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The Podcast for anyone launching a Podcast for the first time. Learn basic techniques that will make your podcast stand out. The sound quality of your show is so important, you have one shot to make an impact. If you like the way this show sounds, then I will make yours sound as good if not better! PodtasticAudio@gmail.com


September 20, 2023 5 mins


Podcast Audio Grader

Welcome to the Podcast Audio Quality Grader! This tool analyzes the audio quality of your podcast and provides feedback on several key metrics. The grading system is based on commonly accepted audio quality standards and is designed to help you improve your podcast's audio quality. 

  • Loudness: It's like how loud or soft the sound of your podcast is. If it's too soft, people might have trouble...
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In the world of podcasting, content might be king, but the quality of your audio is the kingdom itself. Why? Because good audio can make or break your podcast. Here's why creating top-notch audio is crucial:

  1. Listener Experience: Your podcast is a medium of communication, and audio is the primary conduit for your message. When your audio is crisp, clear, and free from distractions like background noise and muffled voices, it pr...
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September 9, 2023 6 mins

This is a mini bonus episode about how I help others. Podcasting is not my main job, its something that I do for fun in my spare time. On this short episode I share what I do for work, and how I help those who need it. Hopefully this will make you understand the power of helping others who ask for it. 

Happy Podcasting

Thanks so much for listening, I really appreciate it so much. If you need any help with your podcast, feel free to...

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Focusing on the value your podcast will bring to the audience is essential for building a loyal following and growing your show. Here are seven ways to prioritize delivering value:

  1. Clear Audience Understanding: - Invest time in understanding your target audience's needs, preferences, and pain points. - Create listener personas to develop content that resonates with your specific demographic. 
  2. Educate and Inform: - Prioritize i...
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Podcasting can be a highly rewarding endeavor, but it can also be demanding and potentially lead to burnout if not managed well. Here are seven ways a podcaster can avoid burnout:

  1. Set Realistic Goals: Define clear and achievable goals for your podcast. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations for the frequency of episodes, listener numbers, or monetization. Setting achievable goals will reduce unnecessary pressure and stress.
  2. Cr...
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Happy Podcasting! I sure hope that you are enjoying the podcast journey that you are currently on, or perhaps would like to be on some day. On this episode I talk about Imposter Syndrome and 7 ways to overcome it. 

  1. Learn the Facts
  2. Share your Feelings
  3. Celebrate your Successes  
  4. Let go of Perfectionism
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Happy Podcasting! I hope you are having a fantastic time along your podcast journey. As content creators, we are all wonder if we are serving our audience correctly. In this episode I talk about the choices me make as content creators and how these choices can impact your audience. 

Adobe Podcast Enhance

In an age where content consumption habits are constantly evolving, content creators are presented with an array of mediums throu...

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I am back in San Diego CA, and back to my regular podcasting schedule. July 2023 has been quite an adventure and I'm so glad to back home. I was in Hawaii and New York all within the same week. Traveling the world and meeting new friends along the way. 

On this episode I go over the 3 Pillars of Podcasting that we all should know when we create a show. 

  1. Know why you are podcasting. Sounds simple, but we all have a different re...
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I have been in vacation mode all last week. Flying home from the islands of Hawaii. What an incredible place to visit. To share my vacation with you, I created a Hawaiian audio experience at the beginning of this episode. Using theater of the mind to transport you to the islands of Hawaii through the power of audio. Especially by using "stereo" audio to set the soundscape needed to enhance the scene. Not all podcast media hosts pub...

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As content creators, we love to know if our message is really being heard by our audience. One known way to find that out is through podcast download metrics. As podcasters, we strive to create engaging content that resonates with our audience and garners the attention it deserves. While many metrics can gauge a podcast's success, the number of downloads often takes center stage. However, it's essential to understand that download ...

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On this episode I talk about spending some serious podcasting money. The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spotify split. For a mere $20 million dollars they agreed to create amazing podcast content that would deliver a "different perspective" from the Royal Family. And when we all found out they were faking interviews and had no real content, its no wonder that Spotify dropped them. 

In the ever-evolving world of podcasting, where ne...

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Happy Podcasting! I hope you are having a wonderful time on your podcast journey so far. Almost everyshow, at some point, will have guests on thier show. But today's show is a little different. I'm flipping the script and I'm telling you what things are like being the podcast guest.

In this enlightening episode, we pull back the curtain on the world of podcasting and dive into the unique perspective of a podcast guest. Whether you'...

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So happy to be back Podcasting with you this week!  We are discussing how having good chemistry between podcast hosts can be so important. The podcast that I create for my clients has good chemistry between the hosts, and good audio. Thats a win - win! If you would like to use my services to create a podcast click this link to get started - https://podtasticaudio.com/easy

Good chemistry forms the foundation of a successful and enga...

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Happy Podcasting! Welcome to another week in the podcast universe. On today’s episode I tell you all about the all new Rode PodMic USB. And if you have a simple podcast set up, this microphone could be your new best friend. It holds the audio power of a full Rodcaster Pro built right into it. 


Then I'm joined by Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School. We discussed all about creating an amazing podcast. He he...

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Happy Podcasting! Thanks you for listening today, I really appreciate it! In the world on the "indie-hobby" podcaster I've noticed that most of you are not broadcasters. The friendly "chatcast" type of shows are fine, but from a listener perspective they dont seem to grab anybodys attention. There is nothing to dazzle the audience. There is a way of thinking that might help when you record your next episode. Think of how you can be...

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Understanding the Differences between Content Creators and Content Commentators 

In the realm of online content, there are two key roles that shape the landscape: content creators and content commentators. While both contribute to the digital discourse, they fulfill distinct functions. This episode explores the fundamental differences between content creators and content commentators, shedding light on their unique roles and perspe...

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Welcome to Podtastic Audio! On this episode I'm going to talk about the two different styles of podcast interviews: The Narrative Stye and The Natural Conversation Style. And no matter which style works best for you and your show, remember to have fun!

Podcasting has emerged as a popular medium for interviews, offering a unique and engaging way to share knowledge, stories, and insights. When it comes to podcast interview shows, two...

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Happy Podcasting! On this episode of Podtastic Audio, I'll help you capture really good audio for you podcast. When you record audio, you need to know... how well the audio is actually being captured at your microphone source. There is an easy way to find out how good your audio is coming into your microphone. And to my surprise, 46% of podcasters didn't do this! https://podtasticaudio.com/

LIve Audio Monitoring 

As a podcaster, mo...

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Music Beds for your Podcast. Today I'll play samples of music beds that I created and I'll tell you how to make your own for free. So what is a podcast music bed and do you need one? 

A podcast music bed is a continuous piece of music that plays softly in the background while the host or guest speaks. It adds depth and ambiance to the podcast, creating a more engaging and immersive experience for the listener.

To use a podcast musi...

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Welcome to Podtastic Audio! I'm so glad you stopped by, and I'm happy to help you with your podcast. This episode was recorded in Studio B using the Zoom PodTrak P4 and the Samson Q2U microphone. 

Zoom PodTrak P4

Samson Q2U

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is the process of promoting and increasing the visibility of a podcast to attract and retain listeners. This can involve various strate...

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