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PCS Podcast

Stay in touch with all the news and views from Parkes Christian School. We also feature student work, interviews and some fantastic music. The whole podcast is written, recorded and produced by the Multimedia team at PCS.


March 24, 2024 16 mins

Today we have a bit of a mix because this week we were live on 97.9 Valley FM. It’s so great to be able to do a live show on our local community radio station, the kids really get a buzz from being live on air, and they do the entire show themselves. Marcus, Sophie and Alex all recorded segments for the show, so today they will be the features of our podcast.

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Welcome to our Special Expo Edition! Last Monday we had our annual enrolments Expo and it was another fantastic evening. I caught up with a number of people on the night, plus I had a chat to Mr Westcott about our overall enrolments process. The announcement of the cast of our new show Alice in Wonderland has been made, so we’ll hear one of the fantastic songs from last year’s award winning show Seussical the Musical.

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February 24, 2024 25 mins

For this episode I sat down and had a chat with our High School Captains Marcus Moss and Matilda Wilson. They are doing a great job and I know you’ll be impressed with what they have to say. We will also hear from a Swiftie talking to a Brownie about pop music.

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February 10, 2024 28 mins

The PCS Podcast is back! As we reboot the show for 2024 we take a look at the start of the new year, find out who won our swimming carnival and chat to Mr Westcott about the exciting year ahead. 

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June 18, 2022 17 mins

After a week off due to illness, Mr B is back in a new role at school! He chats to William Ellis about starring in Wendy and Peter Pan, and we hear some music from Ruby Wilson, and catch up on all the events happening at PCS as Term 2 starts to wrap up.

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June 4, 2022 24 mins

This week, Mr B reflects on being at PCS for 10 years and how much the school has grown. We also hear from William Bligh in the new segment, and another song from the Term 1 MADD Night.

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May 27, 2022 21 mins

This week Mr B chats to Music teacher Mr Brown about his saxophone skills, his favourite songs and why everyone should study Music. Year 10 student Marcus Moss debuts his first episode of "Make Believe or Make Me Believe" and we catch up on an absolute stack of events that have been happening over the past couple of weeks.

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May 13, 2022 18 mins

This week we chat to Marcus Moss, a Year 10 student who has been at school all the way through from kindergarten! He reflects on what the school was like back in 2012, tells an interesting story about his first day of school, reveals why he doesn't like cheese, and talks about some things that people may not know about him. We also hear from some more talented singers from our Term 1 MADD Night, and catch up with everything th...

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May 6, 2022 24 mins

We've committed to releasing our podcast weekly now, so here's the next episode! This week we visit the High School Expo and hear from our Parkes Action Club Public Speaking entrants Chelsea Ray and Mila Ballantyne. We also hear about upcoming events and recap our amazing Mothers Day breakfast.

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April 29, 2022 22 mins

We have returned for Term 2! After a bit of a long break the PCS Podcast is back with all the news for a huge start to the term, a wonderful recording from last term's MADD Night, plus a range of short interviews from last week's Primary Expo including Primary Captains Arabella McCutcheon and Zac Herdern, Primary Coordinator Mrs Harris, and Principal Mr Westcott.

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March 19, 2022 18 mins

In this episode, Mr B chats to new Year 7 SRC member Joey Setiawan about being a leader and moving to Australia when he was 7 years old. We also hear from some talented Year 6 students who have written some wonderful ANZAC stories and find out all the major winners from Pi Day.

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March 5, 2022 17 mins

In this week's episode, Mr B chats to School Captain Nick Unger about leading students, life on the farm and who is the most competitive Unger brother! We also hear from some talented Year 7 performers, and find out who won the first ever Primary Dodgeball House Challenge.

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February 20, 2022 18 mins

This week Mr B chats to one of our new Primary Teachers, Mr Dan Fredericks. Being 80s kids, they really relate to each other's childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons and firecracker nights, but can also relate when it comes to teaching at the same school their kids attend. We also hear from talented Senior Music student Jordan Powter, and catch up with everything happening at PCS, including more excursions and a House...

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February 5, 2022 16 mins

This week Mr B chats to Year 9 student Chloe Amery about giving everything a go and the ups and downs of being a teenager in 2022. Our Multimedia team talk to a couple of our new Year 7 students, and we find out who won this year's Swimming Carnival.

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January 23, 2022 21 mins

Our first ever podcast! Mr B takes the reins for this episode as all the students are still away on holidays! He chats to our principal Mr Westcott about our plans for 2022, the best and worst parts of being the boss, and memories of buying mixed lollies from the corner store. There is also a brief introduction to our Houses, and we feature the musical talents of two of our Year 12 students - Leilani Lavaka and Tyler Boland.

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