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February 24, 2024 47 mins

Clint Hatton has experienced as much pain as most people. But God has given him the task of sharing a message of being strong and courageous even in the darkest of times. "The pain in some form will be with us for the rest of our lives," Clint said. But that pain represents the love he has for his son, Gabriel, a pilot who died a tragic death. After Gabriel's death, he and his family started living Big, Bold and Brave. Learn more a...

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I'm concerned about using AI to write Christian teachings, and I'm not the only one. In this two-part episode, I'll talk with experts about whether we should use technology's latest tool to teach the Bible. In part one, Bible Storyteller Sharon Wilharm of All God's Women weighs in. 

The Gospel Coalition: "Should We Embrace or Evict AI in Churches?"

All God's Women podcast

Sharon Wilharm website

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Non-religious people as well as Christians, can suffer from depression and suicide ideation. So everyone, listen up! Today's episode with Author D. Neil Elliott takes us down a path that might be different for regular listeners. We talk about depression and suicide,  using language that some people, not necessarily Christian, can recognize and relate to. But what's the same is that our Creator's incredible grace and unconditional l...

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It's early in 2024 and we've been talking about life plans. Life coaches can help us get clarity. Last week we talked with coach Ann Visser about marriage, and this week we spend the episode with Karin Freeland, who coaches women about the workplace and when to exit. Karin and I have a lot in common, especially that unfulfilled feeling that you can't define.

Karin calls herself a recovered corporate workaholic. After experiencing a...

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Ann Visser co-founded 4 Better 4 Ever with her beloved husband of 42 years. She has trained couples, young people, students, addicts in recovery, Christian women and professionals ... in the areas of communication, leadership, relationship, mindset and personal growth.

We had such a good conversation on marriage and relationships that we ran a little long this week! 

Ann's website: https://4better4ever.com Check out her 7-day chall...

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Going back into the archives, I promised to focus more on prayer in 2022 in this throwback episode. Did I do it? Well, I can say for sure I brought God into my daily life, but I still have some work to do on my prayer life. Talking to God is so important, and you - and I - should do it more often. I hope this inspires you!

Some ways to put prayer front and center:

  • Practice daily journaling and speak to him while you do it. Try ...
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Years ago, Positively Joy featured the angelic voice of Angel McCoy from the podcast, Angel Reads the Bible. Angel has a beautiful family now and has been pretty busy. But I coaxed her to come back and do a reading from Luke, chapters 1 and 2 in these days leading up to Christmas. 

There is never a wrong time to hear the Christmas story, but now is just right. It's not too late to jump into my Christmas countdown on Substack.com. J...

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This week, our conversation is about forgiveness, and it's a really unique episode. Could you forgive your grandmother's killer? Today's guest is Sarah Gregory, and her story is hard to fathom. She has forgiven the man who murdered her grandmother, but not only that, spent hours with him on death row the day he was executed. Her forgiveness wasn't automatic, though, and she had a long, hard road to get there. Bruce Springsteen's mu...

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I'm releasing some extra episodes now and until the end of the year. Last week we talked to Bible translator Brian Simmons, and later this week we'll hear about the joy of the Christmas season and Mary, the mother of God. Today, let's talk about compassion. Dallin Candland is a podcaster, poet and a man of compassion. He's also a Mormon, and we'll talk about how people with differences can still learn from one another. I can't wait...

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Get ready for an incredible episode. In the early 1970s, Brian Simmons was a drug dealer on LSD but had what he calls a “radical” conversion. “I went from LSD to G.O.D. in one day,” he said. Part of the Jesus movement, he began memorizing scripture. Years later, after mission work in the rain forest of Central South America with his wife, Candace, he said he was given a commission by God to do a new translation, and he called it Pa...

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Social drinking may be acceptable, especially during the holiday season. But for some, it's a problem that non-Christian alcohol programs can't help. Rose Ann Forte knows these problems first hand, and she wrote a book, a Christian program, and now, a podcast called "Say Goodbye and Imagine," for people interested in understanding what's possible when they remove something toxic from our lives, namely alcohol.

The Plans He Has For ...

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Author and speaker Christine Trimpe has inspired so many women to lose weight and treat their bodies as a temple since she shed more than 100 pounds. You may know her for that. But she is a strong Christian, and today we are going to talk about her award-winning Christmas devotional "Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke." It's a perfect read this December and we'll talk to her all about it. 

Christine Trimpe's website

"Seeking Jo...

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Born with a cleft palate here in America, Sue Corl has one of the most unusual testimonies I have heard in my conversations here on the Podcast. God equipped her with a mother who was a nurse with cleft palate experience, working in a hospital with expertise of her needs. You might say she was cursed, but Sue says she was blessed. And I agree. Listen to her story.

Here's more about Sue:

Crown of Beauty International

His Heart podca...

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Happy Halloween! Wait: I know some of you don't observe this and don't watch scary movies, and that's OK. But stay with us. The Rev. Dr. Leah Schade joins us once again to talk about how faith and good and evil is represented in pop culture. Today, we'll talk about the comedy "Good Omens" about angels and demons, and, yes, we'll talk about the sequel to "The Exorcist"  -- which has a surprisingly inspiring ending.

Warning, there ar...

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It's a two-fer today on the podcast! Join me in the retreat house at Promise Keepers 2023 conference, for a short chat on why forgiveness heals us. Then, listen to Johnathan Drayton and I talk about the topic of hermeneutics, which is Bible interpretation. We talk about how hermeneutics and understanding translations can help our spiritual understanding. 

Drayton's podcast, "The Truth of the Matter Is"

Promise Keeper Retreats, orga...

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Today we speak to Katherine Warnock, Vice President of Original Content for the hit television series, "The Chosen." You know that I have talked to several members of the show, most notably Creator and Director Dallas Jenkins and his wife, Amanda. But did you know that there is more to the Chosen than the show? Katherine and her team are responsible for original material like children’s books, bible studies and other creative conte...

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Kyle Roberts is a videographer, stop-motion filmmaker and a feature filmmaker who loves God. His newest film, “What Rhymes With Reason” releases for one night on 10/10 World Mental Health Day nationwide, and tells the story of a group of friends on a journey of mental health awareness. Kyle said God was all in the making of this film, including the prophetic release date. We will talk about startling statistics on suicide and menta...

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Author Lori Ann Wood's victory isn't done. She's a survivor of heart disease  but the disease isn't cured. She lives every day, trusting God, and walking out the journey that she describes in her new book, "Divine Detour." It's a lesson we can all learn.

"Divine Detour": Read more about her new book.

Her website: Learn more about Lori Ann.

Free resources

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Angie Baughman experienced God's faithfulness in the middle of her worst day. She and her family were in accident, and when she opened her eyes, God didn't promise that she or her kids would be OK. He promised He was with her. It was all she needed in that moment. Her ministry, Live Steady On, is an outgrowth of His faithfulness.

Learn more at Live Steady On

Stronger Together podcast

Free resource: "Talk to Your Triggers"


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Dave Combs had a song in his head, and flowed out through his fingers on the piano. He eventually named it, "Rachel's Song," and it has been played to audiences, large and small. Today Dave talks about the song, his faith, and how a little tune that God gave him has inspired thousands around the world.

Dave Combs website, and hear "Rachel's Song."

Dave's music with his co-writer Gary Prim

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