Political Theatre With Charles Nash

Political Theatre With Charles Nash

Political Theatre With Charles Nash: This Pod-Cast and Channel is about being the news and up to date topics to you the viewer. We have no political party platform nor are we in any way a one sided organization. I your host of this channel Charles Nash. Bring you facts, written documentation and I always give out my sources of information for you the viewer to review for yourself. This channel in no way promotes hate speech, nor false information to the viewer. I the host do give my opinion on highly energized topics and debates. This by no means declares I hold a political stance.


May 28, 2023 105 mins

In tonight's show; I will be discussing the budget agreement that has not only Conservatives and Republicans questioning Speaker McCarthy. But has the American public asking is 'this a step in the right direction?' Find out what's in this acknowledged deal that fixes nothing with budget cuts but raises the debt even higher than before.

And are CEO's of major brands committing business suicide with political ho...

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In tonight's show; I'll be discussing the damages happening to the American Justice system, education system, freedom of speech, and the unchecked Washington political system of continued corruption.

I will have a update where the debt. debate stands with little to no movement. And a update on the crisis at the southern border where yet another terrorist on the FBI's watch list has been picked up according to U.S. Bo...

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In tonight's show; I sit down with guest Craig Marks and discuss the failure of the U.S. justice system. How we have moved from justice for all to a two tiered justice system. Where depending on who you are or have much money and power you have determines ones legal outcome. And how this effects the justice system from the top down (Federal, State & Local Levels).

We will also discuss the GOP and Democratic 2024 President...

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In tonight's episode, I'll address the attack on free speech and censorship that happened to my show on Sunday April 23ed. Which caused this shows content to be taken down. This came on the same day as others in the department of independent journalism were attacked by the drive-by-media. And in 24 hours, major networks like Fox News delivered the drop to TV's popular journalist Tucker Carlson.

Also tonight, I'll ...

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April 16, 2023 111 mins

In tonight's show; I will be discussing the blow back from the boycott's over Anheuser-Burch partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Is a $5 billion dollar loss (4%) worth a company becoming political? You listen and decide for yourself.

And what will be the top three hot button topics to dominate the 2024 Presidential nominations? The Biden administration claims it's going to be gun laws & abortio...

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April 10, 2023 110 mins

In tonight's episode; I will be discussing the failing of our national security and the fall of our military branches. The shocking reports and warnings should have everyone concerned. I'll also touch on the fight for our children's rights in the educational system.

And lastly, is there an effort to destroy christian beliefs and principle of God? Will talk about the attack by the FBI on religion as it's being tar...

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April 2, 2023 109 mins

In tonight's episode; I will discuss the indictment of former President Donald J. Trump (#45). What I feel will come of all of this political show by the New York DA's office. And why I feel the case will be dismissed. Has the rule of law in the United States died? I'll dissect the opinion of what many around the country are claiming has happened to the national justice system.

I'll also discuss the new national p...

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March 27, 2023 107 mins

In tonight's episode; I will talk about the new polls out. From President Joe Biden's approval ratings (low). Too the falling rates of American patriotism and religious faith. Has this once great nation turned it's eye from God and condemned American standards?

And from the swine flu, to the bird flu and then Covid-19. The CDC now has a warning for a deadly fungus? If you thought the TV show "The Last Of Us"...

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March 19, 2023 109 mins

In tonight's show I will discuss New York D.A's release for the future arrest of former President Donald Trump. I will discuss the political fallout from this "far-fetched" charge that the radical left is promoting. And give my two cents on this political hit job that will comeback to bite the Democrats in the ass.

And is your money safe? New reports detail just how bad the regulations and lending at banks have...

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March 12, 2023 107 mins

 In tonight's show; I will discuss the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and what this means for the markets going forward. I will give my two cents on what I feel is going to happen to the banking system. And the warnings investors are pressing about failing stock markets and Uninsured deposits to banks.

 I will also discuss Biden's new 5 to 6.5 trillion dollar budget spending package. And who it targets to tackle the nationa...

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March 5, 2023 101 mins

 In tonight's episode, I will discuss the new revelations coming out by the FBI and the Department of Energy over the Covid-19 lab leaks. I will also discuss the FBI's take on the drug crisis at the southern border with Fentanyl. If you were labeled as misinformation or a conspiracy theorist you've got to be a little pissed after what the D.C. swamp and the drive-by-media are casually passing off over these subject matters now...

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February 22, 2023 110 mins

 In tonight's show, We will be addressing the news covering the toxic train derailment in East Palestine Ohio. The continued suffering not being addressed with its residents. And the lack of government support and answers. I will also ask the question where is secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg? 

 And who is the top 10 candidates in the GOP Presidential 2024 race? I'll go over the new poll for who is in and w...

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February 12, 2023 105 mins

 In tonight's show, I will discuss the national security issues blanketing the skies of America. As a forth Unknown object is taken down out of U.S. air space. And the questions of what and who is behind this national security issue? Who should be held responsible and what administration dropped the ball. Is this the new norm when it comes to national security levels?

 I also will address the House Oversight Committee sub...

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February 5, 2023 111 mins

 In Tonight's episode, I give a special send send off to my family member and friend of 17 years Blue Boy Nash (Basset Hood). Many listeners and guests on my show knew Blue personally or heard his dog tag jingle over the years. Blue passed away Friday 2/3/2023 due to declining help issues. In tonight's show, I give Blue a tribute (please stay till the end of the show).

 I will also give all of the news in tonight's show f...

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January 29, 2023 99 mins

 In tonight's episode, I will discuss the lie the Democratic party and the Biden administration is spreading over the failings of the Social Security program. I will give a historical look back at what really started the problem with the Social Security program. And what party as been at the center from the start with the programs failing, short comings, and taxation. The answer may not shock you.

 And lastly, is a govern...

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January 22, 2023 99 mins

  In tonight's show, we will address the continued coverage with the national security issue over Joe Biden's classified document crisis. Now with more documents being discovered in his Delaware home according to FBI and D.O.J. officials.

 And how secure is the southern border? I will breakdown the numbers and examine the 1.2 million (gotaways) border officials are describing as a national security issue and threat. ...

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 In tonight's show we will discuss the divided congress fight over the new Republican proposed consumption tax. A tax system being proposed to do away with the IRS and our current federal tax system. I will also address the federal budget cap talks taking place in Washington. Where the Democratic party is claiming a non-starter to the Republican proposed fiscal budget plan for 2023 going forward.

 And is a national defaul...

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January 8, 2023 89 mins

 In tonight's episode; we will discuss Joe Biden's future announcement for his 2024 Presidential 2nd term run. And the revolving door of media coverage of Biden's trip to the southern border. Where Biden and his administration get there disastrous first hand look at what they've ignored for the past 2 years.

 I will comment on the Kevin McCarthy House Speakership. And what may have been the driving factors with his detrac...

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January 1, 2023 102 mins

 In tonight's show; I will discuss the 1.7 trillion dollar federal spending bill. What was in the bill and what didn't make the cut. But the question is how can you really know what is in a federal budgeting bill when it's 4,155 pages long? Did members of congress really read the bill they voted on?

 I will also examine the new polls out for the end of 2022 that has the Biden Administration failing on key areas including ...

Mark as Played
December 18, 2022 106 mins

 In tonight's show I will be looking back at all of the national issues facing the nation. As well as a end of the year rap-up of major events. This covers issues facing the problem at the southern border, criminal investigations, Covid-19 controversy and origin, and much much more. So join me with the end of the year broadcast and a special year end sign off.  

--- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.c...
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