MODERN ELDERS are not like the former elders in that we have zest for life, and passion for adventure and exploration. We are not content to spend all our days in a rocking chair on the porch. We are active and social. We don’t feel old (although our bodies sometimes do.) We have a youthful mindset, believe that the best is yet to come, and we want to get the most out of life. This bi-weekly podcast is about growing older with a healthy body, mind and spirit - for 50+, baby boomers and seniors. Award-winning holistic health professional, Debra Jones' mission is to change negative attitudes towards aging and reinstate the reverence it deserves. Our society tells us that aging is undesirable. Why? As soon as we're born, we're aging. At OWN THE GREY, we believe that our age should be worn as a medal of honour. As we get older, we gain the power of perspective and WISDOM; an asset gained only by age. Let's change the conversation and set new, healthy, POSITIVE attitudes, and eliminate outdated stigmas. At OWN THE GREY, we uncover the hidden wisdom from the MODERN ELDERS of society so that ALL ages can be inspired by, and benefit from their stories.


August 1, 2022 34 min

Is emotional eating sabotaging your life? Discover the deeper reasons why we use food. Learn how to lose the weight and keep it off.

'No diet, no exercise routine, or magic potion can counter the effects when we've stuffed down our feelings and followed it with a food chaser. We have to heal our hearts, When we face our stuff, we no longer need to stuff our faces.'

Renee Jones Website
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This episo...

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Take a rebellious approach to aging by staying well, looking and feeling great, and avoiding prescription-pad medicine. Try these 5 daily health habits to navigate your way to better health.

Greg's website
The Over 50 Lifestyle Assessment

This episode is brought to you by LUNCH with a HEALER podcast. The BEST conversations happen when you're having lunch with a friend - especially when one is a healer! Pull up a chair at Lunch...

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July 1, 2022 36 min

Get to the heart of why you overeat and how to stop.

Have you ever used food as a way to cope with life’s stress? We can eat to fill a need that isn't always hunger. Learn how to heal your hunger and transform your relationship with food and weight.

Are you an emotional eater or a food addict? QUIZ

This episode is brought to you by LUNCH with a HEALER podcast. The BEST conversations happen when you're hav...

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It’s NEVER TOO LATE to follow your dreams!

Jill Phillips spent most of her life worrying about how others might judge her and making choices that pleased everyone BUT herself. She went from FEARFUL TO FIERCE after 50. Here’s her story – prepare to be inspired.

Jill Phillips on E35 - Everyone has a Story Worth Telling.
Talking about the writing of her book: Lamlash Street

Jill's website

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June 1, 2022 36 min

How to Heal and Start Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce.
‘Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.’ 
This quote by motivational teacher Zig Ziglar is something for every divorcee to remember.  

Kelli Calabrese is a divorce recovery coach who takes a spirit, mind, body approach to help you redefine yourself to live an extraordinary (what she calls) ‘BONUS LIFE’ filled with peace, joy, gratitude, sel...

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How can you get to 71 years young and NOT have a career change – or six?

Amy Greenberg spends her time, and I quote: ‘quitting jobs and going to therapy,’ and in 2020, when covid quit her teaching job for her, she bounced right back and reinvented herself yet again!

We’ve all heard that humour is the best medicine, and with so many of us suffering the dispiriting effects of pandemic life, Amy ventured to bring her own brilliant light...

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May 1, 2022 42 min

Up until only 1974, banks in the U.S. required single, divorced or widowed women to bring a man along to cosign any credit application! Money management was usually seen a man's domain.  Since then, women have been proving that they can be expert money managers.

If you've always delegated the finances to your partner, consider taking control of your destiny.

Russ Thornton is a retirement advisor helping women plan for a comfo...

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April 15, 2022 42 min

Life is a journey and part of that experience is exploring what makes you happy - and what doesn't. Sometimes a lack of reflection on these experiences leads to stumbling along, taking a very long and winding road towards fulfillment and prosperity when a shorter route was available.

Will Schirmer's new book offers skills, resources and techniques to help you find happiness in your life.  We talked about these 6 essential ke...

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April 1, 2022 31 min

If there’s been a change in your circumstances and you find yourself wondering: 

“Who am I? What is my purpose now?” 

Or you've lost your job, got divorced, or recently retired. 

Or the kids have left home, and you have more time for yourself, but you don't know what to do with it.  

These life transition times can make anyone feel untethered.  


Well, Karen Herbert is a professional, COR.E Leadership and Life Coach, with a degr...

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March 15, 2022 43 min

The road to becoming an author begins when you realize that a story in your life demands to be told.  At first glance, writing a memoir looks easy enough. Easier than writing fiction. After all, there is no need to make up a story or characters, and the protagonist is none other than you. Still, memoir writing carries challenges and possibilities, and the first one is to decide to begin. Let’s dive into how Jill Phillips got starte...

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The Secret and The Law Of Attraction are missing an essential step. Find it here.

Resilience is what gives you the ability to adapt to difficult situations. It carries you through uncertainty without falling apart. 

When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, you still experience anger, grief and pain, but you're able to keep functioning - both physically and psychologically. Take these 5 STEPS to create a life that you love.

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    February 15, 2022 39 min

    When forced to make fundamental changes due to divorce or widowhood, unemployment or health challenges, we can wonder if it's too late to start over. It's never too late. Discover how YOU can do it.

    Determined to not give up, Jennifer Arthurton found the courage to start over and become a Mindset mentor, Podcast Host, Speaker, ️and Writer who now inspires and supports other women who are navigating mid life.

    Her business and ...

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    February 1, 2022 55 min

    This is what we should have been taught in school. A multi-millionaire shares his secret on how (and why) to retire RICH.

    Myles Wakeham, a high school drop-out, techno wiz, learned to look at life as a contrarian when he was faced with the grim reality that we MIGHT NOT retire gracefully into the sunset. This eye-opening reality-check will make you want to share this episode with your kids and grand kids too.

    "And in the end it&#...

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    Q: How do you squeeze 75 years of wisdom in a 30 minute podcast? A: You don't. But we have the highlights here. Grab a coffee, sit back, and let's learn together...

    You may remember Mary Morrison from E10 entitled Losing Yourself in Caregiving when she shared her wisdom about the importance of caring for yourself. She’s a business and master life coach who imparts the wisdom from her own experiences to help others navigate t...

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    Hollywood movies depict A.I. Artificial Intelligence as a villainous technology that is destined to take over the world. Are they right? Find out more on this next episode then decide for yourself.

    Dr. Rick Chromey is an expert in Generational Theory. He's a developmental psychologist with a doctorate in Cultural Exploration. He has authored more than a dozen books, including his recent best seller GenTech - An American Story of...

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    December 15, 2021 37 min

    Are you struggling with the new politics of family gathering? Judgment and separation are inflicting wounds that may take some time to heal. This episode will help you rise above the craziness, feel and heal the pain it causes, and grow from the experience.

    Silke Maria Haas has helped conscious and sensitive people to manage their problems with ease and to become happier, healthier in the process.

    She is an international Coach and a ...

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    December 1, 2021 54 min

    Prepare to be inspired with this delightful conversation about how to have a happy and healthy life after 50. Lynne Bowman shares what life was like for a single parent in the 70's and what she learned about her inner strength, determination, and ability to adapt as she became the wise woman she is today. 

    Following the detection of Type 2 Diabetes, Lynne discovered how to reverse the diagnosis and change the prognosis. 


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    November 15, 2021 11 min

    The science behind negative self-talk and how to change it. We all have that inner voice whose words can raise you up, but can just as easily cut you down. Many people are conscious of their inner voice as it provides a running commentary on their lives throughout each day. Our self-talk can be cheerful and supportive, OR it can be negative and self-defeating.

    Visit our website at www.debrajones.ca

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    November 1, 2021 10 min

    Have you ever wondered why you start questioning your life path at around age 50? I recently discovered the connection between our age and our life experiences AND that it is something that happens to every one of us! In this episode, I'll share the focus of the 12 stages of YOUR life. As you listen, think back to your own life experiences. I'm so excited to share this secret with you.

    Connect with Debra Jones at www.debrajo...

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    If you feel depleted and drained, you may be the victim of a psychic attack from an Energy Vampire. Release yourself with a simple technique called CORD CUTTING.

    More meditations by Debra Jones
    Guided Meditation into the Forest
    Release Judgement, Struggle and Suffering
    Let Go of the Past and Move On

    For more meditations visit: www.debrajones.bandcamp.com

    Visit www.DebraJones.ca

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