat about that as well as ways to kick fear to the curb. Let's shift from fear to flo...

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A lot of people are feeling kind of off, with low energy. Or they are having health issues. Or maybe you are going through some physical difficulties. So let’s help. In this global meditation, we start out having a little chat about what it means to offer energy to others including some guidelines. Then we’ll do a short meditation offering loving, healing energy to ourselves (always to ourselves), to our loved ones, to the world, t...

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June 21, 2023 17 mins

During a channeling session a couple of years ago, my guides shared a message that is resurfacing, and it has to do with our senses, our immune systems, our bodies, and our happiness. 

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We have this beautiful gift called conscious choice. We get to choose how we feel, how we respond and how we want to live our life. Have you noticed how many people choose to struggle? Do we really need to do that? Are you someone who climbs the stairs or rides the escalator, meaning are you in flow and ease or struggle and stress?When we realize how powerful our thoughts and choices are, we can start making conscious decisions bas...

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March 27, 2023 16 mins

A friend recently received a message from her dear friend who had recently passed. It was profound and powerful and she graciously allowed me to share it with you. It is a beautiful reminder to not carry around a bunch of old stuff that doesn't serve us.

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March 1, 2023 25 mins

Fear is one of those emotions that can be right in our face or it can lay just under the surface, waiting for something to come along and wake it up. And let’s face it, there is plenty going on to not only wake it up, but to never let it calm down at all. Fear is very contagious and it can stop us from being in our flow. This, unfortunately, is happening all over the world.

In this global meditation, we are going to help soften that...

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This is a recording of a gathering I did on New Years Day. We came together to acknowledge what didn’t go so great, to celebrate and brag about what went right, and then created our vision of how we want our lives, and the world, to be in 2023. We created visions instead of resolutions. 

This can be listened to any time, not just at the New Year, because we are always in a state of active creation and manifestation. 

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November 29, 2022 11 mins

I recently had an uplifting conversation with a friend. Yes, it was uplifting! I sadly realized that instead of this being the norm, it is the rarity. Why do we seem to like the dramatic so much? Why are so many of our conversations more negative than positive? 
This all has an affect not only on our energy, but also on the energy of those around us. And this energy goes beyond our sphere of people. It goes out into the web of ...

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Do you ever want to help the world, but feel like it is just too big a job for one person? Then this mediation is right up your ally. We have the power to create positive change in our world. It starts with having a vision of how you want the world to be, giving that vision some energy, and then noticing where it is manifesting. In this short meditation, this is exactly what we will do. We are powerful creators!

If you want to move ...

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We receive channeled messages today having to do with balance. With so much going on in our world, how do we keep ourselves in a place that not only feels good, but one that supports our physical and emotional wellbeing. It isn’t hard to do, but we do need a few pointers. And that is just what the guides are here to help us with today. They discuss our media, how we communicate with each other, being aware and the power of consciou...

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The world gives us plenty of opportunities that test our ability to stay in a place of unconditional love. Whether we are dealing with family members or neighbors with different beliefs, can we stay unconditional, and what does that even mean?
This what my friend Cathy and I were discussing over a glass of good bourbon. Can we have unconditional love for those who challenge us, no matter what? And if so, how do we do it? Grab a...

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June 24, 2022 9 mins

Have you ever had one of those meetings in your life where you just expect it to be a simple encounter and it ends up being a very profound experience? One that gifts you with a great
 a-ha moment? 

Today I am going to be sharing my story about a time that was just that. It had an impact on my life and I want to share it with you. I hope that you get a tidbit or two from it.

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Why is it so important that we let go of the old stuff that holds us down? What’s the big deal? We discuss the impact dragging around past stuff has on us. There are some easy ways to start releasing the hold that the past has. Walking away from the old may sound daunting, but it is easier than you think. And it’s important because you living in the now is important!

Here is the link to the writing and burning process:


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It’s something we have all done. We have an experience from our past that we don’t let go of. We did something we wished we didn’t, someone else did something to us. And we drag those emotions and thoughts (and energy) around for weeks, months or even decades! It has quite the effect on us. The good news is we don’t HAVE to carry the old junk around. And we are supported in letting it go, once and for all.

For information ...

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You have probably heard about a shift that our world is going through. Let’s talk about it! Let’s discuss what it is and how it is effecting us. What can we do to ride the tide of this transition? How do we step into the new energy, feeling calm and centered? Let’s learn how we can see the exciting potential this shift holds for us.

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