Policing Australia: The Official Podcast of the Australian Police Journal

Policing Australia: The Official Podcast of the Australian Police Journal

The Australian Police Journal (APJ) is the country’s preeminent true crime and policing publication, and it has launched a monthly podcast series! Join host Jason Byrnes (jason@apjl.com.au) as he discusses new APJ articles as well as interviews authors and other people of note, about serious crimes, police history, contemporary developments in policing, and future initiatives. The 'APJ' and 'Policing Australia: The Official Podcast of the Australian Police Journal' are produced by the Australian Police Journal Pty Ltd, a not-for-profit company which traces its history to 1946 when the then Australian police commissioners authorised the publication of a periodical aimed at enhancing technical skills among the police forces of the era.The APJ's webpage is www.apjl.com.au


July 19, 2024 29 mins

Former policeman Ronald Cornish talks about his time as a police peacekeeper with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP). Sixty years ago, Australia sent its first contingent of police to UNFICYP, to undertake monitoring duties of Greek Cypriot police. Australia’s contribution to UNFICYP eventually lasted 53 years, with the final contingent leaving in 2017.

In 1965 Constable Ron Cornish of the Tasmania Police was ...

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Elder abuse is a crime long ignored or downplayed in society. This needs to change, especially as society ages. Abuse can be physical and/or psychological, is often committed by people the victim relies on or trusts, and can hasten a victim's death.

Rob Critchlow APM is the author of the article titled 'Dignity and Safety: Responding Effectively to Abuse of Older Persons', which is in the new (June 2024) iss...

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Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan APM talks about his time as the Chief Police Officer (CPO) for the Australian Capital Territory. The experienced police officer has worked at the local and national levels for 40 years - starting as a general duties Constable in the ACT and ending up leading ACT Policing. On the way he held responsibilities for leading the Australian Federal Police's Counter Terrorism, Cyber and Organised Crime...

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Author and APJ Deputy Editor, retired Detective Senior Sergeant Barry Fay, discusses his 2016 crime case article titled An Unexpected 'Mayday' in November – the callous murder of three men in NSW. The first two were shot inside a Sydney gun shop in 1977. The third victim was a police sergeant, gunned down in 1980 when he unknowingly asked too many questions of the offender in remote bushland to the west of Newcastle. The ...

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Interested in learning about the challenges of police leadership in the 21st Century?

The day before she retired from the role of Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Katarina Carroll APM spared some time to talk to Jason Byrnes about a range of topics. These included the challenges facing police now and into the future, the skills future leaders should possess, how the QPS responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the...

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February 19, 2024 52 mins

In 2002 three men died in grizzly circumstances in Melbourne, after a series of gang related incidents. One young man was hacked to death by offenders wielding samurai swords. Three of his friends were then chased into the cold Yarra River - two of them drowned.

Recently retired Detective Sergeant Brett Smith wrote the article ‘Asian Gangs Blood the Yarra’ in the June 2009 issue of the APJ. In the podcast Brett, and his then Senior ...

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January 28, 2024 28 mins

APJ Deputy Editor Barry Fay joins host Jason Byrnes to give an overview of the police investigation into a horrific 1978 crime where a mother and two of her young children were abducted from their home. The mother was raped and all three subsequently murdered.

Barry discusses the course of the investigation and explains some of the procedures used to identify and bring the offender to justice. As with many such investigat...

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December 28, 2023 19 mins

An arson at a major Australian naval base in December 1976 left the country without its naval surveillance and submarine detection capability for months. It was the most costly and complex fire ever to have occurred in the country, apart from major bushfires and some attacks during World War II.

In this episode APJ Editor Simon Bouda narrates the article titled: ‘How Teamwork Unmasked the Albatross Arsonist’, written by then Detecti...

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December 12, 2023 36 mins

A gunman goes on a rampage in the national capital. He tries to murder two people, explodes his car and sets fire to an office building, recklessly endangers the safety of hundreds of people, and shoots at police. Specialist (tactical) police enter the burning building to hunt for the gunman, while firefighters rescue people stuck in a radio station on the building’s first floor. 

In this gripping episode you will hear from police a...

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October 20, 2023 37 mins

In this special episode we learn about the planning and logistics involved in hosting National Police Remembrance Day (NPRD) services in the nation’s capital. The main Dusk Service involves police from across the county. This year the Commissioners from Queensland and Western Australia attended, along with the AFP Commissioner and the Governor-General of Australia. NPRD has significant resonance for the policing community in Austra...

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September 25, 2023 31 mins

It's seldom that counterfeiters end up killing police. Sadly this occurred in 1902 when a 'Coiner' (old Australian slang) murdered two police officers - one in NSW and one in Victoria. In the first case the coiner had an accomplice. Danny Webster and Noel Johnson's article 'The Coiner Killers' is a remembrance piece in the September 2023 edition of the APJ. Danny joins host Jason Byrnes, to talk about ...

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August 10, 2023 37 mins

Ballistics expert, Sergeant Gerard Dutton, talks about his extensive career. Crimes mentioned include his recollections of the Belanglo Forest Backpacker Murders investigation and the investigation into the Port Arthur Massacre. He also talks about the work he did for the United Nations' Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), assisting to build the ballistics analysis capacity for the Palestinian Civil Police. Gerard has been a po...

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July 8, 2023 42 mins

In 2012, 11-month-old Zayden Veal-Whitting was murdered while he was asleep in his bedroom cot, in his home in the regional Victorian city of Bendigo. In this episode we hear about how police were able to identify the offender and bring him to justice - a journey of many twists and turns. The investigation was marked by a high degree of professionalism, thoroughness and basics of policing, including knowing the local 'crooks&a...

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June 12, 2023 29 mins

A burglar literally leaves part of himself behind at a crime scene!

APJ Deputy Editor Barry Fay talks about a crime scene investigation he conducted at a Bondi restaurant, where he found the tip of the offender's finger.

APJ Editor Simon Bouda then talks to host Jason Byrnes, about the diverse range of interesting articles in the newly released June 2023 edition of the journal.

Host: Jason Byrnes A...

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May 8, 2023 20 mins

On 30 September 1971 two NSW police officers were murdered at a house in Toongabbie, Western Sydney. The murderer had earlier shot his brother dead, and sexually assaulted his brother’s de-facto partner. After the shootings the murderer fled the house but was later chased by police. The pursuit ended in a crash between the murderer’s car and a police truck, and then another shooting.

In this episode APJ Deputy Editor Barry Fay talks...

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April 8, 2023 32 mins

Hear from experienced Tasmania Police forensic officer Tania Curtis APM, who was one of the police who responded to the Port Arthur Massacre on Sunday 28 April 1996. Thirty-five people were shot dead by a lone gunman on the day at Tasmania’s best known tourist spot, situated in a rural setting 90 minutes’ drive from Hobart.

Then a junior constable who had recently joined the Launceston Scientific Unit, Curtis worked at th...

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March 14, 2023 35 mins

Magistrate Greg Grogin talks to host Jason Byrnes about his article titled Court Craft – the essential skills required for police to be effective in court. Mr Grogin has over 30 years of legal expertise (including as defence barrister) and before that was a police officer – so he’s seen ‘all sides’ of a court room.  The tips and issues raised in the podcast are relevant for police in all jurisdictions.

Also appearing in the podcast ...

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February 10, 2023 28 mins

Learn about Australia’s only human body farm. 

The Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research – AFTER – is dedicated to better understanding the physical, chemical and biological process of human decomposition down under. Part of this process involves conducting training exercises for police and forensic scientists, using donated cadavers in bushland. 

AFTER’s Director, Associate Professor Jodie Ward (Universi...

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January 21, 2023 27 mins

Retired Tasmania Police Detective Inspector David Plumpton joins Jason Byrnes to talk about the murder case that resulted in Tasmania’s last judicially sanctioned hanging. David also talks about his plans regarding the victim’s place of rest. The victim, Evelyn Maughan, is buried in an unmarked grave and David wants to erect a headstone to honour her. First, he needs the permission of a family member.

For a few weeks the APJ will al...

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December 27, 2022 26 mins

The true story of a woman kidnapped from her suburban home and left tied to a tree in bushland, while the offender lazily issued a $500,000 ransom demand. The story is also about the fortunate series of events which led police to rescue the woman before she succumbed to the elements and injuries. Sent to gaol for his horrendous crime, the offender later came to a violent end whilst robbing a second-hand antiques store.

APJ Deputy Ed...

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