Passive Aggression

Passive Aggression

Join Jess and Kyle, married midwesterner millennials, as they try to navigate hot button taboo and dated topics. But they're really just looking for an opportunity to tie the topic of the week into talking about Taylor Swift, SVU, Jurassic Park or whichever late 90's early 2000's pop culture reference they see fit.... even if no one else would!


May 29, 2024 56 mins

Ghost Trail Guide Esquire the Tailored Soul’s 6 easy steps to win the mountains of Appalachia: 1. Stay on the trail 2. Both hands on the railing 3. Stay on the trail 4. Don't whistle in the woods 5. If you hear something in the woods, no you didn't 6. If I'm not there at the start, I'm not there at all!

Mark as Played

Do you have a check for Mr Watson? Because that's the only way I'll be able to afford the Kohl's Cash suit I'm wearing to the Met Gala. And if not for Marie Antoinette we'll have to run back to District 3!!

Mark as Played
May 1, 2024 52 mins

Window to the ground, listening to System of a Down far from wearing a frown. You can't tell from Jess’ voice but no one will defend Kyle in Jess’ house! And in Jess’ house someone is gonna have to hold Susie’s chips because we’re recreating Mark's claim to fame!!

Mark as Played
April 17, 2024 59 mins

WE'RE BACK!! And better than…. At least equal to…. WE'RE BACK, and talking about our year long, soul searching hiatus. Sure we're scatterbrained and outta practice but that's not going to keep us from jumping right into the King and Camilla’s sex life, Taylor theory's and talk of last summer's submersible. It's good to be back, Passhole Nation!

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April 19, 2023 55 mins

In a world that needs more heroes, sometimes we need to look in the past. Kyle introduces Jess to Polish war hero Krystyna Skarbek. Now if they could figure out what her aversion to bicycles was all about!

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April 12, 2023 30 mins

Order in the court, the honorable Judge Pudge has made his return and he's brought his trusty sidekick….Bailiff Jessica!! Law school need not apply, every case is ready for judgments!

Mark as Played

All rise, the Honorable Judge Pudge is presiding over the case of the cut hair. If I'm guilty, the defendants, Kyle and Jess will be sentenced to the promotion of greater podcasts such as Live Laugh Larceny, Hardcore History, and Sawbones.

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March 22, 2023 36 mins

Welcome to Swift City where everyone's favorite song is 'All Of The Girls You Loved Before' or so I'm told! Also Kyle tried to argue with every known man by saying he'd give up his favorite toy, over receiving a gold hand….did I do it?

Mark as Played

Can you be so drunk you can survive ice cold water?? Why is porn allowed on the news?? Is Cal too CALlous?? Is God a woman?? Was Rose a dish?? All those questions and Titanic conspiracy theories answered this week on Passive Aggression!

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February 22, 2023 31 mins

With the passing of SVU’s Richard Belzer, this week Kyle and Jess take a step back and reflect on their favorite Det. John Munch moments. They also take a trip down memory lane by replaying the most Munch heavy moment on Passive Aggression from Ep. 20 - Meloni & Munch Together Forever!

Mark as Played

The day is Saturday, Feb 11 2023. Jess sits down in front of her birthday cake, forlorn with her daddy Taylor's latest abandonment. She'll blow out her candles with only one wish, "I wish my dad couldn't lie for 24hours." We cut to the next day and Taylor Swift makes a guest appearance at the Rihanna S*******l halftime show!

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February 1, 2023 36 mins

Princess Leia, not your everyday Disney princess but a bad ass for the ages! Whether we're space delivery drivers or humble wookies, it leaves us with a question not even the blissful ignorance of the Blip can remedy. What's a nerf?

Mark as Played
January 25, 2023 52 mins

You know the guy in the green shirt? The guy who distracts with his great dance moves? Well, like a sweet baby lion he stays close enough to the T-Birds in the hopes that one day he'll be patched in. And remember, wear your condoms and pay your parking tickets!

Mark as Played
January 18, 2023 35 mins

Let's paint you a scenario, you get to work, you put your briefcase on your desk. CLICK CLICK go the locks, you open it. Inside you have a banana, apple, TPS reports and your very own travel bidet! Dreams do come true!

Mark as Played
January 11, 2023 55 mins

We've stayed quiet on this topic for too long…. With a new year comes a new us…. We are finally willing to break our silence on the topic that was the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster debacle of 2022!!!

Mark as Played
December 21, 2022 43 mins

Christmas Eve, 1988, Nakatomi plaza was seized by a radical group of German terrorists. The hostage's fate is sealed in the actions of one NYPD detective and Kyle's attempt to foil Jess, DIES HARD….

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December 14, 2022 39 mins

Here at Passive Aggression we're happy to announce the Kyle Cancellation Tour but you already knew that, as he just keeps digging! So don't be afraid to volunteer your finger for the bow, because this one has more euphemisms than any other, hooves down!

Mark as Played
December 6, 2022 59 mins

It's that time of year again where we clean the dust off of the VHS player and boot up the Disney Plus. As the old adage goes, two strikes and you're out. Now Jess will "All Too Well" 10min Taylor's version, Tim Curry for breaking Brenda Fricker's heart.

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November 23, 2022 58 mins

Everyone, it's okay to put your fears of Bill Nye behind you because science rules! That's called progress young lady. Those are things that happen on Passive Aggression this week, I don't know if they're educated. I do know this, we prove IMDb got it wrong and Air Force One has a lot of milk on it!

Mark as Played
November 16, 2022 36 mins

Bad news, Jess has to stay in her marriage. Good news, the podcast will stay relatively mouth noiseless. If it isn't obvious by now this week's episode is about Steve Rogers' new boo, Betty White's crocodile feeding proclivities, and Katie Sagal ruling the world with her army of computers.

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