Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Do you long to be a more intentional mom but you feel overwhelmed or weary or just don't have a clear path to the next step toward a successful family life? The Practically Speaking MOM, Val Harrison, is here to bring some order to the chaos and some focus to the confusion. You don’t have to be the perfect mom to have a strong family, you need a plan! Join author, speaker, mother of seven, and grandma of two, as she shares wisdom and encouragement about the six areas of an intentional mom's life. You'll learn from her years of experience, successes, mistakes and redemption. Val and her husband Rich, married 28 years, have three married children, two more in college, and two in her homeschool. This podcast covers all stages of parenting, from babies to toddlers to teens and beyond. Val wants to encourage you to not become weary in your work as an intentional mom, "Even with all its unique personalities, imperfections and scars; your family is God's masterpiece. Your efforts matter in this worthy journey of motherhood." Galations 6:9 says, "Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you'll reap a harvest if you do not give up." Let's walk this marathon journey of motherhood TOGETHER, right here, every Monday on the Practically Speaking MOM podcast, the place for an intentional mom to build a strong family.


May 6, 2024 27 mins

Struggling with your child? Have you told them "a million times" and it's not sinking in? Are you having a hard time reaching their heart? If so, I hope you're listening to our newest series, CLARITY FOR THE MISSION OF PARENTHOOD.

Childhood is this marvelous but small window of time where we have the privilege of teaching our kids how to navigate life. We don't want to miss the opportunities that are in the ...

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We mamas work hard every day at reaching our children's hearts. It's a BIG, important job, and boy, oh boy, are there a lot of obstacles that stand in the way of our mission.

How can we live a lifestyle of meeting the needs of our children's hearts. We have these messages that we want to reach our children's hearts, but it seems there are obstacles that stand in the way.  

Some obstacles includ...

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Are you a parent whose been calling S.O.S, feeling like you're sinking under the mountain of responsibilities with never enough time to get to what matters most - the hearts of your children? In this new series of the Practically Speaking MOM Podcast, we are busting through the obstacles that stand in the way of reaching your children's hearts. Part 1, episode 212 helps you to get a handle on your responsibilities.  You a...

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How can we navigate the delicate dance of nurturing family time/sibling relationships alongside the growing need for personal friendships in the lives of our children?

I'm often asked by extended family and friends, how is that my kids get along so well and have close relationships. 
Today we'll be looking at one thing we did in our family that made a big difference to cultivate unbreakable bonds. AND YET, as...

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Season Five is here! Let's talk heart-to-heart! Now is the best time to share with your kids from your heart about love, dating, and marriage. Do you have your philosophies and principles figured out about these topics? I'm here to help! Your philosophy will impact the words you say, the jokes you make, and the guidance you give your kids years before they're even dating, so don't wait to figure it out! Let&apos...

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Need a parenting pick-me-up?  Join in an episode to encourage and equip intentional parents to build strong families. In episode 209 you'll find
*More HELP for sibling issues
*Emphasizing CONNECTION in the family
*Family Bonding Activities Through BLESSING Others

Whether you're stepping into motherhood or have years of parenting under your belt, there’s something here for everyone. Join our growing co...

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If you have multiple children at your house, you probably have experienced one sibling intentionally irritating another sibling, maybe pestering them, causing them unhappiness on purpose, possibly even bullying. What do we do about this? We're going to talk about it today in episode 208, right here on the Practically Speaking Mom Podcast. It's the place for intentional moms to build a strong family. I'm Val Harrison,...

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Ever wondered how to balance an organized home while raising kids? That's what we're chatting about this week with the delightful Tiffany Deschner, a mom of four who shares some helpful nuggets of wisdom with us about joy in the midst of housekeeping and enjoying quality time with her kids. "Let's Get Real w/ Tiff and Val" is an occasional series, this time it overlaps with our ongoing theme of Habits to Th...

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Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when your child's weakness continues to cause issues for your child or for the family? I understand and have been there too! Take heart, mom friend, as those weaknesses may be important guides to our child's strengths. Yet, we still have to manage and finetune the weak spots. How do we do this all at the same time and in a way that doesn't squash your child's gifts?! We ca...

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October 23, 2023 17 mins

One Announcement, Two Lists, and the Next Confidence Manner...

Imagine unlocking the treasure of good manners in your children and seeing them navigate the world with poise and confidence. This episode includes my favorite manners books and a character development chapter book.

Some programs mentioned in this episode include:,, Meals on Wheels, CYIA, and Teen Pact, Speec...

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Ever felt a sense of unease discussing current events with your kids? Fear not, as we're here to help you create a safe haven at home while maintaining awareness of the world around us. Balancing knowledge of global events with the well-being of our children is paramount, and we draw on scripture to guide us through this journey. Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM, chose to push pause on the scheduled episode for this ...

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What age should you begin equipping your kids with self-confidence habits?  Start now! Toddlers are not too young to begin developing habits that will help them be more confident. Have you ever wondered how to instill the habits of confidence in your kids from an early age? Did you know that when your kids display confidence that other people have more confidence in them - which means they get their messages across and achieve thei...

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How important is it to make the most of opportunities to build confidence in your kids? Join me and my daughter Emma for a chat about confidence opportunities and the blessings that follow. We underscore the importance of stepping out of comfort zones to make a difference for others and yourself.  Isn't it interesting that saying "yes" to opportunities leads to more opportunities.  Such are the blessings of nurturing...

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I wish every parent plus children that are middle school or older would listen to this episode. It will nourish your soul first and then will give you practical action steps based on sound life principles. It will wrap up by challenging your spirit. There's lots of wisdom steps here, whether you need spiritual grounding, interview skills, time management help, or to be winning at life, this episode will not disappoint. 

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Do you wrestle with societal pressures of being Super Mom while learning how to balance time and priorities? Do you find it difficult to keep your priorities when life gets difficult? We talk about it this week in the 200th episode and four-year anniversary of the Practically Speaking MOM Podcast.

 Val Harrison is joined by her husband, Rich. They've been married over 30 years and have seven children and four grandchi...

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September 7, 2023 21 mins

Navigating the tumultuous waves of parenthood, especially during trying times such as a high-conflict marriage or divorce, often feels like a daunting voyage. We're joined this week by Angela, a beacon of empathy and wisdom from Hope Works Counseling, helping us chart our course with invaluable guidance. Angela stresses the importance of forging supportive anchors outside our children, reminding us to avoid burdening them with...

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Wouldn't it be nice if our life really was a fairy tale, and everything turned out the way we wanted it to? But life just isn't like that. Things get difficult and today we have a guest to help us with difficult. Join Angela and I for an encouraging chat on how to handle some of the most difficult circumstances in life.
What happens when a passionate mental health coach, Angela Starts from Called2Rise, shares her insi...

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August 21, 2023 24 mins

Discover the power of four simple words: See, Say, Sit, and Step; Val's fundamental formula to assist children in separating their identity from their emotions, and expressing these feelings in a healthier way. We'll also look into the significance of setting boundaries around emotions, a vital step in maintaining our overall wellbeing.


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Share some laughs, vulnerable honesty, and getting to the heart of emotional issues in this mother/daughter conversation. Join Abby and me, as we embark on a heartfelt exploration of emotion management and the courage required to face tough situations.  We tackle the dangers of letting our emotions dictate our actions and offer guidance on maintaining control.


Episodes with Pam ...

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Who knew that the journey to emotional wholeness could start with a conversation between spouses? That’s exactly what happened for my husband and I, and it's a journey we've not only embarked on within our marriage and family life, but also as a teaching tool for others. In our second week on Raising Emotionally Wise Kids & Teens, let's examine our five-step approach to managing emotions, from identifying and eva...

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