Poetry Shuttle 21

Poetry Shuttle 21

Dive into the artistic mind of Alessio and take a poetic journey to a world less traveled. As an admirer of all things artful and poetic one of the key aspects that is often times missed is the delivery of a poem. This podcast series is dedicated to taking a different approach to poetry, attempting to breathe more life back into poetry through music, Fx sounds and of course spoken voice. “How does the ordinary person come to the transcendent? For a start, I would say, study poetry. Learn how to read a poem. You need not have the experience to get the message, or at least some indication of the message. It may come gradually.” Joseph Campbell In this Podcast series we'll focus on nurturing tolerance, diversity, equality, spirituality and embracing self-empowerment. We proudly deliver spoken word poetry, insightful interviews and mini documentaries with all walks of life on a variety of topics that matter most. Subscribe to our podcast for upcoming interviews, poetry releases and discussion topics. We welcome you with arms wide open to join us as we help to empower the world through the education of self awareness, love, tolerance and acceptance of all nations, colors and creed.


October 30, 2020 1 min

To many ideas…
I can see you
The truth of the world is you
Truth cannot hide here
I am you
and you are me
As we are created from the same place you see
Connected to the same energy
No judgment 
for judgment does not exist 
To judge me would be to judge you
As we are one
The soul of the world
I'm not afraid of what I do not know, because only truth exists here...

Mark as Played

Power, power 
within I'm calling
Zodiac markers 
shifting, stalling
Marking tides 
his story mourning  
written hands 
Connects our journeys
Calling short 
Calling strong
Pyramids stood against all odds
when all was falling
earths Angel's calling
last stand repeated
An oil light burning

Multi-versed into several stories
lost in time 

Mark as Played
October 10, 2020 1 min

We turn your lights on at night
Deliver abilities far beyond Neurotypical minded boundaries

We invent, build and design the unthinkable 
We are Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters
Poets, Scientists, Mystics, Artists, 
Musicians, Lightworkers, Teachers, Shamans, Abolitionists

We come in all shades and all colors
We fight for what's right
Moral "Soul"diers unite

Our f...

Mark as Played
September 5, 2020 2 mins

Father, I am sorry for not checking in,  my eyes have been blindly absorbing, the pain of the earth, and all the mindless sin

Father, for I am sorry to  report 
your children are crying and dying
shedding blood in your name, 
angels need to awake     
and rise towards this 
weeping stars heart again

Father, I'm here to report with tears in my eyes 
the avoidable misery of millions 

Mark as Played
December 20, 2019 1 min

Dreams play our souls homemade videos 
Engineered to make an unbreakable heart
Dance to the rhythm of time
Played in perfect synchronicity
Through a space time continuum 
That shifts the oceans breeze 
Shaping dancing monarch butterflies
That prance on the tips of our imaginations
Pondering the many  journey's ahead
And the many journey's begun
While laughing at the salty rain drops...

Mark as Played

Tears drop 
To an emotionless sea 
Played to the notes of human shiny objects 

that draws me…
Wired of ecstasy 

Sonar echo’s throughout the dayless nights 
Full of endless memories

Orchestrated by every move I make
Every poem I bake
Every depressing stake
Drawn by a virtualistic take
Of my beating hearts drums

Like a ton of notes to a simple song

Built by an energy full of vengeance and deceit
But wit...

Mark as Played
December 28, 2018 2 mins

Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in   the shadows of the moon in the light.

My names Alessio your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.

This poem is dedicated to our lost past and the forgotten souls who sacrificed themselves for our gift of life today. To the souls...

Mark as Played

Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in the shadows of the moon in the light.

 My names Alessio your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.

This poetry piece is dedicated to the meaningful connections we make throughout our life journey.  Whether with past, present or futu...

Mark as Played
November 24, 2018 3 mins

Everyday is a "Sun" Day

Poetry Lyrics:

Hello World! 
And to all the Glorious Sunny Sun Days 
With love from me to you
On any given Sun day
I may not see your smile
But I know you are there
I may not see your voice or hear you calling my name
But I can feel you near 
Feel your warmth, Charm, Laughter & smile
liveliness to dream live and love
I know you're there
On Any day,...

Mark as Played

Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in the shadows of the moon in the light. 

My names Alessio  your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.

In this episode we'll start our adventure together with a little Poetry shuttle trivia!   

What happens when you combine a des...

Mark as Played
September 3, 2018 2 mins

Poem: Unknown Destination

Windy walks on dirt roads
Holding hands 
With the oceans breeze
Sun Sings along
Trees dance 
To the ambiance of the stars 
And galaxies 
Sands of timeless yesterday's 
Run between my beating hearts toes
Laughing freely to the beat of old cassette tape decks 
That still
Clicks and ticks 
To the beats 
And tones of earths symbiotic ...

Mark as Played

Poem: An Energies Reflection of the moons Hollow Rising

I sometimes dream into a world 
full of colorful roses
that rain from the 7 skies
Into the 7 seas
Conjured by the energies reflection of the moons hollow rising
As it litters the floors with wonders of color 
And glory
Beauty in raw form
In raw essence
In raw state
What one is
In a multilayer exis...

Mark as Played
August 10, 2018 6 mins

Well hello there traveler, welcome aboard and thank you for taking another trip down poetry lane with me and the crew on Poetry Shuttle 21.  

Are you ready for another crazy ride into the world of vivid dreams, memes and mystical themes?  Then you've come to the right place.  

In today's episode we'll jump into a secret magical rabbit hole where alchemists shop for innovation and dreams manifest themes that carry out r...

Mark as Played

In this feature poetry piece we buckle up for an adventure into our relationships with the spiritual world and beyond. We'll also multiverse through dimensional spaces in time to give a few special thanks to the over world of guardian angels. 

 Then we'll hop back and show our gratitude for our now world full of family and friends. So stretch out and prepare yourself for a hop skip and a little jump into yesterday&apo...

Mark as Played

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