Podcasts SUCK! (a podcast about how to start a podcast)

Podcasts SUCK! (a podcast about how to start a podcast)

Starting a podcast? Then this show is for you! A podcast about starting and growing a podcast. We cover the ins and outs of what it takes to successfully launch and grow your podcast! Just getting started? If so, the best way to leverage this podcast is to start at the beginning (episode) and work your way through the show. Whether you've got a few episodes under your belt, or you just want to improve your podcast game, this podcast is for you! Starting a podcast is no easy task, but it is certainly not impossible. So grab your notebook, press play, and get ready to LAUNCH YOUR PODCAST!


June 21, 2024 16 mins

In episode thirty-eight of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk dives into the essential topic of creating compelling content for your podcast. He also discusses the importance of engaging your audience and keeping them coming back for more. 

Tune in for insights on how to captivate your audience and grow your show!


[00:01:25] Compelling content for your podcast.

[00:04:26] Understanding Audience Feedback.

[00:09:33] Be 10...

Mark as Played

In episode thirty-seven of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk interviews Matt Shields as they discuss the ins and outs of using ads to promote podcasts, the importance of consistency, and the key factors that contribute to podcast success. 

Tune in to learn about the strategies, challenges, and opportunities in podcast marketing. 


[00:02:31] Podcast marketing world.

[00:05:19] Video content for podcast promotion.


Mark as Played

In episode thirty-six of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk explores the importance of consistency in podcasting as he delves into how maintaining a regular schedule can lead to growth and better results for a podcast.

Tune in for a deep dive into the key role consistency plays in the podcasting world.


[00:01:11] Consistency in Podcasting.

[00:05:41] Consistency in Podcast Recording.

[00:09:03] Planning Your Content.


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In episode thirty-five of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk interviews Carlos Gil, a renowned speaker and marketer, to dive into the world of podcasting and entrepreneurship. They discuss Carlos's journey in the industry, from starting a sneaker and sports card business to transitioning to a new role as a brand evangelist.

Tune into the importance of feedback, the challenges of running a business, and the value of personal growth a...

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In episode thirty-four of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses podcast formats and the benefits of choosing an interview format, solo episodes, or a hybrid model. Sebastian also shares insights on why interviewing people can help build relationships and grow your business, while also emphasizing the importance of consistent social media content.

Tune in to learn more about the different podcast formats, the benefits of each,...

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In episode thirty-three of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses a unique approach to podcast advertising and sponsorships, focusing on creating opportunities for solopreneurs and small businesses to monetize their podcasts.

Tune in to discover how to grow your podcast without getting bogged down by traditional metrics!


[00:00:59] Podcast Advertising and Sponsors.

[00:04:59] Monetizing Podcast Through Sponsorship...

Mark as Played

In episode thirty-two of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses leveraging a podcast to grow your business. He shares personal experiences and strategies, highlighting the power of inviting potential business partners on the podcast. 

Tune in for insights on utilizing podcasting to make an impact on your business and brand, and generate sales.


[00:01:33] Leveraging a Podcast for Business.

[00:04:47] Starting a Pod...

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In episode thirty-one of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk challenges listeners to rethink their approach to podcasting and how it can radically change their lives and business. He provides valuable insights on why starting a podcast can solve social media content problems and offers practical tips on equipment, marketing, and creating engaging content.

Join Sebastian as he shares his expertise and encourages listeners to step...

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March 22, 2024 14 mins

In episode thirty of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk dives into the world of podcasting and shares insights on how to start and monetize a podcast. He discusses the strategies to make money with your podcast by leveraging it for networking, building relationships, and converting leads into clients.


[00:01:02] Making Money with a Podcast.

[00:05:08] Starting a Podcast for Business.

[00:08:15] Monetizing Through Strategic P...

Mark as Played

In episode twenty-nine of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk talks about the importance of titling your podcast episodes correctly to increase downloads and traction. We discuss how using SEO-friendly titles, detailed show notes, and transcriptions can make a significant impact on the discoverability of your podcast.



[00:01:31] SEO Friendly...

Mark as Played

In episode twenty-eight of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses why starting a podcast on your own might not be the best idea. He highlights the numerous steps involved in launching a podcast and emphasizes the challenges of tasks like graphic design and audio editing for beginners. 



Mark as Played

In episode twenty-seven of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk delves into essential tips for new podcasters, inspired by a recent newsletter shared on LinkedIn. The host discusses the popularity of podcast genres, highlighting comedy as the most favored, with education and news close behind. 



Mark as Played
February 15, 2024 9 mins

In episode twenty-six of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk delves into the topic of imposter syndrome in the realm of podcasting. He debunks the concept of imposter syndrome and shares insights on why some individuals may feel hesitant to start a podcast due to this perceived notion. 


[00:01:12] Imposter Syndrome.

[00:05:16] Imposter Syndrome and Fear.

[00:08:06] Fear Isn't Even Real.

In this episode, Sebastian Rus...

Mark as Played
February 7, 2024 19 mins

In episode twenty-five of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses the importance of starting a podcast and provides valuable insights into the world of podcasting. He encourages new listeners to start from the beginning to learn about the podcasting process.


[00:01:39] Starting a Podcast Journey.

[00:03:39] Are There Too Many Podcasts?

[00:09:09] Podcast Listener Statistics.

[00:12:21] Video Podcasts on the Rise.

[00:18:13] Qu...

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February 6, 2024 14 mins

In episode twenty-four of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses the process of changing podcast hosting accounts. He explores why someone might want to switch to a more robust platform and highlights the additional features and benefits that some hosting platforms provide. 



[00:01:00] Changing Podcast Hosting Accounts.

[00:04:34] ...

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January 4, 2024 19 mins

In episode twenty-three of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses why 2024 is the perfect year to start a podcast. He highlights 10 reasons why starting a podcast now is beneficial, including expanding audiences, improved technology, niche markets, flexibility in format, enhanced discoverability, networking opportunities, personal branding, monetization potential, and creative freedom.


[00:01:53] Reflecting on the en...

Mark as Played
December 12, 2023 13 mins

In episode twenty-two of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses the importance of marketing and promoting your podcast. He emphasizes the need to create micro-content from each episode and shares his favorite tool, for chopping up and repurposing podcast content. By actively promoting and sharing your podcast, you can effectively grow your show and reach a wider audience. 


Mark as Played
December 7, 2023 9 mins

In episode twenty-one of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses the importance of starting a podcast in 2024. He encourages listeners to take action and shares personal experiences and insights about the benefits of podcasting. Whether you're just starting out or contemplating launching a podcast, this episode provides motivation and advice to help you get started. 


[00:01:15] Why Start a Podcast?

[00:04:23] Podc...

Mark as Played
November 30, 2023 18 mins

In episode twenty of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses the importance of finding quality podcast guests and getting yourself booked on other podcasts using LinkedIn. He emphasizes the power of LinkedIn as a platform for networking, building relationships, and growing businesses. Sebastian also shares his own experiences with hiring someone to handle guest bookings and highlights the challenges he faced. 



Mark as Played
November 29, 2023 12 mins

In episode nineteen of Podcasts Suck, Sebastian Rusk discusses the benefits of going live during podcast recordings to engage with listeners and reach new audiences. He highlights the importance of understanding the unknowns in the world of podcasting and how their podcast aims to provide valuable insights. He also mentions their new newsletter on LinkedIn and emphasizes the platform's value for networking and content sharing.


Mark as Played

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