Perfection Not Required: Growing an Online Business from the Inside Out

Perfection Not Required: Growing an Online Business from the Inside Out

Let's be real for a sec...building an online business is hard. Not like, physical labor hard - more like mental gymnastics on a tight-rope hard. I thought it was just me, but it turns out that after talking to dozens of women growing their businesses, there's a distinct connection between inner healing and business growth. This podcast is dedicated to exploring those connections and sharing the strategies, stories and resources to grow your business - Perfection Not Required.Let's connect!


June 7, 2023 35 mins

As you're building your business are you prepared for these 4 common pitfalls women make as they transition from corporate to self-employed? 

My guest today is Alison Hall and after a decade of coaching women through life and career changes a couple of patterns emerged when it came to women starting their businesses.  We talk about planning, market research, taxes, legal, finances - all the nerdy stuff in an approach...

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Are you struggling to market yourself in your coaching business? Jen from Becoming Iconic shares her insights on how to own who you are, share your experience, and declare your journey. In this short episode we get into the importance of not putting yourself in a box and letting your audience discover what you have to offer.

Check out episode 51 for the full interview and head to the website for full episode show notes.

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Are you a content creator who's hesitant to use ChatGPT?  As a creative, you might think tools like this just aren't for you...but you're wrong.

Ignore the fear mongers for a minute - this is NOT going to replace you as a creative - your genius, voice and personality are still required.  This is simply an assistant that can help get you focused on more of your want to's instead of your have to's.  ...

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Starting a new business comes with a lot of uncertainty.  One minute you're totally sure of your choices and the next minute leaves you questioning what you're doing,  how you're doing it and if you're even good enough to be doing it.  Needless to say, there's a lot of drama.  One strategy to move through this drama quickly is to check in with your feelings to see where they're guiding you.  

In this ep...

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Are you having trouble growing your podcast? With no algorithm to help new podcasters get found, I'm turning to YouTube as part of my growth strategy.  Listen in and see if maybe it's right for you too!

Click here for full episode show notes.

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Break free from the redundant admin of building your business and focus on the parts you love. | Grab your Ultimate Automations Guide for Coaches & Podcas...

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Do you struggle when it comes to getting paid for what you do, or want to do in your business?  For the longest time this has been my struggle and I've been playing mind drama whack-a-mole to counter all the limiting beliefs and struggles around worthiness. 
I cannot wait to share my conversation with Jen from Becoming Iconic.  She's a sales and marketing expert who's been building her business over a decade.  S...

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Get ready to be blown away at the ease you can create in your business when you tap into the power of automations.  Fair warning - I tend to geek out on this stuff 'cause that's how my brain works baby! 

I get pretty fired up about automating processes in your business to create flow and efficiency not to mention more productive and profitable! 

If you're looking to work smarter, not harder, then ...

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Are you avoiding taking action in your business because what you have isn't pretty or "perfect"? 

My guest today is Melissa Lin, chemical engineer turned fitness coach and then business coach.  Building her business alongside her career was messy - and it worked!  

A couple of my favorite segments from this conversation are 

  1. Messy action beats no action every single time 
  2. Stepping into the next l...
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"Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”   ~Eckhart Tolle.

Excellent advice....but how do you do that?  Today I'm taking you through the process I used to take me from feeling like a total fraud to full acceptance.  The best part is - it's totally repeatable.  

  • Feel the feelings
  • Get curious
  • Lean on your beliefs
  • Accept as if you chose it
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February 21, 2023 22 mins

One day, your story will tell itself.  It doesn't matter if your Uncle Larry makes fun of you at Thanksgiving or your mom's worried that you're sharing too much in your podcast.  People don't have to get it.  

In this episode Whitney and I chat about being your authentic self, learning to accept money in a new way, the realities of many early entrepreneurs and so much more!

Whitney Baker is a facilitator who helps...

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Holy self sabotage - I'm calling myself out on this one.  

I was recently reflecting over the last year as part of a gratitude / mindset exercise and let's just say I got a little more out of it than I was expecting.  

In this episode I go into the 4 patterns that emerged that are holding me back in my business and I'm guessing you'll be able to relate to at least one of them.  We'll get into what I discovere...

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What happens when you reach your business goals and then discover it's not what you actually wanted? You've created this thing that started out being fun but now, it totally drains you. Uh...what now? 

Nicole Haney takes us from hometown farmers market to scaling her home baked energy bars across 300 locations in Canada. We'll talk about what happened when that business was no longer serving her and how she used the s...

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What do you do when you create a podcast called Breaking Up with Corporate and then you find yourself back in corporate? 

Join me in this first episode of Perfection Not Required as I bring you up to speed with what life has looked like since wrapping up season one and pivoting back into corporate.  We'll chat life updates, rebranding the show and what you can expect from the upcoming season.   Let's get into it!...

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January 24, 2023 2 mins

Let's be real for a sec...building an online business is hard. 

Not like, physical labor hard - more like mental gymnastics on a tight-rope hard. 

I thought it was just me, but it turns out that after interviewing dozens of women killing it in their business that there's a distinct connection between inner healing and business growth. 

This podcast is dedicated to exploring those connections and sharing the strategies, stori...

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September 26, 2022 20 mins

We're quick to judge our progress through the lens of I have so much more to go...instead of pausing a beat to look back and see how far we've come.   As season one comes to a close, I invite you in to do just that.

Tune into this episode to celebrate:

  1. The women that have shared their stories with me
  2. The joy in learning something new
  3. What's coming up next

Go here for full show notes and links!

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After recognizing how her own familial traumas were impacting her every day life, Kathleen made it her mission to empower women to and break the generational & societal curses and rewrite their legacy.

Kathleen McDermott is serving up all the ways for you to design your legacy as a Stress & Lifestyle Coach, a Restorative & Adaptive Yoga guide and speaker & host of the Your Life Your Way Podcast.    

Tune int...

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September 12, 2022 47 mins

There’s more to life than your job.  It’s something people say, but don’t really internalize until tragedy or crisis strikes.  What if we could reach that realization, sans crisis?  Jen’s on a mission to get women off the hamster wheel and into a life that lights their soul.

Jen Silbert is sharing her wisdom as a life coach, confidence coach and all around adventure seeking bad ass.  It was a lot of fun to hear the back story of my ...

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Reaching the million dollar mark in your business opens a lot of doors and conversations.  However, only 4.2% of women owned business hit a million dollars.  Imagine if we start having conversations earlier.  Ryann is changing the game.

Ryann Dowdy is the founder of Be in the Room, a leadership collective of high achieving women.  She's a community builder, a best selling author and a business consultant.  Listen up a...

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The path to your happily ever after isn't always...ok rarely a straight one.  There's lots of exploring and discovery of what you want, what lights you up and how you can share what you love doing.  Kristen and I catch up on her exit from corporate, what's on the ice cream bucket list and how she plans on building her fairytale...after she figures out what it is!

Kristen Lettini is the creator and ...

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Her credentials were stacking up... but they were worthless once again.  On this episode, Sam takes us on the journey from Canada to Australia and finally to Houston, Texas. It was the frustration of having to start all over again that led her to entrepreneurship but the passion for helping others that has kept her focused.

Sam Varner is a profit coach, money making business strategist and podcaster with a no bs style that I totally...

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