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The show focusing on peace, positivity and finding balance to live YOUR best life. We'll chat about navigating the changes in friendships, relationships and of course, ourselves. If you enjoy conversations that spark self-development and personal growth, then you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Peace of Me podcast, I'm so glad you're here. - Web: IG: YT: TT: Send me a message: Beats by (IG):@rhythmj @stunnaloadz


May 27, 2024 31 mins

If you're an adult, chances are summers feel differently than they did when you were younger. You had less responsibility, more free time and friends who were always available. But as an adult, you're balancing your career and/or kids. You're focused on all that has to get done instead of all that you could do to have fun.

Are summers just for kids? Can adults have a summer to remember? In this episode, I'll share a...

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This episode is part 2 of my conversation with Paris. To hear the first part, go back and listen to the previous episode.

It's Mental Health Awareness month and I'm honored to bring on a guest who is an advocate to support others with mental illness. My guest is Paris Scobie from the Live Well Bipolar podcast. Not only has she learned to navigate life given her diagnosis but she also chose to write about it in her book, Cro...

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It's Mental Health Awareness month and I'm honored to bring on a guest who is an advocate to support others with mental illness. My guest is Paris Scobie from the Live Well Bipolar podcast. Not only has she learned to navigate life given her diagnosis but she also chose to write about it in her book, Crooked Illness (available on Amazon, see below).

In this episode, Paris will share:

-her involuntary hospitalization


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Mother's Day can be a difficult day regardless of your situation. It can also put a magnifying glass on your own struggles if you're trying to become a mom.

In this episode, Charlie Dice from Life Beyond Infertility podcast joins me to chat about her own struggles to motherhood (or lack thereof). From not wanting children to deciding she did and then struggling to stay pregnant, Charlie shares her journey with all of you. ...

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Kym Summers- the mid-life gap year mom- is back on the podcast! In this episode, Kym is picking up where we left off from last week's conversation (make sure you listen to the episode before this one).

In the second part of our conversation, Kym dives into the "Tolerable Level of Unhappiness", her realization of her gap year, learnings over the past year and much more.

This is a must listen to conversation!


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A year ago, Kym Summers- mom of 2, took a mid-life gap year to pursue her passion of writing her first book. Her decision to step back from her successful career went viral, because, well, she was in her early 40's. We usually hear teens talking about taking a gap year after high school, not adults. But what she was doing was shifting the paradigm. She was doing something that most people only dream they could do- quit a job to...

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At some point or another, I think we can relate to feeling burnt out. It happens. Maybe more often than you'd like. But it doesn't have to. My guest is author, mom and burnout survivor- La'Vista Jones.

If you feel like you need a shift, you can order her book which share tips and strategies to doing just that:

La'Vista helps overworked women entrepreneurs implement...

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Autopilot- burnout- wondering what's next.

Sometimes we live life but we aren't really living life. In this solo episode I'll share why I took an unplanned break from the podcast and what I was spending my time doing (hint, it's the FREE workshop)! I'm so excited to share this resource with you and I'd love to hear how it inspires you to actually live a life you'll love living. *PS- the clocks moved forw...

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My guest, Keli Carpenter, is no stranger to mind, body and spirit awareness. She first started practicing transcendent mantra-based meditation at the age of six, when her mother took her to learn Transcendental Meditation® (TM®), she was re-certified at 25. Keli is a Chopra Center Certified Transcendent Meditation (PSM®) Instructor, Forgiveness Coach and Breathwork facilitator.

In this episode, she'll dive into how we can bette...

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I knew I had to get behind the mic and interrupt my podcast queue to let you guys know what's been happening behind the scenes. Life has been busy and hectic lately. In this episode, I'll get into what's been going on plus a confession you might not expect! I'll also answer your questions from Instagram about the podcast such as:

-Who was my favorite guest in the first year?

-Who was the worst guest?

-How much do I ...

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A few months ago, Tess from Completely Golden joined the podcast. When she was last on, she opened up about manifesting her man, finding love, sound healing, meditation and much more. Unfortunately, her Costa Rican boyfriend was a test. In this episode, Tess shares a refreshing perspective on healing, processing a breakup and how to bounce back. If you're going through a breakup, she'll share lots of great tips. This is a m...

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In this episode, we’ll dive into why women still have a hard time taking up space, finding the ability to say no, establishing boundaries, personal growth, finding your value and much more. 

As 2024 gets underway, Melissa (from Embracing Layers- the F.E.E.L podcast) has a theme for her year ahead. It isn’t, new year- new you- it’s New year, take care of you.  And she’ll talk about just how to do that in this episode.


Connect wit...

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Dr. Bill Danko and I continue our conversation about money from last week. Bill co-authored both The Millionaire Next Door & Richer than a Millionaire.

In part 2 of this episode, Bill dives into:

-Thinking bigger

-Giving back

-Helping others


-Finding happiness in life

and much more!

If you missed part 1 of this conversation, go back to last week's episode first- so you don't miss a thing!


Find The Million...

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They say money can make the world go round. It can cause stress or give you financial freedom. Money is a topic that is a bit taboo. It can make people uncomfortable or even envious to talk about how much you have or how much you owe. But what does it really take to get to financial freedom?

Today I'm joined by Dr. William Danko, co-author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Millionaire Next Door & Richer Than a Mi...

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The New Year usually means gym memberships, a focus on losing weight and lots of talk around diet culture. But what if you've accepted yourself as is? What if your focus is on what your body CAN do versus what it might be lacking? That's what this episode is all about- body positivity. Just when the pressure to LOSE seems overwhelming, my guest today will share all there is to GAIN. If you need a refreshing conversation to ...

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In this solo session, I'll share what I'm giving up, giving away and letting go of in the New Year, why my Ex was right and how to be happy right now.

It's also a special week here on the podcast, as it's my birthday so I'm celebrating and reflecting! With that, I'll share what's coming with me in 24 and the things I'm really focused on moving forward. I'll even share some of my personal struggl...

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Ahh, another year is upon us! Happy 2024! You might be feeling the New Year "newness" or maybe you're trying to get going again after the holidays. In this episode, the podcast returns for Season 3 to help you JUMPSTART your JANUARY. My guest TJ, is a fitness instructor and personal trainer who doesn't want to shame you into unhealthy fitness goals.

Instead, he's on the show to help you:

-Find what will keep ...

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Thank you for joining me for the podcast's 50th episode! Queue the fireworks! Speaking of celebrations, today's episode is a special one! Not only is it the 50th episode, but it's also the final one of season 2 & 2023! - As we say goodbye to 2023, it's time to think about what we want 2024 to look like. With New Year's nearly knocking on your door, it's time to think about your own goals and resolutions...

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November 27, 2023 44 mins

Milestone birthdays. They're a great reason to celebrate but they can also bring out some feelings... I sat down with two of my childhood girlfriends to talk about turning 40.

There is something about turning 40 that just hits differently than other birthdays. From the life you fantasized about living to the one you're actually living out. From the dreams of what your future might look like to the one that it actually is. ...

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Today's episode is part 2 of my conversation with Tess from Completely Golden. In this episode she'll share more on how she found love, how to create and enforce boundaries, the benefits of sound healing and much more.


To connect with Tess:

IG: CompletelyGolden


Use code "Tess" for 15% off - - Lexy's Socials:


Instagram:  https://...

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